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Andy Samberg and Kelsey Grammer Play Storks

Sep 19, 2016

By: Lynn Barker

In Storks, birds who used to deliver babies now work for an Amazon-like global internet retail giant delivering packages. Junior, the company's top delivery stork (voiced by Andy Samberg) is about to be promoted when he accidentally activates the baby making machine, producing an adorable and totally unauthorized baby girl. Desperate to deliver this bundle of trouble before the boss Hunter (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) gets wise, Junior and his friend Tulip (voiced by Katie Crown), the only human on Stork Mountain, race to make their first-ever baby delivery.

Hunter and Tulip can't believe more babies are being createdHunter and Tulip can't believe more babies are being createdCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Q: Andy when you learned about the birds and bees, did storks come into it and how did you find your inner stork?

  • Andy: I found my inner stork by looking in the mirror. The “Where Did I Come From” book is how my parents (approached it). They just sort of casually left it on top of a stack of Playboys (He’s kidding). I think at some point we had the sort of awkward, requisite conversation about it. I grew up in Berkeley, Ca. so it was pretty discussed on the streets. I was like “Where do babies come from” and they’re like “Come over here young lad”.

Andy Samberg voice records JuniorAndy Samberg voice records JuniorCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Q: Creepy. Andy, did this experience make you wonder what you would be like as a dad?

  • Andy: I would be a terrible dad probably. Well, no. It’s way more fun when you’re irresponsible. Dads are fun. Moms are mean. I’m sure if I ever have a kid I’ll change my tune.

Junior isn't sure how a human baby got in the systemJunior isn't sure how a human baby got in the systemCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Q: Why were you drawn to do this film?

  • Andy: I always say “You’ve gotta find your flock”. I met with (director) Nick Stoller and was like “I think we’re on the same page here”.

Junior (Andy Samberg) is scolded by Hunter (Kelsey Grammer)Junior (Andy Samberg) is scolded by Hunter (Kelsey Grammer)Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Q: Kelsey, how did you learn about the birds and the bees; where babies come from?

  • Kelsey: Actually my grandfather did have a little bit of a chat about it, but I sort of imagined some things already [laughs]. I had an eye on a couple of girls all through kindergarten [laughs]. Something special about them so I kind of knew what was coming.

Kelsey Grammer voice recording HunterKelsey Grammer voice recording HunterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Q: Your character Hunter can go far to the dark side and frighten children with his voice, yet you find a moderation in there where he can be menacing but still playful. How do you do that?

  • Kelsey:  Interesting. Well you just have to know what play you’re in. You have to know you are in a comedy. You have to know that you are actually allowing the audience to participate on some level. When you go dark and mean it then you don’t let them in. But in this performance, it’s always just so you know that there is something funny going on.
  • (The directors) guide the performance. They know when to stop and pull back. It’s supposed to be a kid’s movie so it’s OK. What’s interesting about Hunter’s role in the movie, the purpose he plays, is he kind of lays out what’s going on. When you do that you have to just speak clearly and forcefully, with good diction can make all the difference. That’s about it.

Hunter shows Junior the rise and fall of the delivery businessHunter shows Junior the rise and fall of the delivery businessCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Q: When you see the film, do you see yourself? Because I am sure they taped you while you are recording the voice. Do you see any mannerisms?

  • Kelsey: When I did Toy Story 2 and played (prospector) Stinky Pete John Lasseter said “You mind if we run a camera and grab some of your visuals?” I said “Oh, I get it. That would work here”. In this one, I’m not actually sure if they did anything like that.

Junior might like delivering babiesJunior might like delivering babiesCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Q: What parts of the movie/script made you want to be in Storks?

  • Kelsey: For me, just celebrating babies, celebrating life, celebrating the gift that every child is.

Storks PosterStorks PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

You can see Storks in theaters now!


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