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Age of Mythology :: Free PC Game Demo

Dec 27, 2006

Are you ready to lead an ancient civilization along with all of its fantasy creatures, powerful gods and deadly rivalries? With the free game demo download of Microsoft's Age of Mythology you can find out! Whether you lead the ancient Egyptians with their magical mummies and desert creatures or the rugged Vikings with their giants and trolls - it's a strategy game where you decide the fate of a civilization!

Age of Mythology puts you in charge of all the people of an empire. You control what they build, what foods they gather and what they develop. You also control their armies of regular warriors and fantastic creatures. Each different civilization has different ways to gain power for their gods so it's like playing a different game each time.

To play a free demo game of Microsoft's Age of Mythology, check out the official site with the link below. Click the download link on the site and then sit back and make a sandwich - it's a 337MB file so it'll take an hour or two to download, even if you're on high-speed Internet access! If you're on a phone modem, it'll take about 33 gazillion years to download the game so you'd be better off checking out these free game demos instead.


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