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Skylanders Imaginators PS4 Game Review

Reviewed by on Nov 07, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Skylanders Imaginators is Activisions newest release in the toys-to-life genre of games. Check our review come to life at Kidzworld.

By: Max Cannon

While the gameplay feels a little too substandard, Skylanders Imaginators​ is filled with charm. From the cute waddles and walking animations of each character, to the bright, jazzy, music that makes this world feel like a cartoon come to life, Skylanders Imaginators is a home run for encouraging creativity in kids. 

Kaos returns to threaten the Skylands, once again as a playable character!Kaos returns to threaten the Skylands, once again as a playable character!Courtesy of Game Revolution

Pretty World, Pretty Simple

Kaos returns from the previous Skylanders​ adventure to threaten the Skylands and it's up to you to collect, smash, and grind your way through the world to save the day and defeat the Doomlanders. I'm often critical of the LEGO games for being too simplistic, well my benchmark has been lowered by the Skylanders games. Some puzzles are as easy as following right behind a character as he drops collectibles. And if that doesn't sound boring enough that character is a snail. 

Skylanders Imaginators​ Launch Trailer


Combat has a surprising amount of depth hidden inside of it with some basic combos mixing up some of the more hectic fights, but the inability to dodge or dash highlights the lack of speed in the game. And this isn't just noticeable in the combat, but as you explore the world you'll often be painfully aware of how slow you're trucking along. Luckily the world is gorgeous to look at. Everything feels like a cartoon come to life and the cheesy dialogue you'll hear throughout gives the setting a distinct personality. It's just a shame you have to trudge through it so slowly. 

Think It, Build It, Play It

But the moment to moment gameplay isn't why you may be playing Skylanders Imaginators this holiday. What sets this toys-to-life adventure apart from the rest is the ability to create your own heroes. When you get your hands on a real world "Creation Crystal" - which I had supplied with the review copy provided to me by Activision - you'll get into the creation suite. This allows you to start from scratch on the creation of your very own hero. 

King Pen crashes into the Skylands.King Pen crashes into the Skylands.Courtesy of PushSquare

Different crystals are tied to different elements that allow you to decide how your hero will be powered. Starting from head-to-toe, you can shape your own hero which makes the world feel even more alive, because you were a part of it's creation. Of course you can opt to plug in the premade Skylanders throughout the game and yes Crash Bandicoot was an option. Each character has a distinct feel and you're encouraged to switch it up to get a look at each character, or pop on another crystal and create another entirely new hero. This game is a catalyst for creativity.

Crash Bandicoot makes his next-gen debut in Skylanders.Crash Bandicoot makes his next-gen debut in Skylanders.Courtesy of VideoGamer

Final Thoughts

Skylanders Imaginators doesn't always play well. There are moments that feel like a slog and I could really use a good shot in the arm for the puzzle solving department. But the game is definitely pretty, lively, and encourages players to be a part of the fun. For some of the absolute youngest players this is an absolute must have, but anyone on the older side of things should look elsewhere. 


  • Charming, Lively Worlds
  • Characters That Encourage Creativity


  • Too Easy and Simple
  • Slow Movement

Skylanders Imaginators PS4 Game Rating:3

Available now for PlayStation 4

Skylanders Imaginators Box ArtSkylanders Imaginators Box ArtCourtesy of Activision
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