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Collide Movie Review

Reviewed by on Feb 24, 2017
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw Collide starring Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones. It’s a romance and a fast-paced chase movie. Should you race down to the Cineplex? Check our movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Collide, we learn that Casey (Nicholas Hoult), a young American in Germany, stole cars in the U.S., now he’s into more shady stuff abroad. When he meets pretty American Juliette (Felicity Jones) who hates his low-life job, he quits. They’re in love. What will Casey do when his old lifestyle comes back to haunt them?

Casey drives one of Kahl's hot, packed with money carsCasey drives one of Kahl's hot, packed with money carsCourtesy of Open Road Films

Big Wreck and Big Love

Casey has just had a horrible wreck on the uber-fast German Autobahn freeway. While hanging upside down in his seatbelt, he thinks about the crazy things he’s done for love. In a flashback we see him and buddy Matthias (Marwan Kenzari) selling drugs at a club. When Casey spots bartender Juliette (a pre-Rogue One, blonde Felicity Jones), he is super smitten and tries to pick her up but she makes it clear she doesn’t like what he does. Hey, look me up if you change your low-life lifestyle.

Casey tries to calm Geran downCasey tries to calm Geran downCourtesy of Open Road Films

I Quit

Ready to do anything to win Juliette, Casey quits his job with eccentric Turkish drug dealer Geran (Ben Kingsley). Casey and Juliette date, fall in love and move in together while he endures a straight job at a junkyard. All is rosy young love until Casey learns that Juliette has kept her illness from him. She needs a kidney transplant and can’t afford it. Meanwhile, we see that Geran has a boss, bigtime criminal mastermind Hagan Kahl (Anthony Hopkins) who ticks Geran off by insulting him and refusing to make him an equal partner.

Casey and Juliette expect gunplay when Geran confronts KahlCasey and Juliette expect gunplay when Geran confronts KahlCourtesy of Open Road Films


Wanting revenge, Geran hires Casey and Matthias to steal a truck-load of cocaine which Kahl has hidden in golf balls. Kahl’s operation sells it and packs the money into luxury cars which get shipped to Chili and he gets even richer. Casey tells Juliette no details, just that he’ll get the money she needs for her transplant. Casey and Matthias manage to steal the truck but Casey is captured by Kahl and his men and escapes in one of Kahl’s hot and fast cars packed full of money! Can he get away and give Juliette the money for her operation? With, cops, Kahl and Geran who never got his truck full of cocaine golf balls, chasing Casey over Germany, it won’t be easy, especially not when Kahl’s men grab Juliette.

Juliette (Felicity) and Casey (Nicholas) run with the moneyJuliette (Felicity) and Casey (Nicholas) run with the moneyCourtesy of Open Road Films

Kahl (Anthony Hopkins) has captured CaseyKahl (Anthony Hopkins) has captured CaseyCourtesy of Open Road Films

Wrapping Up

There are more car wrecks per second in Collide than in most Fast and Furious films. Some are more low-budget but quite spectacular.  The plot of the film is typical of many gangster vs. gangster movies but it is the sweet love story of Casey and Juliette, played convincingly by cute Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max, Beast in the X-Men films and a hot zombie in Warm Bodies) and Star Wars: Rogue One’s Felicity Jones, that will work for some of you.

An injured Casey tries to avoid Kahl's henchmen and the copsAn injured Casey tries to avoid Kahl's henchmen and the copsCourtesy of Open Road Films

Also, great actors Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins are scenery-chewing fun as a nutjob, lowlife Turkish crook and his classy but equally mad crime boss. One scene with these two greats is almost worth the price of admission. If you like attractive young actors in a love story combined with gorgeous hot cars speeding crazily and don’t mind a little hokey plot, you’ll probably enjoy Collide. We’ll go three stars. 

Collide Movie Rating:3

Collide Movie PosterCollide Movie PosterCourtesy of Open Road Films

Collide is in theaters now!


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