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SING Special Edition Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by on Mar 20, 2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Kidzworld has the Blu-ray/DVD of the cute, comic animated movie Sing. Does it look and sound awesome? Are the extras worth a buying or gifting? Check the Blu-ray review.

By: Lynn Barker

Sing answers the question: what if animals competed in an “American Idol” style musical smack down? Whose dreams will be launched and whose will crash and burn? Koala Buster Moon (voice of Matthew McConaughey) is a producer and theater owner down on his luck and betting that the competition will save his theater and his career.

Buster Moon in his officeBuster Moon in his officeCourtesy of Universal Picture

It’s All About the Show

Since his dad took him to a show as a child, koala Buster Moon has been a musical theater devotee. Now, as an adult with wacky iguana assistant Karen Crawley (Garth Jennings) assisting, he keeps trying to put on successful productions but many bomb and his theater is headed for a shut-down. He plans with friend sheep Eddie Noodleman (John C. Reilly) to save the theater by hosting a singing competition with a $1,000 prize (all the money he can raise).

Miss Crawly announces the next contestant to BusterMiss Crawly announces the next contestant to BusterCourtesy of Universal Picture

We Have a Dream

All is not well for animals all over the city. Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) a talented singing mama pig, has given up on her dreams to raise 25 wild kids. She’s basically ignored by her workaholic husband Norman (Nick Offerman). Elephant teen Meena (Tori Kelly) lets her stage fright keep down her amazing singing talent. Gorilla Johnny (Taron Egerton) is the son of a mobster who favors heists rather than singing. Showy Mouse Mike (Seth MacFarlane) owes debts to angry bears but sings like Frank Sinatra, Punk-rocker porcupine Ash (Scarlett Johansson) sings and plays in a band with her boyfriend Lance (Beck Bennett) who keeps putting her down.

Gunter tries to get Rosita to use his movesGunter tries to get Rosita to use his movesCourtesy of Universal Picture

Potential Disaster

When the fliers Ms. Crawley prints up advertising the contest accidentally print a $100,000 prize instead of $1,000, way more contestants than expected show up to audition. Buster chooses Mike, Johnny, Rosita, Ash (not partner Lance) but Meena bombs her audition due to stage fright. Rosita is partnered with a flamboyant pig contestant named Gunther (Nick Kroll). When Buster learns of the printing error, he says nothing to the contestants but starts trying to raise the big money.

Mike sees the poster about the contestMike sees the poster about the contestCourtesy of Universal Picture

Show Biz or No Biz?

Will Buster raise the money for his show and save his theater? Will Meena audition successfully again? Will Rosita be able to care for her family and participate? Will Ash succeed as a soloist? Will Johnny quit the crime game, sing and still please his dad? Will Mike be caught by bears he owes gambling debts to? If there is a show, who will win the competition? 

Buster encourages shy MeenaBuster encourages shy MeenaCourtesy of Universal Picture

Special Extra Features

This Blu-ray is packed with cute, enjoyable features including some great music video sing and dance-alongs. It sounds great and looks as colorful as it did in theaters.

  • 3 Mini-Movies are shorts that are all very different in theme and mood and feature Gunther, Miss Crawly and slacker sheep Eddie. Fun! A Making Of follows taking us through the process as the filmmakers, living in both the U.S. and France, cooperate to bring the little films to life.
  • Music Videos galore! Tori Kelly dances through “Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing” originally a Stevie Wonder song with a Making Of showing the choreography after. Fun!
  • The “Faith” Music Video starring Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder and another version including lyrics on screen that you can sing along to, is really bouncy and catchy. There is a Sing and Dance to “Faith” in which a choreographer and dancers show you step-by-step moves.  This is really dance party friendly and a hoot! Then we get “Set It All Free” which also has on screen words for singing pleasure.  Overall a really nice musical extra!! 

Johnny may finally get his big break!Johnny may finally get his big break!Courtesy of Universal Picture
  • The Making of Sing relates how the filmmakers got the idea of using animals in a singing competition and takes us through the process as they create the world, choose which animals and which voice actors will make the film work.
  • Finding the Rhythm: Editing Sing is interesting as the film’s editor tells us in detail how he selects which completed shots will go into the final movie to make the story and pace work. Really nice to see, especially if you don’t really “get” what film editors do.
  • Character Profiles is one of my favorite extras. All the major voice actors are on screen talking about their characters, why they love them, etc. This was Matthew McConaughey’s first voice role and Reese Witherspoon, a mom of three kids, could relate to piggy mom Rosita’s problems. Many other actors also jump in with character comments. Love it!
  • The Sing Network pretends to be a real TV network announcing new shows etc. Really little commercials/trailers for the film but all are cute fun.
  • There is no audio commentary from filmmakers but we get plenty of info in the other extras.

The voice actors with their charactersThe voice actors with their charactersCourtesy of Universal Picture

Wrapping Up

We still feel that Sing is an adorable, finger snapping, boogie down good time so why not bring it home or gift it? The extras on this set are all rather short but fun.  I recommend especially the music videos and sing and dance along section as well as the Character Profiles featuring the amazing cast of voice actors.

Buster and Miss Crawly about to announce the winnersBuster and Miss Crawly about to announce the winnersCourtesy of Universal Picture

The soundtrack is worth a buy as well. The performing animated animals in the movie all face problems with which you can identify. We had a lot of fun watching the extras so we can go 5 stars on this home entertainment version.

SING Special Edition Blu-ray Rating:5

SING Special Edition Blu-raySING Special Edition Blu-rayCourtesy of Universal Picture

Buy Sing in stores Tuesday, March 21st!


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