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Snipperclips Nintendo Switch Game Review

Reviewed by on Mar 29, 2017
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Snipperclips, Nintendo Switchs launch game that wasnt Zelda, isnt half bad. Read on to see Kidzworlds thoughts and review of this launch title.

By: Max Cannon

When I called up some friends to share in the fun, Snipperclips gave us some of the best gaming I've gotten out of any console's launch. However when I was alone in my apartment playing Snipperclips, with nothing but an obscene bag of potato chips and waning patience for the pizza guy, I kept wanting to turn the game off. 

The Surprising History of Snipperclips

Snipperclips was developed by SFB Games. At first glance at the tiny library of iOS and Android games, SFB Games doesn't seem to be a developer of any note. Following my detective work through Wikipedia, I realized that I was more familiar with SFB Games than I could've imagined because I knew them as Super Flash Brothers, a group of animators that made silly cartoons for Newgrounds in the early 2000's.

A screengrab from SFB Games' earlier work in Flash animation.A screengrab from SFB Games' earlier work in Flash animation.Courtesy of Super Flash Bros

The reason I have the sense of humor that I do and a love for video game culture is almost entirely due to the hours I spent watching and rewatching the cartoons of Super Flash Brothers.

So, I was pretty surprised to see that they made Snipperclips. This game is full of personality and charm that shows how much these creators have grown.

Watching your plan unfold is often good for a laugh in Snipperclips.Watching your plan unfold is often good for a laugh in Snipperclips.Courtesy of Kotaku

A Cut Above

That aforementioned charm is shown through Snipperclips' artistic design, the gameplay, and the reaction from its players. Puzzles start simple and get surprisingly tough, but rarely frustrating. You'll need to move a ball across the screen for one puzzle or pop a trio of balloons for another. To accomplish these puzzles you'll control a pair of elongated semicircles that crouch, jump, and cut shapes out of each other.

A smart solution to a simple puzzle.A smart solution to a simple puzzle.Courtesy of Nintendo

Checking off these 60 or so puzzles are a ton of fun when you're with friends - up to 4 players are allowed but I mostly played 2 player mode. Earlier puzzles will often allow multiple different solutions and half the fun is seeing how each player will complete it. One pair will cut a basket shape into a character and carry a ball across the screen and another set of players will stand on their friend's shoulders to balance the ball on their head.

The silly solutions will make players laugh but the game's unique style will also force out a smile. Watching your character grimace as he lifts a heavy bowling ball is hilarious to me, even if I couldn't tell you why. The dopey music and smiles are clear evolution of Super Flash Brothers but it feels comfortable as a part of the Nintendo library.

Your characters' expressive faces add a ton of personality to these shapes.Your characters' expressive faces add a ton of personality to these shapes.Courtesy of Game Crate

A bit of warning! All of this fun, those laughs, the clever solutions? I definitely didn't experience that when playing alone but that doesn't deserve a knock to its score. This game is meant to be played together and since you're playing with sideways Joy-Cons then anyone who purchases a Switch automatically has a pair of controllers. But the solutions felt slow, tedious, and time consuming when I was by myself. I would see the path I needed to take but it took too long to complete when I was playing in single player.

Final Thoughts

Snipperclips is an awesome co-op experience and well worth the $20 -- or free download with a pair of Joy-Con controllers. As a side thought to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it is a perfect launch title. The game has about 60 puzzles, that get pretty tough in the end, but you really won't have a great time alone. If you've got a friend to play with then I cannot recommend it enough.


  • Fun Coop
  • Stylish 


  • Boring to Play Alone

Snipperclips Game Rating:4

Available for Nintendo Switch

Snipperclips Box ArtSnipperclips Box ArtCourtesy of Nintendo
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