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Sofia Wylie Co-stars in Andi Mack | Exclusive Interview

Apr 03, 2017

By: Lynn Barker

In “Andi Mack”, Disney Channel’s new series created by Terri Minsky of “Lizzie McGuire” fame, Andi turning 13 brings with it a strange and earth-shaking revelation about her family. By her side and encouraging Andi to stand up for herself, take chances and welcome the unexpected is feisty Buffy, her best pal. Actress and dancer Sofia Wylie plays athletic, outspoken Buffy and, in our interview, admits she is a lot like her character.

 Sofia, Josh Rush, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Asher Angel Sofia, Josh Rush, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Asher AngelCourtesy of Disney Channel

Kidzworld: Sofia, did you and the other cast members get to go to dinner or hang out to bond before you shot the first episode? Do you hang out while shooting in Utah?

  • Sofia: We all met each other during the audition process and all clicked immediately. We thought, no matter if we get the roles or not, we were all going to be great friends. We would go out to dinner after some of the auditions. Then we would have the beginning of the series party right beforehand so we all got to hang out then as well.
  • We all got to Utah a little early before we were supposed to start shooting so we would hang out. It’s amazing. I’m so glad I have the cast that I do.

 Sofia as Buffy at school Sofia as Buffy at school

Kidzworld: Buffy tells it like she sees it. Are you like that too or more shy?

  • Sofia: Well I definitely feel like I’m one of the honest friends. If you ask me something, I will tell you the truth. Buffy just says what’s on her mind. I definitely feel like I stick up for myself and Buffy is also very protective of her friends and I’m protective of my friends. We’re very related to each other and that’s what makes it so easy for me to get into the Buffy role. I just have to pull out a little more of myself.

The cast in the production office with Sofia far rightThe cast in the production office with Sofia far rightCourtesy of Disney Channel

Kidzworld: What was the audition process like to get the role? Were you called back a lot of times?

  • Sofia: The audition process is hard of course because you want to hear about it just as soon as possible (Did I get it?). I went back quite a few times. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it in the end because I wanted the role so badly, right from the beginning just from the short script that I had with my lines. But, the more I was auditioning, I really connected to the role of Buffy. Thankfully, I got it.

Kidzworld: You are already 13. What is the toughest thing about becoming a teen and what is the best?

  • Sofia: Well, throughout the years when I get a year older I kind of dread it. One of my favorite Disney movies is Peter Pan because it’s talking about how you don’t want to grow up. You just want to stay a kid forever. I want to stay a kid forever and I feel like I am a kid at heart. I love watching animated movies and that type of thing. It was kind of hard for me to leave the 12-year-old age and the pre-teens and go into the actual teens but I don’t feel much different.
  • I think one of the good things is that, as you get older, you have more of a voice. I still am not rude to older people and am respectful but I can now become even more of a role model to younger girls. I think the biggest thing for me is becoming a role model.

Josh, Peyton and SofiaJosh, Peyton and SofiaCourtesy of Disney Channel

Kidzworld: Buffy’s wardrobe is cute but is it your style? Would you wear it?

  • Sofia: I love Buffy’s clothes. One of my favorite things about Buffy is her style is like on sleek. She has a girlie side but it’s mixed with athletic because she’s athletic. I love that about her. A lot of the things she wears I adore.

Kidzworld: Did the show let you take home any of the wardrobe?

  • Sofia: I took home some of the things which I’m so happy about. It’s more that it’s a reminder of the show; some of the things Buffy got to wear or I got to try on.

Sofia Wylie as BuffySofia Wylie as BuffyCourtesy of Disney Channel

Kidzworld: Buffy seems to call Andi chicken to get her to tell her mom about having a new scooter. Do you ever call anyone chicken?

  • Sofia: Well, maybe my sister. But Buffy is the pusher. When people are in their comfort zone, she helps them get out of that and they appreciate it. It’s like I’m thankful to my dad for that because when I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone, he’s the one who helps me get out of my box. And, in the end, I’m like “Thank you father! Thank you”.

Kidzworld: Did you think up a backstory in your head for how Andi and Buffy met and became friends or did the showrunners tell you that?

  • Sofia: There was no specific reasoning for how they became friends. They probably met at school when they were younger. I think they’ve been friends for quite a while because they have great chemistry. The first time Peyton (who plays Andi) and I met each other, we were both like “Okay, I’m gonna be best friends with this girl”. We’re great friends now. Buffy and Andi are probably the same way.

Sofia Wylie as herselfSofia Wylie as herselfCourtesy of Alex Kruk

Kidzworld: What do you hope the writers write for Buffy to do that she hasn’t gotten to do yet? Maybe dance?

  • Sofia: I started dancing before acting and I love it so much. Who knows? Maybe in the future we will have an episode where Buffy breaks out some dance moves. That would be really cool. I’d love for her to have a dance battle.

Kidzworld: You have done a ton of dancing, you were on the Justin Bieber World Tour when he was in Arizona and “America’s Got Talent” and were trained in a lot of dance styles. If you had to choose dancing or acting, which would it be?

  • Sofia: Wow. I honestly don’t think I could live without either of them. I love when I go back home when (the show is on break) I see my dance friends then love going back to acting and seeing those friends. I don’t know if I could ever choose between them. I love having that balance of both.

Dressed up Sofia in the Dancing in the Dark episodeDressed up Sofia in the Dancing in the Dark episodeCourtesy of Disney Channel

Kidzworld: Why will tweens and teens really enjoy watching “Andi Mack”?

  • Sofia: I believe tweens and teens will really enjoy it because it’s very raw and different from what Disney (Channel) has done before. It’s very relatable as well because it’s based on real life situations. Kids are going through these things. They can see the characters and go “That’s what I’m going through. Now I know how to deal with it” or “Now I know how to fix that”. It’s also about cherishing your friendships. Having friends around you is an important thing. Andi, Buffy and Cyrus have such a great relationship. They are goofy at times then serious and funny. I think a lot of people will enjoy that.

Andi Mack PosterAndi Mack PosterCourtesy of Disney Channel

“Andi Mack” starts on Disney Channel this Friday, April 7th. Check your local listings for time.


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