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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Movie Review

Reviewed by on May 19, 2017
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. Less than popular tween Greg is on a road trip with his family but determined to detour to a cool video convention. Will he succeed?

By: Lynn Barker

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, after a mega-embarrassing video of him goes viral, Greg Heffley (Jason Drucker) is determined to upgrade his reputation by getting to know his idol; a video game guru/vlogger. Of course he will have to talk his parents into taking a vacay near the huge Player Expo so he can bail and become besties with the most impressive guy in all of cyber-biz. Can he pull it off?

Rodrick and Greg had rather be at the Player ExpoRodrick and Greg had rather be at the Player ExpoCourtesy of 20th Century Fox

Embarrassing Beginning

When the family is at a Chuckie Cheese-type restaurant, Greg, 12, gets video-recorded with a diaper stuck to him while he’s searching in a plastic-ball pile for little bro Manny. The video goes viral and Greg is determined to get what little good rep he has back. Meanwhile, his bro 16-year-old Rodrick (Charlie Wright) is into being a very bad drummer in a rock band, hoping for some hot action with girls and, of course giving Greg a hard time.

Greg and family can't believe their bad luckGreg and family can't believe their bad luckCourtesy of 20th Century Fox

The Solution

Greg thinks a video with his hero, star gamer Mac Digby (Joshua Hoover) will repair some of his reputation. Rodrick wouldn’t mind going to the cool Player Expo video game convention where Mac will appear. The duo thinks they can sneak away while on the family road trip to nearby grandma “Meemaw’s” 90th birthday party in the Midwest.

The family will end up with a pet pigThe family will end up with a pet pigCourtesy of 20th Century Fox

Trip From Heck

The family hits the road with mom Susan (Alicia Silverstone) deciding that the family needs quality face time so she bans all electronic devices on the road! Of course Greg and Rodrick can’t think of anything worse. Well, maybe mom making the family listen to audio taped Spanish lessons or bursting into ‘80’s pop songs is worse. Dad (Tom Everett Scott) didn’t even arrange for real time off from work so he keeps sneaking time on his cell.

Greg with mom SusanGreg with mom SusanCourtesy of 20th Century Fox

A Series of Ugly Events

On the way to Meemaw’s house, the family stays in a roach-filled motel, visits a county fair only to get attacked and pooed on by big birds right out of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. They also end up with an unplanned pet pig. A stuck car leads to a mud-covered bunch of Heffleys and they meet another travelling family they dub “the Beardos” due to the dad’s hairy appearance. When he sits on a toilet, gross gets much grosser.

Bird poo horror!Bird poo horror!Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Meemaws or Convention?

Greg and Rodrick manage to get to the convention but Mom catches Greg there. Will everyone get to granny’s birthday celebration on time or at all?  Will Greg meet and at least get a selfie with his vlogger idol or is, as usual, his plan doomed to fail?

Everyone but dad is covered with mud!Everyone but dad is covered with mud!Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Wrapping Up

The idea of a new cast might not please fans of the first movies although the new actors are doing an okay job. Hey, nobody stays 12 forever. Zach Gordon who played Greg is 19 and Devon Bostick who was Rodrick is 25! Gotta get younger newbies to play the lead bros. There might be disappointment that none of Greg's school pals is involved...just family this time..

The family's clothes decorate the highwayThe family's clothes decorate the highwayCourtesy of 20th Century Fox

Gross jokes abound every few minutes in the movie.. pottie humor, mud, poo and much more are in your face…so to speak. Maybe ultra-cool and hilarious if you are 10 or under but older kids might tire of it as much as adults. There are a few funny moments but more are needed.

Mom and dad manage to have funMom and dad manage to have funCourtesy of 20th Century Fox

The “theme” or message seems to come from the question of whether we all need to be cellphone zombies or not and what does family bonding really mean or consist of? You can probably relate to some of the family roadtrip horrors. The story, based on one of the original books, is worthy enough but kind of thin. We think you can have a better time at the movies so we go three stars.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Movie Rating:3

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Movie PosterDiary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul PosterCourtesy of 20th Century Fox

You can see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul in theaters now!


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