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Deep Movie Review

Reviewed by on Aug 24, 2017
Rating: 3 Star Rating

After humans have abandoned Earth, a group of strange-looking deep water creatures still exist in Deep. Read Kidzworlds Deep movie review to find out about their habitat and colony!

By: Lynn Barker

It’s 2100 and Deep is an adventurous young “dumbo” octopus and the last of his kind living in a deep water trench after Mankind has left the damaged Earth for other worlds. When Deep accidentally causes a quake that buries the colony, his grandpa the Kraken sends Deep and buddies Evo, a nerdy Lantern fish and Alice, a tiny neurotic shrimp, to find the Kraken’s old pal Nathan, a giant whale who is the only hope of uncovering the almost totally buried colony. They will find way more than they bargained for on the way?

Deep, Evo, Maurie and pals head for New YorkDeep, Evo, Maurie and pals head for New York

Earth Abandoned

In the future, when humans have made the Earth uninhabitable, they leave for a new world but a group of deep sea creatures remain and find refuge inside an ocean cave where they are safe. It’s still beautiful there. The giant octopus Kraken leads the colony in celebrating Survival Day. The same yucky food is served. Octopus Deep wants to go outside into the huge ocean to search for better food, maybe a better life but he is young and reckless. He has gone outside to gather weird “treasures” before which makes Kraken angry.

Norma takes a liking to EvoNorma takes a liking to Evo

Soapy, Explosive Disaster

When Deep changes the sponge filters for the colony, he uses human sponges he has found. They are full of soap and there are bubbles everywhere! He’s just not a team player. He’s grounded but he goes outside with Alice, his tiny shrimp buddy, and Evo a big Lantern fish. He finds an unexploded torpedo and rides it. It blows up and wrecks the colony causing huge rocks to block any exit. The Kraken tells Deep and pals to go find Nathan, a giant whale who could move the rocks and free everyone before food etc. runs out. Nathan was last seen in the City of Men (NYC) which is now underwater.

Alice the tiny shrimpAlice the tiny shrimpCourtesy of The Thinklab Media S.L.-The Kraken Films A.I.E.

The Quest

Looking for Nathan, the friends find the wreck of the Titanic where a weird, performing Octopus Vampire named Norma has been alone, singing for human skeletons. She wants to keep the gang with her as a captive audience. They convince her to give them directions to the City of Men but she feels betrayed and tries to kill them. They escape and meet a female eel named Maurie who has also been alone. Problem is, she wants to eat Deep and friends but wants their company more. She joins the quest. Meanwhile, at the colony, there are cave-ins.

Deep explores the sunken TitanicDeep explores the sunken Titanic

City of Men

At the edge of the city, a giant, gangster-like crab named Rico with his huge gang of smaller crabs, approaches and threatens but tiny Alice sings and dances as a distraction and everybody joins in so Deep and pals are able to escape. Inside New York City they are chased by zombie fish and Deep keeps leading them into trouble. They find a huge ark, a ship occupied by a large walrus named Luigi who is up to no good. His second in command is Darcy the penguin who secretly controls Luigi. Their sidekick Ralph is the dumbest dolphin ever.

Sunken New York CitySunken New York City

Rico the crab and gang dance up a stormRico the crab and gang dance up a storm

Secrets of the Ark

Through videos left by humans, the gang learns that this ark was one of three supposed to leave the planet. This one is full of marine specimens that have been frozen. It will take off in an hour and Nathan, the whale they seek is imprisoned onboard! Bad guys Luigi and Ralph want to freeze our guys and try to recruit Maurie to help.  Will Deep learn to be a team player in time to free Nathan and bring him home to save the colony? Will the frozen marine animals aboard be freed or will the ship take off for the stars with everyone still aboard?

Many frozen marine animals onboard the arkMany frozen marine animals onboard the ark

Wrapping Up

Deep is beautifully-animated undersea film that departs from the “Nemo” and “Dory” movies to introduce a very different underwater adventure. However, by including musical numbers and an overly complicated story, the film just seems overdone. There are too many side trips on the way to find Nathan the whale and, once the ark and Nathan are found, too much exposition and too many complications and plot points pouring out in a final act that seems over-stuffed and overly-ambitious.

Darcy and Luigi plot to get rid of Deep and friendsDarcy and Luigi plot to get rid of Deep and friends

There are a few jokes for adults but most of the dialogue is for the younger set. Teaching a cocky character that he needs to be a team player is worthy enough as a theme as is the revelation that, in unlikely conditions, life will find a way to survive. Having Mankind wrecking and abandoning our planet is pretty sad but, in these times, a cautionary tale.

This quest is getting dangerous!This quest is getting dangerous!

Voice actors are basic unknowns to most audiences but all do very nice work. Songs are cute but not at the level of Alan Menken’s Disney numbers. Deep will be released in theaters and later on video where it might best be watched to soak in all the details.  We can go 3 stars.

Deep Movie Review: 3

Deep Movie PosterDeep Movie Poster

See Deep in theaters this Friday, August 25​th!


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