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Disneynature Born In China Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by on Aug 31, 2017
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Born in China is a lovely Disneynature film about baby animals growing up in tough situations. If you love pandas, snow leopards, monkeys and more, you should want to own this film. Check our review!

By: Lynn Barker

In Born in China, we get to know more baby animals in the wild whereas Disneynature’s Bears, was concentrated on one species.  There is a determined mother snow leopard and her two cubs, a devoted panda mom and her daughter, a two-year-old monkey caught between his family and his “gang” also migrating antelope and cranes and their chicks. All of these diverse critters are born in China.

Mom panda cuddles her daughterMom panda cuddles her daughterCourtesy of Disney


We see cranes and learn the legend that when one files he is carrying the soul of an animal that has passed on to a new world. On a high plateau lives a mom snow leopard with two cubs to feed. She is challenged by another female who backs off. In the valley live fluffy golden monkeys. A two-year-old rebellious monkey loves his dad but is rejected when a new little sister is born. In a high bamboo forest, a mom panda dotes on her newborn daughter and snuggles with her. A family of small antelope migrate to a lake.

A red-crowned crane about to take flightA red-crowned crane about to take flightCourtesy of Disney


The mom leopard comes out to hunt a sheep and gets one to feed her cubs. Our teen monkey is still alone but a gang of other outcasts moves into the area, the “Lost Boys”. Their leader is huge. One of the gang steals a baby and a hawk steals another. At the lake the small antelope have babies that learn to walk then run quickly.

Teen monkey swings for funTeen monkey swings for funCourtesy of Disney


In the panda forest, mom and baby explore. Baby rolls down hills while mom gobbles up to 40 lbs. of bamboo a day! Baby daughter is curious about a red panda, a small animal related to the raccoon. More mom and baby cuddles. In monkey country the Lost Boys eat pine-nuts and our teen visits his dad but dad and “Boys” leader fight. The leader has to retreat. Now who should our young monkey be loyal to? The antelope group is on its way back home but wolves are after the babies who can actually outrun them, sticking close to their moms.

Red panda snoozesRed panda snoozesCourtesy of Disney

On the high plateau, the leopard mom is again challenged by the female but she brings two large, grown sons with her this time. Mom has to retreat to protect her cubs. The panda mom’s baby is six months old and wants to be free. Should mom let her? She can’t really climb a tree yet. The antelope reunite with the males who don’t remember their mates from last season. On to new mates.

Mom leopard and cubs blend in with their surroundingsMom leopard and cubs blend in with their surroundingsCourtesy of Disney


Mom leopard’s cubs are hungry and bigger. Snow covers the ground. Mom stalks sheep but cuts her paw on a rock and can’t hunt. Mom panda is still protecting her big daughter. The monkeys learn to walk on their hind legs in the show and while the Lost Boys fight over food, our little guy follows his family to cuddle for warmth. Little sis loves it and dad still doesn’t want him around but he finally is included in a family cuddle.

The monkey family cuddles against the coldThe monkey family cuddles against the coldCourtesy of Disney

Spring Again

Will the mom leopard be able to get food for her and her cubs? Will mom panda let her daughter grow up? Will our teen monkey reunite with his family for good?

Baby antelope can run almost as fast as momBaby antelope can run almost as fast as momCourtesy of Disney

Special Extra Features

All of the extras are about the crews shooting all their difficult-to-get footage in remote locales.   Panda Suits & Bamboo Shoots shows the Director of Photography, in Sichuan looking for the elusive pandas. There were many challenges including needing to wear silly panda suits in order to fit in and not scare the huge bears away. Funny.

Baby panda tries to climb a treeBaby panda tries to climb a treeCourtesy of Disney
  • In Walking with Monkeys we are with the monkey unit and learn about the challenges of filming monkeys in the winter to get the walking on hind legs shots. One monkey sits on the head of a cinematographer and won’t get off. The rest of the monkey troupe are playing with the equipment. Also funny.

A fluffy, golden monkeyA fluffy, golden monkeyCourtesy of Disney
  • Masters of Camouflage presents Director of Photography Shane Moore leading his crew 16,000 feet up to find the snow leopard family. You can barely see the animals against the rocks. This seems to come from a feature-length doc called Ghost of the Mountains specifically about the leopards. Beautiful.

A snow leopard cubA snow leopard cubCourtesy of Disney
  • Wading Through Wetlands shows a small crew wading through wetlands and getting bitten by mosquitos to capture a red crowned crane on her nest with babies. These cranes are sacred in China.
  • “Everything Everything” Music Video is an upbeat tune by band American Authors shown over clips from the movie. Nice.

The gorgeous high lakeThe gorgeous high lakeCourtesy of Disney

Wrapping Up

Disneynature Born in China is a majestic, beautifully shot and touching film about young animals and their parents struggling and enjoying their lives in the wild. There are heroic acts by animal moms and some babies throughout and, of course a challenge or two doesn’t always have a happy ending because this is nature depicted as it happens. The extra features are as remarkable as the film as you see how these determined filmmakers faced weather, tough hikes etc. to capture the action. This is a beautiful film for your collection. The Blu-ray looks and sounds great. The “cuddle” factor is massive so enjoy! We can go five stars.

Disneynature Born In China Blu-ray Rating: 5

Disneynature Born In China Blu-rayDisneynature Born In China Blu-ray Courtesy of Disney

You can buy Disneynature Born in China in stores now.


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