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Destiny 2 PS4 Game Review

Reviewed by on Sep 22, 2017
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Bungies shared world shooter sequel is out now and looks to scratch the itch that the original game started. Check out Kidzworlds review of Destiny 2.

By: Max Cannon

The original Destiny was a hotly contested game through not just its initial release but all the way up until it was an obsolete game. Gamers were split down the middle, was the game a tedious grind that's best parts were in the beginning or was it a full title that kept gamers coming back again and again? The general consensus seems to be that Destiny was a game that got better as time went on and Destiny 2 seems to buck this trend by kicking things off with a game that's as good as the first game wound up being.

A Trip to the Traveler

Destiny is a one-of-a-kind experience that Bungie, former developer of the Halo series, calls a "shared world shooter." The game's mechanics are similar to that of your typical first-person shooter but takes place in a world with rules similar to that of an online game like Warcraft or RuneScapeDestiny 2's world is defended by Guardians, soldiers brought back to life by the light of a giant orb in the sky called The Traveler, players control these Guardians are accompanied by little robots called Ghosts. Destiny 2's story kicks off when the almighty Traveler is destroyed and the Ghosts, who resurrect our Guardians whenever they fall in battle, don't have access to the power of light to save our heroes.

Destiny 2 - Official Launch Trailer


Destiny 1 was repeatedly criticized for its weak story that was mostly hidden behind lore that required you to login to your internet browser to view. This follow-up definitely offers up a better plot, things are easy to follow and don't require a ton of outside knowledge. The story of the game isn't amazing and there aren't many twists that you won't see coming but the game's diverse cast of characters and impressive cutscenes make for a serviceable story, but nothing to write home about. However, the hours and hours that gamers put into Destiny won't be spent in the story but in the stories that you'll create with your friends across a variety of planets.

Destiny 2's graphics are well complimented with the game's unique art direction.Destiny 2's graphics are well complimented with the game's unique art direction.Courtesy of Activision

Together or Alone

Much of the opening hours in Destiny 2 play closer to Bungie's original inspiration in games like Halo, especially toward the end of the campaign. Really the game's "story levels" feel like a tight campaign with a loose story and are often wrapped up with some dazzling set pieces and impressive graphics. When you're not playing the campaign, the meat of the game comes from leveling your character up as high as you can. This level of your character, once you get enough experience to put you at rank 20, is all about what gear you're using. Armor and guns are paired with power numbers and this equipment can be unlocked by finishing missions or satisfying requirements for specific characters.

Story is still just alright but the game's cutscenes are stunning to watch.Story is still just alright but the game's cutscenes are stunning to watch.Courtesy of Activision

You're going to be grinding a lot to get that armor and similarly to the first game, This means replaying the same missions over and over again so Destiny is really meant to be enjoyed alongside a group of friends or while listening to some music because busywork is the foundation of what Destiny 2 really is. However, this game's busywork is so enjoyable and paired with such good controls that time feels like it flies by. But playing with friends to accomplish a harder mission, achieve a goal in the competitive multiplayer, or even just cruise through some hunts for treasure in one of the game's open zones will possibly cut down your playtime in half.

Final Thoughts

If you grew to enjoy Destiny by the end then you'll undoubtedly like Destiny 2 from the start. The game's story still struggles, but nowhere near as bad as last time, and you're going to replay a lot of missions if you're enjoying the game the way it wants you to. The tight controls and enticing gameplay loop from the first game really stand tall in this sequel because Destiny 2 feels more confident, streamlined, and, most importantly, fun. If you're looking for a lot of content in a single game and a great excuse to team up with your friends than you couldn't do much better than Destiny 2


  • Fun Gameplay
  • Great Visuals
  • Lots of Content


  • Average Story
  • Repetitive at its Core

Destiny 2 Game Rating:4

Destiny 2 Box ArtDestiny 2 Box ArtCourtesy of Activision

Destiny 2 is Available Now.

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