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The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One Movie Review

Reviewed by on Oct 06, 2017
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One, a very cool Sci-Fi adventure film that you might not know about. Should you see if it is playing in your area? Read our movie review!

By: Lynn Barker

In The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One, it’s the future, on a colonized planet and disgraced, ex-space fighter pilot Kane Sommerville (Daniel MacPherson) works for off-world contractor Exor. He runs around the barren planet inspecting bunkers where big military brass can hide if needed. He is divorced and trying to reconnect with his tween daughter Indi (Teagan Croft). Kane is told by Exor commander General Lynes (Rachel Griffiths) that in 24 hours, a global threat will wreck the planet. Kane has to team up with prison escapee Sy Bombrok (Twilight’s Kellan Lutz) to find and save his daughter before it’s too late.

Sy and Kane try to get weapons and a ride to save IndiSy and Kane try to get weapons and a ride to save Indi

Separation and a Threat

Kane teaches daughter Indi to shoot at targets. She’s pretty good at it. He explains that he has to go up to the orbiting military space station for a while and she will stay on the planet with a guardian/housekeeper. She doesn’t like the separation but can do nothing about it. Meanwhile, at one of the planet’s forced labor prisons, something is attacking the prisoners. General Lynes knows it is creatures created by the company as weapons but tells everyone and Kane that the prisoners have a lethal virus in their possession and will release it if not set free. Kane has to get Indi off the planet without permission to do so because the company will nuke the prison colony in 24 hours.

The orbiting military base where Kane is stationedThe orbiting military base where Kane is stationed

General Lynex (Rachel Griffiths) lies about the trouble on the planetGeneral Lynex (Rachel Griffiths) lies about the trouble on the planet

Shot Down and Sy

After a battle with the planet’s protective air force, Kane is shot down, ejects into water and is pulled out by escaped prisoner Sy who tells him the threat is creatures secretly created by Exor and not a virus. When Kane promises bunker protection against the coming nuke, Sy agrees to help him find his daughter Indi. In a flashback, we see that Sy and others planned a prison break. They know that prisoners go into solitary confinement and don’t come back. Sy got himself put there to discover why and aid the escape. What he discovered is creepy! In another flashback, we see that Sy was a ward nurse in an Earth hospital. After a traffic accident killed his wife and daughter, he killed the drunk young man who caused it and thus landed in prison.

Sy (Kellan Lutz, right) and prisoners plan the break outSy (Kellan Lutz, right) and prisoners plan the break out


Needing a bus or car to get to Indi in the Capitol city, Sy and Kane stop at an isolated bar looking for weapons and a ride. They team up with a step-brother and sister who provide transportation in exchange for a place in the safe bunker when they are told of the coming nuke. The group finally fights released creatures and the local military to get to Indi’s building which has been wrecked but find her hiding in a closet. Now, they have to get out and get to the safe bunker Kane knows about before the planet is nuked. Will they make it? Who will live and who will die? Will the real truth about the creatures come out? What weird future is in store?

Wrapping Up

Osiris Child, made by Australian filmmakers, is really entertaining. The special visual effects are really good as is the creature design, make-up and CGI. Many of the sets and devices are very creative. The music is cool and the acting is top notch. I haven’t seen Kellan Lutz so such great work before and Teagan Croft as Indi is a natural, very talented, now 13-year-old actress already tapped to play Raven in the upcoming “Titans” TV series from the DC Universe. 

The story is more original than most and there are a couple of really nice twists that will “get” you. There is tough action and nice emotional moments as well. Some of the many flashbacks are out of order and kind of complicate, confuse and bog down the tale but all are interesting. If the filmmakers intend to make more Sci-Fi yarns as indicated by their “Science Fiction Volume One” part of the movie title, then bring it on! This one is very entertaining. It is also out on Blu-ray but because of the visual effects and big action we recommend seeing it in theaters if you can. We can go 4 stars.

The Osiris Child Movie Rating: 4

The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One Movie PosterThe Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One Poster

Now Available on DirecTV, in Theaters and On Demand / Digital HD!


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