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Bad Hair Day Quick Fix Guide

Fight frizzies, curb cowlicks, plump up the volume, and degrease your greasies with ease.

Nov 20, 2017

Some days it seems like your hair has a mind of its own. Whether you are hit with a major cowlick, have a case of the frizzies, or wake up too late to shower away the greasies (it happens to EVERYONE, just make sure it doesn’t happen too often), here’s a quick fix guide to all your bad hair day problems.

If you can control your hair, you have a shot at acing the rest of the day, too!If you can control your hair, you have a shot at acing the rest of the day, too!Courtesy of dumpaday

Bed Head

Wake up with bed head, and you feel like your day is doomed. The worst part is, it always seems to strike when you are in the worst position to fix it. Like when you’ve slept so hard your alarm clock couldn’t even wake you up. But don’t despair, even if you woke up looking like you’ve been fighting zombies in your sleep, there is a cure!

For those with longer locks, braids, a bun or a ponytail can usually right any wrongs caused by uncooperative hair. But short hair poses its own challenges. The easiest solution at any hair length is to wet a comb or brush and, starting at the roots, work through your hair to tame it into submission. If that doesn’t work, wet your hair a little more using a spray bottle filled with water. Then, take a small drop of hair gel — about half the size of a dime to start — and work it through your hair, starting at the scalp. You can also apply a light hair product like Garner Fructis Sleek and Shine serum or spray to tame your hair into submission.

We’re talking about hair that looks like a pigeon with gum on its feet got stuck in your hair and you had to cut it out. - GQWe’re talking about hair that looks like a pigeon with gum on its feet got stuck in your hair and you had to cut it out. - GQCourtesy of GQ

Frizzy Hair

Hair gets frizzy when the outer layer of your strands of hair are open or uneven. To fix frizzy hair, you need to smooth out your hair strands.

If your hair is always frizzy, always use conditioner after shampooing your hair. For extra frizz-fighting action, right before you get out of the shower, pour a dime-sized drop of conditioner into the palms of your hands, then run it through your hair and don’t wash it out.

And you thought YOUR hair was frizzy!And you thought YOUR hair was frizzy!Courtesy of Pinterest

Product recommendations

For a quick frizz fix, start with slightly damp hair. If you’re fresh out of the shower, wait until it’s about 80% dry. If you’re starting with dry hair, mist it with a spray bottle filled with water.

The best hair products to tame frizz are water-based pomade or light hair gel for light hold, or a mild, natural oil like Moroccan Argan Oil. To use gel or Argan oil, wet your hands and then place a dime-sized amount on your palm. Rub your hands together to coat your hands, then run your fingers and palms through your hair to distribute it through your hair evenly. If you have thick hair, you may need to apply more gel to your hands, then flip your head down to coat the bottom sections of your hair in gel as well. Finally, coat your hands very lightly with Argan oil and smooth your hair down. 

If you have curly hair, click here to learn more about curly hair do's and don'ts.

Styling tools

It’s possible to tame frizzy hair by straightening it with a flat iron. Ask a parent or hair stylist to teach you how to use a flat iron properly.

Everyone has bad hair daysEveryone has bad hair daysCourtesy of Imgur

Greasy Hair

If your hair is greasy and you don’t have time to shower, use a dry shampoo like Lush “No-Drought” Dry Shampoo to neutralize the grease and lighten your hair. “Dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and gives volume to hair, so it looks and smells fresh without every having to step into the shower,” say the experts at Lush. “Massage a little No Drought into your scalp and throughout your hair, then shake or brush out. It blends in completely, even on dark hair, to give it texture with a soft, matte finish.”

Flat Hair

Sometimes hair doesn’t know it’s time to wake up and get perky. If your hair lays flat no matter what you do, you need to lighten it up. Make sure the shampoo you use is lightweight and gentle, and only use conditioner every other time you wash.

Product recommendations

Wash hair with a lightweight shampoo and follow with a light conditioner. Towel-dry hair, then apply a volumizing foam or mousse from the roots to the tips of your hair, then let your hair air dry or finish with a blow dryer.

No time to wash? Apply a small amount of dry shampoo to your roots. If you have long hair, flip your head so your hair hangs toward the floor and massage the dry shampoo at the roots to give it some lift.

Styling tools

If you have flat hair, a hair dryer can give you the lift you need — for boys and girls. Set your hairdryer on high heat and low speed and dry hair completely, using your fingers to pick up your hair and blow dry it at the roots. When you’re done drying your hair, do not brush it out. Using only your fingers, turn your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair, then flip it back up. Whether your hair is long or short, your hair will be fuller and less flat. Let gravity do its thing and wait a few minutes before smoothing it down or taming it into the style you want. Styling too quickly after flipping it can lose the lift you just put in.


Your body sheds skin cells all the time. When it happens on your scalp, it could come out as white flakes in your hair and on your clothes. If you’re seeing more dandruff than usual, it may be caused by changes in your hormones, your diet, or the weather. When it’s dry outside, your skin cells will slough off in a higher volume. When it’s dry inside your body— like when you’re dehydrated from not drinking enough water or drinking too much caffeine or eating lots of chocolate — your skin is also a lot dryer.

Wash your hair well every day while you’re sporting the snow on your head and shoulders to loosen the dead cells on your scalp. Dandruff shampoos are specially formulated to restore the balance in your scalp while also washing away the dead cells that stick to your hair and flake out on your clothes. After washing, while your hair is still wet, spend more time than usual combing or brushing through your hair, especially at the scalp, to loosen the dead cells. While you’re waiting for dandruff to flake off, avoid wearing black clothes, which show off the white flakes like a spotlight.

Dog washing a guy's hairA good scrubbing helps fight flaky dandruffCourtesy of Quickmeme

Back it up

One last note: When you’re checking your look in the mirror before heading out for the day, don’t forget the back of your head! Even though you can’t see it, the kid who sits behind you in math class (and English and science and social studies…) will be looking at it for a good 45 minutes, as will any other friend or foe who’s got your back. A quick check in a hand-held mirror will let you know if the back of your head needs some loving care as well!

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