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10 Reason to Be Grateful During the Holidays

Dec 08, 2017

The holidays are a great time to be generous (giving is good), but they are even a better time to be grateful for what we have and show gratitude towards others. What is gratitude? It’s being thankful for the things that you already have, and in some cases what other people don’t have. The Holidays aren’t just about asking for things that we want, they are about showing appreciation and showing thanks for the blessings we already have. It might seem like a hard thing, looking for things to be grateful for, but it’s actually quite simple. Here are some things that you can be thankful for over the holidays:

1.  Family

Your family is the team that takes care of you. If you’re lucky, you can always count on your family. They are the ones that are always there for you (especially when others aren’t), and therefore you should be grateful to them. Your Family is forever, through the good times and the bad. They provide for us, love us and accept us, and they are a very important part of our lives.  With family, it is always worth working it out and finding tools to keep you in peace. Mind you, we know that not everyone comes from a good family, in which you don't have to be grateful for your turmoil.

There is always something to be grateful for.There is always something to be grateful for.

2. Friends

Your close friends are there to support you and be there for you when things get rough. Your true friends have your back. They are worth your time if they provide this. Our friends make us happy, and we enjoy spending time with them. Be grateful to them if they have given you valued reasons to be grateful for them. The people who make us light up are what matter the most, and close friends and family can do this.

It might seem like things are down, but you truly are blessed.It might seem like things are down, but you truly are blessed.

3. School

It might not be your favorite place to go, but it provides a solid foundation for you, and it helps with your learning and education goals. School teaches you things and not just about facts, but also how to interact with others. School, like your parents, give you manners. If you pay attention, it will help prepare you for the grown-up world by giving you meaning and structure. School can help you figure out what you want to do with your life, and they are there to help you achieve your goals.

Be thankful for the things you've got. Be thankful for the things you've got.

4. Activities

Activities that you do outside of school build your strengths. They allow you to meet new people and learn new disciplines. Being distracted in a good way is good for you. Staying active will help get your aggressions out, but it will also help you engage with others. Sometimes we need the company of others and this is something to be grateful for.

It's important to say thanks.It's important to say thanks.

5. Free Time

This is time for you to explore and learn on your own through your own experiences. Imaginations can run wild during free time. Do what makes you smile and enjoy yourself, whatever that may be. Free time can be spent however you like, and it’s your opportunity to spend time how you like.

You can document what you are grateful for in a journal.You can document what you are grateful for in a journal.

6. A Teacher

Perhaps you have a special bond with a teacher who has helped you out a lot or has inspired you in some way. It’s not cheesy to value your instructors. Our teachers can really see our gifts and push us to great lengths. They are a part of building the foundation of your education and your future.

Teachers bring a lot into our lives and are worth our gratitude.Teachers bring a lot into our lives and are worth our gratitude.

7. A Roof Over Your Head

It might seem silly to think that this is something to be grateful for, but there are many homeless and troubled people who need our attention right now. It is a true blessing to have somewhere to live. So many people would die for steady shelter as I’m sure you’ve noticed the many people living on the street.

Family is something to be grateful for.Family is something to be grateful for.

8. Food on the Table

This is another blessing we sometimes take for granted. If you have food on the table every night consider yourself grateful. So many people go starving, and eat very little, so if you have regular meals you are very fortunate. Food is what you need to survive and having access to that is a true thing to be grateful for.

Writing thank you notes can be a good idea.Writing thank you notes can be a good idea.

9. Spirituality/Religion

If you believe in something this can help you through hard times. For example, God can help you become more grateful as you count your blessings and pray for the people you love. This is an important aspect of some people’s lives and their spirituality can guide them to a new light. Believing in something has proven to be beneficial. Have a little faith it never hurt anyone. In times of agony you can turn to your spirituality to help lift yourself up and help guide you in the right direction.

Gratitude can come in many different forms.Gratitude can come in many different forms.

10. Hobbies

We can be grateful for the things we love and make us happy. Without these things we would be less than ourselves. We need to do the things we love in order to exercise happiness and promote joy in our lives. It’s been said that we enjoy doing things that we’re good at, so our hobbies are likely that. Practice what you enjoy doing the most and use this as a healthy escape when things get stressful.

Appreciate the things that you have.Appreciate the things you have.

It’s good to be grateful and it’s especially important to be generous to the people we are grateful for. This is the time of year to say thank you and spread good cheer. The holidays aren’t about gifts, but spending time with the people that you love and making good memories. Remember, gratitude can be big or small, it can be getting that “A” on that test you tried so hard for, or it can be being grateful for the sunshine. You don’t have to measure your gratitude, as long as it has an effect on you that is all that matters. If you wonder how you can document gratitude, you can make a journal of any kind and use that to list at least one thing you are grateful or. As you go, you might come to learn that there is plenty. You can even give do it yourself thank you notes, if you want to express your gratitude In a creative way.

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