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Jacob Latimore Exclusive Interview: On Acting and His Music

Feb 02, 2018

By: Lynn Barker

Hottie actor/musician Jacob Latimore is making new strides in his multi-faceted career. The 21-year-old is co-starring as Emmett, a young, sneaker-obsessed ladies’ man/baby daddy in the new Showtime series “The Chi” and he’s recorded his first voice actor role as lead character Bilal in the animated film about a slave in biblical days who becomes a famous warrior against all odds.

Jacob LatimoreJacob LatimoreCourtesy of Vegas Giovanni

Jacob is credited with a very cool quote: "It's important for young black actors like myself to do roles that are colorless, where we can live in any kind of world, any type of circumstance," he says. "Hollywood should never be one face — it should be a rainbow; it should be colorful."

Many fans have followed the talented artist since his first R&B release back in 2005. He put out the “Connection” album in 2016 but has been pursuing his acting career since then. We got a very busy Jacob to update us on his acting and music artist plans. Check out our interview!

Bilal hears the priest talk of the GodsBilal hears the priest talk of the Gods

Kidzworld: You do a great job in "Bilal". Is that your first voice actor role? Did you prefer anything about it to live action acting? Would you want to do it again? 

  • Jacob: Yes. Bilal was my first voiceover work for an animation film. I started doing voiceover for commercials as a kid. Yes, I would love to do work on another animation in the future.

Kidzworld: Did you get to record anything with China McClain as your sister in Bilal or were you alone in the recording booth?

  • Jacob: No, I recorded alone. With that being said, you have to imagine your castmates’ emotions etc.

Bilal wants to kill Saad for hurting his sisterBilal wants to kill Saad for hurting his sister

Kidzworld: Was it weird, hard or easy to record noises like reacting in pain or “oooof” noises while falling off a horse?

  • Jacob: No, but it was sometimes funny.

Bilal meets his beautiful horseBilal meets his beautiful horse

Kidzworld: When you play him as a teen, Bilal has little faith that he’ll be anything but a slave. Where did your confidence that you would make it as an entertainer come from?

  • Jacob: I’m not sure. It seems like I have always had the confidence to go out there and do it. We cannot live in fear. My parents have always encouraged me.

Kidzworld: Bilal, as a slave, is always bullied. Have you experienced bullying either in school or as a young adult? If so, what did you do about it?

  • Jacob: Not physical bullying but I think a lot of entertainers experience cyber-bullying. It takes a lot of strength to just keep scrolling and not reply. LOL.

Teen Bilal thinks he will always be a slaveTeen Bilal thinks he will always be a slave

Kidzworld: Very true and good advice. What do you most admire about the Bilal character?

  • Jacob: Bilal spoke up whatever was on his mind. That is actually exactly how I am.

Kidzworld: Tell me about Emmett, your character on “The Chi’. He’s really into sneakers and likes the ladies.  Are you shooting in Chicago? Do you like it there?

  • Jacob: We shot “The Chi” all spring and summer in Chicago. The show was picked up for a season 2 and we will again shoot in the city.
  • I love Chicago. It’s a beautiful city and I am looking forward to going back and getting back to work.
  • Emmett is a hard-headed guy who only cares about girls, money, clothes and shoes. He is a young father as well. Emmett is forced to pick and choose the streets or walking on the right path for the sake of his son Emmett Jr.

Cast of The Chi - Jacob seated on leftCast of The Chi - Jacob seated on leftCourtesy of Showtime

Kidzworld: You came out with “Is That What You Wanna Hear” in December and I interviewed you when you were 15 and “You Come First” had just come out. Singing was more important than acting then. Do you feel differently now?

  • Jacob: Music was the focus back then but now I’m doing my best to balance both. Both music and acting are performing and entertaining. I truly enjoy both.

Kidzworld: Do you miss touring for your music?

  • Jacob: Yes and I plan to do more shows this year!

Kidzworld: Cool!  “Is That What You Wanna Hear” is about a break-up. Anything real life in that song or were you just being creative?

  • Jacob: I try to sing about real stories whether it be from my personal life or some of my friends’ lives. 

In The Chi Jacob is a baby daddyIn The Chi Jacob is a baby daddyCourtesy of Showtime

Kidzworld: Other than “The Chi”, what’s next for you?

  • Jacob: I have a film called Candy Jar that will air on Netflix sometime this year.

Kidzworld: Any message for fans of either your music or acting?

  • Jacob: Yes. Thanks for all of your support throughout the years!

See Bilal in theaters this Friday, February 2nd.

Bilal Movie PosterBilal Movie Poster

Watch “The Chi” on Showtime Sundays at 10 PM or check your local listings.

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