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Teen Chef Amber Kelley Talks Lady and the Tramp

Feb 27, 2018

Teen Chef Amber Kelley recreates the iconic dinner from Lady and the Tramp for the film’s Blu-ray release and talked to Kidzworld about it, as well as being a teen in the spotlight and Disney faves! 

The young YouTube sensation excitedly shared with us some behind-the-scenes goodies from her appearance on the "How to Make a Meatball and Other Fun Facts About Lady and The Tramp" featurette where you can watch a delicious lesson on how to make perfect meatballs with Amber and Oh My Disney Show Host Alexys Gabrielle.

Amber was the first ever Food Network Star Kid!Amber was the first ever Food Network Star Kid!Courtesy of Food Network

Find out more about the rising talent too in this interview where we also discover how she balances work and life and of course more about her Disney faves!

Kidzworld: You’re featured on the bonus materials of the Lady and the Tramp Blu-ray recreating the famous spaghetti and meatball dinner. Can you talk about what that was like to give such an iconic meal in a Disney film your own spin?

  • Amber Kelley: I think it was such a cool experience. When you think of Lady and the Tramp you think of that scene where they’re slurping the spaghetti and there’s that meatball--it’s just so cute! So to be able to recreate that dish on the bonus feature was such a cool experience especially because I got to put my fun, healthy twist on it.

Lady and the Tramp famous spaghetti sceneLady and the Tramp famous spaghetti sceneCourtesy of Walt Disney

KidzworldYes, totally! I ended up making some to watch the film with my puppy at home. It’s fantastic idea to include a recipe with the film’s release. When you were approached to do it, what was your reaction?

  • Amber: I’ve personally always been a total fan of Disney. I love them and every movie that comes out. I thought it was a super cool opportunity to be on the blu-ray. How could I pass that up? It was such an amazing experience and I’m so glad I did it because it was probably one of those most fun trips I’ve ever been on. It was just such a blast.

KidzworldSpeaking about Disney faves, let’s go through what would be some of your favorites in some fun categories. Let’s start with: who is your favorite Disney dog?

  • Amber: Oh-Disney dog? Whoa! I’m going to have to go with Lady as a puppy. That puppy scene in the beginning, you know, they finally got their little dog and she’s whining and she can barely climb into the bed. My heart just melted when I watched that, I felt that was so cute.

Lady as a puppy

KidzworldFavorite Disney meal? Maybe one you’d like to also recreate.

  • Amber: Whoa. That’s a hard one. Hmm--I’m trying to think about all the Disney meals. I’ve never made gumbo (like in The Princess and the Frog) but I love it and I’ve had it. I think making that would be really cool. I want to test that out. I think it would be fun to make. 

KidzworldFavorite Disney movie?

  • Amber: My favorite Disney movie is probably either Tangled or The Little Mermaid. One modern and one of the older ones. I don’t know--I’ve always loved the Disney Princesses. So yeah Tangled or The Little Mermaid for sure.

Sebastian, Ariel and Flouder in The Little MermaidSebastian, Ariel and Flouder

KidzworldSo I take it that Rapunzel and Ariel are your favorite princesses?

  • Amber: I think The Little Mermaid is one of them. I also really like Mulan. When I was little I was a tomboy and I always wanted to play sports and football and do stuff like that. So seeing Mulan fight, I thought that was so cool.

KidzworldThat’s amazing! So growing up you liked sports and football. How did you get into cooking?

  • Amber: So my mom is the chef in our house. She always cooks like home meals and things like that so when I was younger I’d get on my little step stool and I’d help her make dinner. Eventually she started to teach me more dishes and techniques and things. She saw that I really had an interest in it so we would sign up for cooking classes together and stuff like that. She’s the one who really taught me and got me into cooking, for sure!

KidzworldNow with your channel and everything what has been the most interesting thing that you’ve discovered on your journey as a chef? In regards to foods or interactions with fans who ask you for advice.

  • Amber: I would say one of the most interesting things is when kids reach out to me and tell me they’re getting into cooking because of my videos or if parents reach out to me and tell me ‘I’m going to make this with my kids’. I think things like that are really cool. It gives you a little look into what people are thinking about your videos. That they are enjoying that. I think that’s a really cool part about YouTube.

KidzworldAs things keep evolving for YouTube what are your plans for your channel for the future?

  • Amber: I think I want to continue to make videos. I am in school and I do play Volleyball outside of school but I do want to try to post more. That is definitely hard at the moment because I’m definitely trying to balance everything. I want to get better at posting more and hopefully do some more fun collaborations and see where it goes. Anyone on food network would be cool. I got the chance to collaborate with Jamie Oliver a while back so it’d be cool to cook together again. That’d be pretty awesome.

Lady and the Tramp Signature Collection Blu-rayLady and the Tramp Signature CollectionCourtesy of Walt Disney

KidzworldGoing back to balancing all the things you’re doing, what is your way of making sure you stay on track but then still making time for fun?

  • Amber: I will say I love to make lists. I do love to make lists to put in my planner but my fault is in not going through with the lists so I have to give props to my mom because she’s the one who’s always making sure that I’m on track and not falling behind. She’s so on top of everything. Always doing ten things at once. So shout out to my mom--the one who makes sure I fall apart and still makes time that I hang out with my friends and see movies.

KidzworldSpeaking of movies and to wrap thing up, what movies are you most anticipating that will be coming out this year?

  • Amber: The Incredibles 2. Me and my friends all want to go see that. When I was younger that was one of my favorites. The fact that two is finally coming out is so exciting!

Amber Kelley | Teen Chef & Cooking Show Host


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