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The Crushing Signs of March Horoscopes

Mar 01, 2018

It's Pisces time, Happy birthday!

There is a full moon in Virgo on the first, This will be interesting because Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs. This will bring some diversity and opposition into your life, and it will certainly mix things up a bit. You could be up and then down. You might be feeling extra critical or like you need to be alone. You might get weird about socializing, Virgo is the zodiac's loner and they have no problem spending time with themselves. Virgo is also the key to self-improvement if they can enhance their game, they will. This will be a good time to face the things you've been putting off. Combined with "hard on themselves" Pisces, this can really be an excellent time to make goals happen. Get over the negative and make something positive out of it. 
Pisces is prone to having big dreams, but staying in the dream world and not living them out. Now is the time to make a move. Progression is key right now as you'll feel yourself fighting the negative urges and coming up with solutions to help your problems. 
Don't be passive. Virgo came to win and Pisces needs to get on this track.

There is a full moon in Virgo.There is a full moon in Virgo.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries Horoscope - The RamThe Ram

Aries doesn't like to lose their social face in a crush. They'd rather flirt their face off, make 1000 people have crushes on them, soak in the attention, but never truly crush back. They have priorities and getting hurt is not one of them. They will crush, but will still want you to come to them. They wait, they do not initiate. They'd rather control your emotions to compliment theirs. Aries like Scorpio and Cancer, has a protective shell that they use as an emotional shield. Aries can be practical about their feelings. They will drone themselves in goals, exercise and work because they see these practical concerns are far more important than love. Secretly, they want the love, but this is how they deal with it. This is how they cope. They won't be the friend crying on the phone about some guy, this will happen but not likely very often. Aries more likely will complain and yell about how crappy their crush/partner is. They aren't really that accustomed to not getting what they want -- and don't always handle it well when they don't. Aries will almost expect for you to like them back and surrender control to them. They feel most comfortable in the driver seat. Intense crushes will occur with Aries when this control is challenged. If Aries takes a back seat for you then this is a huge sign that their feelings for you have broken their need to control. Like Leo, if Aries can't get something it will only make them harp on it more. Aries will never forget the few suitors who rejected them or left them high and dry. These memories stick out like sharp glass because they are such rare moments for Aries. Aries crushes they don't get crushed.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus Horoscope - The BullThe Bull

Taurus moves slow. We've established that Taurus moves slow. When they have a real crush on someone they are likely a bit adorable and shy about it because Taurus can easily take the reigns at school, but when it comes to matters of the heart Taurus is a bit more timid. You've likely already intimated your crush with that stern, serious and stubborn Bull face of yours. Let your guard down. You are so funny and adorable when you decide to have fun. Don't play it mean. Taurus isn't the best at playing the field. They crave stability and consistency. They need someone, someone they can call "MINE." Therefore relationships are often common and long-lasting. Crushes usually end in long-term relationships. There isn't really such a thing as a casual crush here. Taurus keeps track and won't let you go. They have a hard time letting go of anything, but especially if that something was "theirs" at one point. It will be hard for Taurus to see someone else with what was theirs previously. They don't mean to do it or may not even be aware that they do it but Taurus is very possessive of their loved ones. If they love you -- they could be a fan of yours forever. If they hate you -- same thing. Taurus has very strong, undying feelings towards the people in their life. They are a lot more sentimental than you might think. Beneath that Bull front is a very soft, loving person who only wants to spoil the person they love and be spoiled in return.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini Horoscope - The TwinsThe Twins

Air signs have a hard time having only one crush at a time. Gemini can totally juggle a bunch of crush potentials, dates, and buddies at one time, but with this comes the likelihood of many crashes. This being said, there is likely one special person who Gemini can't forget. Either a crush or a crash from the past, which stays in Gemini's heart and on Gemini's mind. Gem girls are often in relationships -- they make great girlfriends because they are very accommodating, usually a lot of fun and know how to put themselves together properly (Gems are very vain by nature). Gem boys are Casanova types, they love girls and they love to take care of them. He is Mr. Hospitality and she likely is too. Gems are really good at pleasing others -- they will go out of their way to please and take care of you. If you are a Gemini, I bet one of your friends calls you "Mama" just as Gem's girl friends likely have a nickname or two from him ("he's just like one of the girls"). Blessed with the gift of the gab, Gems have a way with people and especially a way with deceiving people. Their social image doesn't always match the reality of their secret behaviors. It's not to say that Geminis are two-faced, surely some certainly are, but it's more to say that Gems often lead double lives. They can appear to be so capable, intelligent and great in a social form, but once alone, they might perish and revert to massive self-destruction. Gems don't really know how to provide themselves with comfort -- they look for this comfort too often in others, which is why more than most signs, they have a lot of crashes.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer Horoscope - The CrabThe Crab

Cancer isn't one to crush on just anybody. They are a sign which prefers relationships so even if they say they are going to be casual, things usually end up hot, heavy and emotionally deep rooted. As a water sign, Cancer is likely to let people and situations dictate their mood. They don't have enough ego (like others signs do) to not allow other people to crush them completely. Cancer has so much empathy that sometimes they invite people (with protective and loving arms) to hurt them. They are too giving by nature that they let their crush/significant others have power over their well-being. For example, they care so much about you that their happiness is often wrapped up in you. You do something cute or sweet and suddenly they feel better. Crushes for Cancers are encouraged if there is a level of separation from the crush and the self. Cancer needs to be perceptive of their own feelings first. Ensuring that they don't let others control their every day standpoint. At the core, Cancer doesn't really like to be alone, but they need to be careful of how they go about filling this void. It is common for water signs to be fixed upon things that hurt them/weren't good for them to begin with, and this is a direct reflection of how Cancer feels about Cancer. If you love yourself a lot you wouldn't put up with crap right? You would demand more? Why are you welcoming pain and torture? Is this because you don't really value yourself and therefore can't ask for better? It could be. Cancer is best when Cancer thinks they are the best. Nobody wants to see your self conscious, emo and weak side. This isn't to say that you should just make a lot of clever jokes and pretend you are fine. It just means that you should deal directly with the matters at hand, and be honest with other in order to ensure that you are getting what you deserve. Truth be told Cancer, you deserve a lot.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo Horoscope - The LionThe Lion

Leo loves to be in love and therefore if they are "crushing" it's likely with the sole intent of making something happen. Leo doesn't want to be your one minute thing. Leo is also known, more than any other sign, to wear the rose-colored glasses when it comes to their crush. Leo will rant about how great he/she is, for hours at end, thinking this could be it, making this person to sound like the love of their life. In a week, Leo will call you and rant about the exact opposite. Leo needs the ego stroke initially, but once this occurs, the glasses come off and Leo sees how you’re not likely as perfect as they thought. They can be prone to falling hard at first and then retracting every nice thing that you ever said or did. Leo needs ego validation. They think they are great and expect you to think the same. If someone doesn't give this up, Leo will stick around until they get it. Leo will endure pain and suffering just to get the validation of being wanted. They may just want you more if you don't want them. Yeah, everyone hates rejection and fights it, but with Leo this is magnified. They demand love, respect and validation. They are prone to staying in abusive relationships for this reason and will crush really hard on bad prospects-- all for the sake of their self esteem. Leo is allowed to be dramatic but they don't like to be over-shined, and if you have drama they won't be down to deal with it. You are meant to be the peaceful rose gardener at their pristine palace. The background color to their forefront. Leo roars -- not you. This doesn't mean that The Lion won't be great to you, or giving, Leo loves to spoil their partner, it is just to say that they aren't one to compete for being the best -- naturally, Leo is #1.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo Horoscope - The VirginThe Virgin

There is a shy, coy, awkward side to this sign. If they have a crush on you, you probably don't know it, but they might be staring at you a lot. Virgo is very visual and prone to being swayed by physical beauty. Virgo male will either try to charm you or make fun of you. He is very old fashioned in his flirtations and his pursuits. At the same time, the ego in Virgo males is so powerful, he doesn't believe you or any other guy is better than him. He knows best. He'll break the ice. He'll seal the deal. He might be impressed by you, but won't say so because that makes him sound inferior to you. Virgo girl might be the one on the outskirts of the situation, listening to someone else talk, dressed in earth tones, black, white and or grey. She struggles to find her voice around most people, though when she is comfortable she is great, intelligent, open, funny and attractive. Virgo needs to understand that they can be both critical and complimentary at the same time. It doesn't make you weak to tell someone else something positive about them or to tell someone how you feel. The trouble is, so many people will accept this about Virgo and never challenge them to change it. Girls and boys are attracted to the jerk in Virgo. Virgo will think it's OK to be shrew about things. They will be prone to crushing on people who appear physically attractive but mentally unfit -- they are not attracted to normality. It is a common ground among Virgos to be attracted to the unique and complicated, but sometimes Virgo takes this too far. There is a great sense of morality in this sign, but The Virgin is attracted to devilish things. They are often a wolf in sheep's clothing and are susceptible to crossing the offside line. How old is she? How old are you? He did what? That's his GPA? If your current crush challenges the status-quo a little too much, get it together Virgo, you are in touch with your morality. You want the best from life and know you would never end up with anyone lame, so why waste your time?

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra Horoscope - The ScalesThe Scales

The hardest thing for Libra is to figure out where their loyalties lie. Of all the pretty flowers in your garden, which do you really admire the most? Can you choose? Libra is common for having a significant other, but also the fluff of every other pretty thing that catches their eye. If they are with a girl, they might require the attention of several other attractive female friends. If they are with a guy they might need to flirt with all of his friends and always have a "back up" guy (yes, this is an art form of many girls/boys who can't be alone-- if her guy friend intimates you as something more -- you might not necessarily be wrong.) Libra can't make up their mind about crap, they are coined forever as the indecisive Hamlet of the zodiac -- make lists -- make charts -- make a map of love. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself see what is that you really want. It's there and you of all signs have the wooing power to get it. You know once you turn on your charm there are likely few people who you couldn't get. People find you delightful, stylish and lovely and this why you make friends wherever you go. You're cool and people want to hang out with you, but you're stuck. You are on the couch watching the same shows, going to the same concerts, and eating the same food you always get so excited to devour. In terms of moving forward with your life, some form of emotional responsibility needs to shift. You need to make some serious decisions especially about the future. For those involved in a more serious crush, perhaps a relationship, how patient has your partner been with you and your wandering, messy, selfish ways? Do you think it might be time to pull out from under your own comfort zone and make some sacrifices for the person you love?

Fall for someone you are right with.Fall for someone you are right with.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio Horoscope - The Scorpion The Scorpion

 It won't be the most obvious crushing. Scorpio is usually either really outgoing or super introverted. Scorpio is the sign of secrets, especially secret thoughts. Scorpio boy is even worse, he is a vault. He keeps to himself. It will take time and practice to read him accurately. While a thinker, he is also super cautious and rarely trusts anyone. Scorpio girl is usually really strong, assertive and can handle her business. It is rare for a Scorpio girl to not have an interest on the go or a lingering affair she isn't over yet. Scorpio's biggest complex is learning how to communicate their feelings. They are big on showing but need to focus on telling. How does one express love? This could potentially be Scorpio's life-long problem. Scorpio -- know that your partner wants to hear from you. You don't have to worry so much about what they will say back. How is anyone to know how you feel if you don't let them know? The pain of rejection will heal -- make you stronger and more likely to survive the next blow to your ego. Scorpio is so afraid of losing control, so afraid to let someone in and so afraid to risk showing real emotion to anyone -- therefore they hide behind their own exterior. They run. They won't commit. They move slow. They become attracted to problematic people and forget their own personal aspirations. Don't get lost in the complications of the opposite sex. You can survive love, but if the demands are too high upon poor Scorpio, they might become fickle. You have to meet Scorpio in the middle because they really do love you -- they are just terrible at telling you so. If they are still around -- they love you. Also Scorpio, if your doing and sacrificing everything for your partner so you never have to deal with yourself - stop it-- this will never work out. Eventually the wrath of Scorpio will start to show and trouble will unfold.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius Horoscope - The ArcherThe Archer

They work too hard. They are likely surrounded by work, stuff and people. They need to get away from this role of being the boss, and enjoy the people around them, without rules, orders or regulations. Sag can be the most fun and when in crush mode will light up and be even more fiery and friendly. Utilize your energies and strengths Sag. The moment you open up is the moment you will see it's not so bad. Don't let your competitive edge shape your mood. For example, if you have to miss out on something for work or if something you consider to be a "lose" occurs -- don't let it make you miserable. Search within to find that confidence and strength in order to be the Casanova you can be. Sag guy is a huge charmer and will take care of his ladies -- he likes to make them feel like they are the only girl in the world -- for how long, however is another question.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn Horoscope - The Milk GoatThe Milk Goat

The crush doesn't need to be as systematic as Cap will make it. They will read into things and likely go the wrong way and stay unhappy for a lot longer than needed. Capricorn doesn't know that love isn't always about work. They are so prone to work that they might treat their crush like a business dealing and fail. This could be deadly. Capricorn, the person you admire likely doesn't even think that they stand a chance with you. It is time to be a lot less practical with your emotions and a lot more spontaneous. Why are you so afraid to step outside of your comfort zone? You don't always need to be the den mother that people are coming to for nurturing and order. What kind of orders would you give yourself? Relax. That's an order. Take a chance but not in a social awkward way, which makes you feel worse. Compliment the person you admire, let them know through words of wooing that you show an interest. Let them know you are not all work and have a very, fun and interesting playful side to you. When you let loose people really want to be around you. Smile. You never know who might be checking you out. Your day-to-day disposition really makes a world of difference. You are a lot less approachable than you think, but you'd like to think that you are so approachable. When you are in a bad mood people fear your responses. Don't be grumpy, be better.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius Horoscope - The Water CarrierThe Water Carrier

If you really want something you won't quit, but I think it is time to ask yourself why you want what you want? Is it really about true feelings from within that could result in love or is it about your ego? AQ tends to be attracted to the more challenging partners. If encountered by a doe-eyed lover they will likely run. They can't be with someone who doesn't provoke some kind of a shift in the winds or a mental challenge for the brainy AQ to solve. AQ wants the best. Secretly they are very ideal about their potential partner and don’t necessarily feel like they should compromise for less. They want the best and have the ability to get it, but they have to be patient. AQ will give a lot of different people a chance, not just because they like the attention but because they are addicted to the thrill and the adventure of life. Having someone to date means they have something going on. AQ would like to appear as though they have it all, and if they don't, they would like to appear as though they could have it all, and or everything, but they are merely sifting through crap in hopes of encountering a gem. Don't stray from this adventurous side, but if someone manages to stick in your brain, ask yourself why. Is this because you really like the person or is it simply that this person doesn't add up and you're stuck on how to make this work? AQ fall in and fall out fast in the early stages. Emotional attachments are rare so if you feel you have made one -- pursue it.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces Horoscope - The FishThe Fish

Pisces and Gemini might be very different, but they are also alike in that they both could have a lot of crashes, and in this case crushes as well. Pisces crushes hard. If they have a crush, they usually got it bad. For Pisces girl, she is loyal to her crush; she might just put all her eggs in one basket. She might daydream in the car, or on the bus about this fellow. Pisces guy will likely fall hard too, but he'll also be the first to pull out. Pisces girl: she just wants love, and she wants it real bad, but she is a sucker for looking for love in the wrong places. Pisces girl likely has a type, whether it be pretty boys, young boys (Pisces girl will have a weird relationship/bond with younger men, sometimes SIGNIFICANTLY younger, this doesn't always mean she is out to kiss these boys, but just that she forms a maternal bond with them) and she doesn't like to stray from whatever she coins as "her type." Really, her brain always weights out her eye of attraction, because she won't be happy when pretty boy doesn't add up to be prince charming. Focus on the mental connection you can share with someone, oppose to whether or not he's a babe. Pisces guy, same thing, you are way too vain. Sure you've encountered a lot of hot girls, but who is there at the end of the night to pick your chatty brain? Think about it. Pisces loves to hurt Pisces and take on the pains of others. Stop being a martyr. Get your head out of the water, dry off, and gain some insight. You forgive too easily and this at times is your biggest downfall.


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