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Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary

Apr 16, 2018

Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park turns 25 and from May 11-12, Universal Studios Hollywood will hold a celebration for fans with screenings, exhibits with props, themed food and more special events.

The Movie That Started It All

Dinosaurs came to life in the iconic film and ever since, it’s been a staple of movies we all have grown up loving and re-watching endlessly. For kids who grew up when it came out, it was one of the first films we saw in theaters that truly shows the power of a cinematic big screen experience.

We wouldn’t have blockbusters if not for the original ones made by Steven Spielberg who lay the groundwork for big tentpole movies we go out to see today. The legacy of the film that shows us what might happen if dinosaurs walked the earth again has led to homages in pop culture, rides like the one at both Universal Theme Parks and a new series with the Jurassic World films.

The film has so many moments that are iconic and unforgettable. The water jiggling to warn of dinosaurs, quotes by the film’s stars like ‘Life finds a way’ and moments where the raptors chase the kids. Even in popular culture there are always references to this major motion picture.

Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates Jurassic Park 25th AnniversaryCourtesy of Universal Studios

A Special Celebration 25 Years In The Making

Universal Studios Hollywood will host an event like no other for the film’s anniversary. From May 11-12, the theme park will offer after-hour access with an exclusive film screening, display original props, costume contests, exhibits, themed good and live entertainment.

It’s the first ever themed Jurassic Park celebration created in partnership with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment as a special ticketed event for Jurassic Park fans that promises to be fun for the whole family.


Get Your Tickets Now And Plan For An Unforgettable Trip

The Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Celebration will roar to life at Universal Studios Hollywood and while space is limited tickets and vacation plans can be made here and will sell out. A lot of these immersive events where you get to see the film in environments like the ones in the movie have been popping up around the country but this is the first time that you can actually experience the film right at the studio where parts of it was made.

The special screening will be held at Universal Studios Citywalk’s state of the art Universal Cinema, which is part of Universal Studios Hollywood, and will not only show the film but feature a re-release of the movie’s original trailer.

Inside the park, attendees will be able to enjoy the park after operating hours with a party, live music and fun food. You can also dress up and go with your friends in a group as the characters or dinosaurs. No word yet if there will be lurking raptors while you eat ice cream but maybe if Owen from Jurassic World is there we may get to live out some safe encounters.

All Things Jurassic

For face-to-face dinosaur encounters be sure to hop onto the theme park’s thrilling “Jurassic Park—The Ride.” which will be open for the event. The high octane ride brings you face to face with the Dinosaurs of the films and culminates in a deep water drop after meeting the escaped T-Rex! Fans will also be able to to take home commemorative keepsakes, access to exclusive merch, and the ability to take pics with original props seen across all the films including the new Jurassic World series in an interactive expo area. Much of the theme park ride and area looks and feels just like you’re actually on Isla Nublar and

You’ll also be able to cosplay as characters! So bring your best Dr. Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, and Rexy gear.

Jurassic Park—The Ride at Universal Studios

More About Universal Studios Hollywood

Visit www.universalstudioshollywood.com/JP25 for more info about the event including costume guidelines requirements. More information is available at www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com

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