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I Feel Pretty Movie Review

Confidence is more than skin deep.

Reviewed by on Apr 19, 2018
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Check out Kidzworld’s review of I Feel Pretty, a funny and heart-felt film that says beauty comes from confidence, no matter what you look like. Is the Amy Schumer comedy a charmer?

By: Lynn Barker

Pretty, blonde, far from a size two, office worker Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) tries all the beauty tips in magazines and YouTube tutorials but still yearns to be “undeniably pretty”. She thinks this is the way to achieve all her dreams which include a job in the front office of the Lily LeClaire cosmetics firm. When a bad bump on the head makes her see a super model reflection when she looks in a mirror, the confidence this gives her changes her life. What will happen when she realizes her physical appearance never really changed?

I'm so gorgeous!I'm so gorgeous!Courtesy of STXfilms

Regular Girl Horrors

Renee Bennett works online from an ugly basement filling orders for the posh Lily LeClaire cosmetics line while wishing she looked like one of their models. She goes to spin class where she ends up splitting her workout pants and going home with her fanny hanging out. Attempts to recreate hairstyles from online videos go horribly wrong, store clerks tell her she could more easily find her size online and, at a bar, she’s ignored and can’t get served!  She and her besties Viv (Aidy Bryant) and Jane (Busy Phillips) take a trio picture trying to look like party girls hoping to post it and get a group date going.

Jane and Viv are Renee's BffsJane and Viv are Renee's BffsCourtesy of STXfilms


When delivering papers to the posh home office, Renee notices that a receptionist job is open but thinks she’s not pretty enough to even apply. Meanwhile, Lily LeClair herself (Lauren Hutton) meets with her staff, among them, granddaughter Avery (Michelle Williams), and model Grant (Tom Hopper) Avery’s brother. They are launching a new line for “regular” customers in stores like Target. Only Lily seems to know how to market to the general public.

Renee confidently pitches herself as receptionistRenee confidently pitches herself as receptionistCourtesy of STXfilms

I Feel Gorgeous!

At spin class again, Renee meets Mallory (Emily Ratajkowski) a trim, gorgeous girl she looks up to and envies. When she is basically thrown off her exercise bike, Renee hits her head and wakes up to look in a mirror and think her wishes have come true. She looks like a super model!  Nobody else sees this but her of course. Her confidence soars and buddies Viv and Jane wonder what has happened to her. She starts flirting and trades numbers with Ethan (Rory Scovel), a guy she meets at a coffee shop. Renee applies for the receptionist job and impresses Avery with her self-confidence and desire for the job. She gets it! She flirts with Grant and gives Avery marketing tips. She calls Ethan and asks him out.

Renee wants to be perfect like MalloryRenee wants to be perfect like MalloryCourtesy of STXfilms

The New Renee

On a date with Ethan, Renee enters a bikini contest and is so vivacious and fun that the bar audience loves her. She doesn’t win but gains even more confidence. She and Ethan get closer. He likes her positive attitude. At work, Renee impresses grandma LeClaire and is asked to fly to Boston to pitch the new “Diffusion” line to the Target brass. She starts dissing her besties without realizing it, trying to fix them up when they would do fine on their own. On the trip she’s about to kiss Grant when Ethan texts her and she feels guilty. She almost walks through a shower door, falls, hits her head and, poof!, the beauty spell is broken. Looking in a mirror, she sees her old self and loses all her confidence.

Renee (Amy) arrives in Boston with GrantRenee (Amy) arrives in Boston with GrantCourtesy of STXfilms

The Real Renee

With zero self-confidence Renee can’t do the Target presentation. She leaves town and hides from Ethan, not realizing that he never saw the supermodel exterior she thought she presented. He loves her like she is. She has driven away her two best galpals. Can Renee realize that she can have confidence and self-pride without the “perfect” exterior? Can she get her job, friends and Ethan back or will she lose everything?

Renee on a date with EthanRenee on a date with EthanCourtesy of STXfilms

Wrapping Up

Although the self-confidence message is laid on a little thickly at several points in the film, I Feel Pretty is funny, relatable and packed with very good actors who give it their all. Amy is in her element without, for a change, all the R-rated humor displayed in her film Trainwreck and her TV show. Michelle Williams is great as a beautiful woman with a tiny voice who has her own self-confidence issues.

Pretty Avery has her own confidence issuesPretty Avery has her own confidence issuesCourtesy of STXfilms

A couple of serious bumps on the head, the device causing all the self-image changes in Renee, is a little thin and decidedly un-magical but once you get past that, the movie poses a great question; if, somehow, all the flaws we think we have disappeared, could we then make our personal dreams come true?  Also, why can’t we get past our so-called flaws and put out the confidence needed just as we are? Whether a girl or a guy, you leave the theater entertained and maybe a bit more determined to work with what you’ve got and ignore what you don’t.

Renee gets a promotion at workRenee gets a promotion at workCourtesy of STXfilms

We could relate to the characters in the movie and had enough great laughs to go four stars. Take your BFFs and enjoy!

I Feel Pretty Movie Rating: 4

I Feel Pretty Movie PosterCourtesy of STXfilms

I Feel Pretty is in theaters now​.

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