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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018

Stuck on what to buy mom for Mother's Day? Here are some ideas for inexpensive presents.

May 04, 2018

Show your mom some love this Mother’s Day with the perfect gift at a price even a kid can afford.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show her how much you appreciate all she does. Of course, every mom is different, so it’s hard to find the ~perfect~ present, but we’ve rounded up a bunch great new gift ideas that go from meaningful to practical to silly and beyond, so there’s a good chance you can find a present that fits her personality and style.

An infinity scarf with personality

Infinity scarves are stylish and practical. You can make it personal by picking out a print that you know she’ll love, like the soft, lightweight mermaid scarf, pictured below (which can show mom how fintastic you think she is).

mermaid infinity scarfMolly and Rex mermaid scarf, $20, at Barnes and Noble and TJMaxx Courtesy of Molly and Rex

A custom popsocket for her phone

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past year, you may have missed the hottest smartphone accessory since the waterproof case (which, by the way, is also a great gift idea) — the popsocket. You can find them wherever cell phones are sold, like at T-Mobile stores , even if you’re not a T-Mobile customer.

“A PopSockets grip is a stylish phone accessory that lets you do more with your phone. Just expand to use and collapse to lay flat. Whether you’re trying to snap a quick pic, watch videos on the fly, or text with one hand, it's got you covered.

And PopSockets grips aren’t just for your phone either. Use them on your tablet and e-reader for some extra comfort.  Plus, with the Mount companion product, you can mount your phone to nearly any vertical surface, including dashboards, mirrors, bed posts, refrigerators, and walls, for convenient hands-free viewing.” — From popsockets.com

Even if your mom already has an ordinary popsocket, chances are she doesn’t have a custom one created by you. Just visit the Popsocket customizer page to upload a photo of your choice, add text and choose how you want to look, then click order. For only $15 (with free shipping), you can get your mom something super personalized that she’ll use every day.

popsocket and phone caseInexpensive phone accessories make great personalized gifts and can be picked up at a local phone retailerCourtesy of T-Mobile

Last-minute personal gifts on Amazon.com

Free two-day shipping really comes in handy when you're shopping for a last-minute gift. Even if you're short on time, you can still pick a personalized, meaningful gift that your mom is sure to use every day...

Like a lego mug! Because playful moms need their own toys and they also need coffee to fuel their creativity. amazon.com offers several mugs that fit Lego blocks and characters and come in different colors. Most mugs are BPA free and can handle liquids up to 100 degrees, but are not dishwasher safe.

Or if your mom is the quirky, bohemian type who dreams of traveling the world with just a backpack, is committed to saving the planet, or needs a bag to take to the beach and to yoga class, consider getting her a patchwork napsack made from recycled rice bags from Nepal from amazon.com ($23.89 from Amazon).

recycled rice bag backpack and lego coffee mugLast-minute quirky gifts for mom, like a lego coffee mug or a recycled rice bag backpackCourtesy of Amazon.com

A cute low-maintenance planter

Mom has enough to worry about without having to babysit a Mother’s Day plant and make sure it stays alive past Labor Day. Enter the latest trend in home gardening — succulents. These cactus-style plants require very little care and give lots of pleasure in return. Especially when paired with an adorable hedgehog planter.

Air-plant terrariums (terraria?) are also low-maintenance and can be ordered online through shops like Etsy or 1-800-FLOWERS. 

air plant and succulent hedgehog gardenSucculent plants are low-maintenance and high on styleCourtesy of Etsy and Amazon

Gifts for self-described nerdy moms

Give your mom the gift of the entire solar system on a necklace from Think Geek ($39.99), or capture her love for a sci-fi character with a USB character charger. What mom wouldn’t want Groot, for example, to accompany her on the long days of carpools, errands, commuting, and all the other mysterious things moms do when you’re not around? The best part is, Groot dances when he’s plugged in and turned on and he’s sound activated, too. ($39.99)

solar system necklace groot charger thinkgeekNerdy moms are fun to buy gifts for, like this solar system necklace and Groot USB chargerCourtesy of ThinkGeek

For the urban, hip mom

A metallic print of a smartphone photo is a perfect gift or the mom who loves her kids from the kids who have no time to buy her gifts — all you have to do is select your favorite photo of you (and your sibs or family, if you feel like sharing) and upload it to the My Photo website or email it to 123@myphoto.com and select your frame. A 5x7 metal print on a wooden stand costs just $25 plus shipping. Don’t forget to order ahead so the gift can be printed and arrive on time.

For the dressed-down mom

Graphic tees come in all styles. 2018 is a big year for vintage looks. A shop like Urban Outfitters has so many fun vintage tees for under $35 that you’re sure to find at least one that totally suits her either online or in-store. Look Human has many shirts under $25 in their online shop as well.

A tote for all moms

Look Human has a zillion (or at least what seems like a zillion) totes, accessory bags, pins, t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, and more to choose from for all types of moms like: tattooed, politically active, unicorn-loving, feminist, anime fanatic, foodie, cat fan, nerdy, artsy, crafty, introverted, and more. The tote bags are all under $30 and the t-shirts are under $25. Shipping is free for orders under $50.

lookhuman collageLookHuman.com prints fun and unique images and statements on totes, stationery, stickers, phone cases, and more at under $40 eachCourtesy of Look Human

You can even get a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift at a place like Home Depot or Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Like a picnic basket, or a wooden wall sign with an inspiring message.

wooden wall sign picnic basketLast-minute gifts aren't a problem if you keep your mom's taste and interests in mind. You can even get same-day gifts at Home Depot!Courtesy of Home Depot

What not to get

While some moms love practical presents, most moms would appreciate something more personal and useful. Here’s a list of items that may seem tempting but probably aren’t a good idea.

  • Socks
  • Anything you plan on borrowing
  • A gift card (especially if your parents are the ones giving you the money to buy the present in the first place)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Something you can’t afford
  • Anything living that she will have to take care of (like a plant or a puppy)
  • Something intended to help her lose weight
  • Anti-aging products or anything that promises to make her look younger
  • Any gift you pick up last-minute from the drugstore, like a stuffed animal or bag of candy
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