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Ocean's 8 Movie Review

Glam girl power on a spree.

Reviewed by on Jun 08, 2018
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw Ocean’s 8, the comic heist film with an all-female group of thieves after jewels at the famous Met Gala in NYC. Do these high profile actresses make a real dream team? Check our movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Ocean’s 8, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), sister of Oceans crime caper films’ Danny (George Clooney), was framed by her boyfriend Claude Becker (Richard Armitage) and has spent 5 years 8 months in prison plotting the ultimate jewel heist that will also help her get even with her ex. She’ll need seven accomplices and recruits Lou (Cate Blanchett), Amita (Mindy Kaling), Tammy (Sarah Paulson), Constance (Awkwafina), 8 Ball/Leslie (Rihanna) and Rose (Helena Bonham Carter). Mega-star Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway) will be the target (and more). Can Debbie pull this off?

Debbie recruits LouDebbie recruits LouCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Finally Released

After spending 5 years, 8 months in jail due to being framed by her boyfriend, Debbie Ocean cons her way into a release, cleverly shoplifts supplies and clothes and cons herself into a posh hotel suite. She pays respect to her assumed-to-be-dead brother Danny then moves in with old heist buddy Lou who owns a bar. After Debbie tells her the details of her plan to steal jewels from the famous NYC Met Ball event, Lou is reluctantly in. After confronting her ex Becket at an art gallery, Debbie and Lou recruit other women for the heist.

Rose needs to dress Daphne for the eventRose needs to dress Daphne for the eventCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Gathering the Team

The team will need a fashion designer who will dress and get close to star Daphne in order to get her to wear a seldom seen 150 million dollar Cartier necklace to the ball. Rose Weil, on a downhill slide and in debt, agrees. Amita, a jewelry maker, will switch the stones from the stolen necklace into a duplicate setting. 8 Ball/Leslie is a quirky hacker who will manage breaking into Met security, Constance, a great pick pocket, will actually take the necklace from Daphne’s neck, Tammy, a housewife and a great fence, will sell the jewels and also get on the Met Ball staff. The gang meets to further plan the job.

Amita (left) will switch the stonesAmita (left) will switch the stonesCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Implementing the Plan

Tammy brings in a 3-D printer. Once Rose takes a picture of the real necklace, the printer will duplicate it. After several setbacks, a copy of the necklace is made and a “blind spot” in the security camera coverage in front of a bathroom in the Met museum is created by 8 Ball. Tammy is hired by the Gala committee to handle seating etc. She will make sure Daphne meets Becker and he becomes her date to the event. She also gets into Vogue offices to get fancy clothes for the entire gang to wear to the ball. Other members of the gang get placed where they need to be in order to do their parts in the theft. Debbie is posing as a German aristocrat and Lou is a master chef in the kitchen.

Tammy, Debbie and 8 Ball hack securityTammy, Debbie and 8 Ball hack securityCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Gala Night

At the dinner during the evening, Lou sees to it that Daphne’s soup is poisoned just enough to make her want to hurl. She rushes to the bathroom. Constance, posing as a bathroom attendant, “helps” her and steals the necklace. Amita, posing as a dish washer, grabs it and, in a pre-set-up closet, starts switching the stones into the duplicate. Daphne is questioned by security and the entire ball is emptied while the necklace and thief is searched for. Once the fake necklace is finished, Tammy pretends to find it in a fountain. The entire gang, now dressed to the max, exit the ball with the other attendees.

Self-centered Daphne will wear the necklaceSelf-centered Daphne will wear the necklaceCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Who Done It?

Once Cartier discovers that the necklace returned to them is a fake, an insurance investigator John Frazier (James Corden) starts putting the facts together. Turns out he knows Debbie. Will he cooperate to pin the theft on Debbie’s ex Becker? Will Daphne get wise to the theft and want a cut? Just how much jewelry did the gang get away with and how will they fence it? Will the girls in the gang get a big payoff or will their plan finally unravel? 

Frazier (James Corden) investigates the theftFrazier (James Corden) investigates the theftCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Wrapping Up

Ocean's 8 isn't quite as slick and stylish as the Ocean’s movies before it but this is a great group of actresses and they mesh very well. Anne Hathaway is wonderful as a sell-centered actress searching for real friends. Rapper/funny lady Awkwafina and Helena Bonham Carter provide some nice laughs. Sandra and Cate make a fun team.

Constance (Awkwafina) cons suckers on the streetConstance (Awkwafina) cons suckers on the streetCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The plot will suck you in and does present a few cool twists but it’s not quite as complicated as those in other Ocean’s movies, there isn’t an urgent race against time and it is a bit illogical at times. For instance, makes no sense that the Amita character could actually switch so many jewels into other settings super quickly. Characters don’t have much personal development. However, the movie moves along quickly and is enhanced by some great couture gowns and it’s packed with cameo appearances. Blink and you’ll miss somebody so be alert especially during the Met Gala scenes.

Planning meetingPlanning meetingCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Ocean’s 8 is an upbeat, gender-bender film and you’ll enjoy hanging out with the wonderful cast. There are a few surprises and the film should please heist movie fans. It’s also a nice sequel to all those guy-driven prequels. We go four stars.

Ocean's 8 Movie Review Review: 4

Ocean's 8 Movie PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

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