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The Scary Expressions of Star Signs for October

Oct 01, 2018

In the spirit of Halloween and the playful sun sign of Libra, here is an all-in-good-fun (not meant to be taken too seriously) horoscopes, which illustrates the scary expressions in all of us.

Spooky Halloween Horoscopes

The Scary Expressions of Star Signs!The Scary Expressions of Star Signs!

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries is scary when they get angry.Aries is scary when they get angry.

The temper of the Aries’ is probably the scariest aspect of this sign. They get angry and for some, often and especially in the male types, they get angry too easily. Aries girl will likely get feisty or sassy before she goes into full-blow yell mode. Anger can also be seen as a form of protection or self-exclusive in this sign; this is not to say they are angry people (usually super friendly), but just that they will avoid most people and things that provide them with any discomfort. Aries doesn’t need you unless you provide a value to them of some kind and if you don’t, you can become easily disposable. They don't generally play well to emotional overplay. Perhaps, they may not always let you know this to your face. Aries is one of the best at playing the social game, but they will release anger when they are frustrated, whether this frustration is displayed upon you or dealt with privately, Aries will have a breaking point. Often they will over-exercise, punch walls or take it out on a close loved one or friends. Their need for control and desire to be ahead of the competition is very frightening. If you don’t have a plan – they do and expect you to express the same level of precision. Can you keep up? Don't be scared, you won't have to chump them, just go with the demands of the Aries or move in the opposite direction.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus gets scary when they lack control.Taurus gets scary when they lack control.

You are scary when you claim your territory in an obvious way that makes others questions your life values and general self-priorities. Bull’s can be quite stubborn. Getting over the past might result in materializing the present and planning new ways to get what they want in the future. They will want to show off what they think is theirs – what they're doing--their significant other – their friends, their swag--throw pet in there too – the Bull is all about fulfilling life aspects, which enhance their quality of comfortable living. Taurus could also freak you out with the amount of stuff they have, accumulate and wear. Outfit repeating is often a crime in this sign. Your bull will start to accumulate a lot of crap. If you are dating one, this means, crap for you as well. Baggage is common with the bull both literally and metaphorically. They might over-spoil you with things, they might start to nag your style a bit too much, and sure it's all in good humor, right? Sure, for now, but if you keep pushing their buttons eventually they will go ape on you. The possessive nature of the Bull is illustrated as a scary aspect when it borderlines on smothering. Taurus is also scary when they let their heart take over their mind. Taurus will put up with things for way too much and for way too long, for all the right reasons at heart, but all the wrong reasons on paper. They won’t know how to move forward easily and will entertain the livelihood of dead corpses for longer than they should. There is also a scary bull temper in this sign. A lot of types are known to act like the Bull in a china shop. These emotions are easier places for the Bull to go, but sometimes even the toughest of Bull exteriors begin to break. 

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini get scary when their bad twin comes out to play!Gemini get scary when their bad twin comes out to play!

Gems can alternate between naughty or nice. They can’t help it if they have the catty insults that stick. They are great at making fun of other people.  Mainly people they don’t really care for. Sometimes it even makes them feel better about their own insecure natures, but usually it really is just that they don’t like you. Gem is charming to a fault when they want to be and it is this charm that provokes danger and actions they could have to "forget about" later. Gem is often very tortured by their need for physical perfection and the efforts they put into their appearance are noted, which is why as a highly visual sign, they can easily note the downfall in others. They can effortlessly make someone feel small with their high level of intellect and witty (sometimes manipulative) charm. When this quality is overexerted, Gem will not be able to find happiness because they have spent too much time complaining about and controlling their current situation in order to appreciate the prosperity of what they already have. Gem males might directly go after their attractions when they are engaged because their attraction to beauty in itself is a scary Gemini quality. They can easily be unfaithful if something they want or have wanted for a long time crosses their path.  Lying is also a scary Gem trait, they know how to do this well and know how to word themselves out of any kind of trouble.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer is scary when they are in a bad mood.Cancer is scary when they are in a bad mood.

Cancer can be super scary if pressed. The biggest trigger here is hunger or a broken heart. Cancer takes their love life, very much to heart. They also need to eat in order to be approachable. Therefore, they can stalker scare you with your undying efforts. They just don’t really handle rejection well, well, but who does? The wrath of the Caner crab can be difficult. You won’t want to cross them or get on their bad side. The most toxic thing about water signs is that they often take their pain out on themselves. The Crab will be scary to you when it is sad because they will seclude themselves in a bubble of negativity. Everything they think, feel, say or do will be exhausted from this bubble of mixed emotions.  They will usually get out of it in time, but it will take some pushing. To be fair, it will usually also take a bit of wallowing. Cancer is known to make a lot of great jokes, but you should be most afraid when they start to make really bad jokes that often end in some miserable, self-deprecating outcome. If they become really skinny and avoid eye contact, you also be a bit alarmed. Cancer will let their moods; sadness and heartaches take them to a dark place. Don’t be scared if your Cancer is a bit unpredictable at times, they are simply sensitive beings, who will do anything to protect what is theirs.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo is scary when their ego gets bruised.Leo is scary when their ego gets bruised.

 The scariest thing that exists here is the ego and its ability to roar loud and proud. Sometimes The Lion will become set on you in order to get what they want, but then tear your heart out because suddenly they don't actually or genuinely want you anymore. Once the honeymoon days are up, Leo may not be completely satisfied at the root and start to prowl in other places. Not getting what they want is somewhat of a very rare nature. Leo will only see what is warming up their ego or what presents a challenge, and then they will ignore everything else. They will get caught up in whatever is most adoring, and this can lead to scary. Often or not the ego, if is not nursed to the right degree or temperature will force the Leo to seek ego-stroking danger, elsewhere. They don't always mean these actions at heart, but somehow end up in this type of trouble when they truly are at their worst. They don’t want to stay in company that makes them feel insufficient about themselves. Leo is likely to take a really long time until they become tempered, but careful if this is to happen. The moment you flip the switch -- it's on. You’ll be so shocked and turned off by this other, unattached, imperfect side of the Leo. So much that it will set you back in strides, potentially pondering who they really are. The Lion, like the good soul it generally is, will come crawling back to you with apologies, good affection and sweetness. There might be this haunting within you of when will the fury strike next.  The lion will welcome trouble, party, and good times when they are not in a secure position in life.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo gets scary when they get stubborn.Virgo gets scary when they get stubborn.

The scariest thing about the Virgo is their ability to have their patience tested. Any true Astrologer knows that a Virgo hates to be nagged or nitpicked by others. Sometimes you will think your Virgo is so patient, but then suddenly they will just snap. Without warning. Very timid insecure Virgo might curl up into a ball instead. Virgo can be really stubborn in that they can keep secrets to themselves quite easily. If a narcissist Virgo, they could easily cheat on you without them even thinking twice about it or whether they should tell you. Virgo will feel entitled to whatever they feel they are entitled to and most of the time – that’s none of your business. They don’t like to experience guilt for too long, or at least not publicly because it depletes from their livelihood. That being said, many Virgos are scary in that they get depressed, cynical and partake in dangerous affairs. Virgo is frightening in that they are private and sometimes crabby on the wrong day of the week, but also in some cases, in that they can’t truly be alone. They can be scary, creepy and too much if they really want something. Virgo will know right where to hit you. They are excellent at being mean and getting a reaction. They will plant seeds that others can be quite sensitive too. Virgo isn’t afraid to make things happen under the right influence so they might scare you with something bold and unknown, but usually they are quite calculated and strategic. You might think your Virgo friend/co-worker is so shy, so innocent and hard working, but in truth, they are probably have a lot of stories you would be shocked to hear. Virgo has it in them to be a bit of a spaz. They can be very hurtful with the tongue – they fight for control so if you try to take it away they will whine or withhold until they get it back. They prefer things went the way they desired them to, and when they don’t the Virgin gets fickle. Sometimes your level of self-control is scary and will scare people away unless of course they like to be submissive to Virgo hang-ups which likely won’t change over time.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra is scary when they fight for balance.Libra is scary when they fight for balance.

Libra isn’t really scary, “scary”, but they can be moody and give attitude.  They do have “scary” in them--all signs do, but it’s not a commonly spoken thing in this case. The scary here, is more that the Libra won’t engage with you and this on its own, will drive you nuts. The worst of the worst is their need to avoid you when you are being too much and then flake out, but then again, The Scales often flake out on a lot. Libra is never sure and this will annoy people more than frightens them. If anything Libra will be given slack for not being decisive or motivated enough. Libra is “scary” in a relationship because they are trying NOT to lock everything down. They often keep their mind very open and their eye somewhat wandering, which is why a person in love with a Libra will have to calm the “let’s settle down” storm. It’s not to say Libra is not capable of it, they want love, they love to be “paired off” in some weird, non-conventional sense, but they are going to do the 'till death do us part nonsense' at their own time. The pace of this alone might just freak the crap out of you. How many Jam sessions and shows will you have to sit through before you make it to the alter? A lot.  

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio gets scary when they hide too many emotions.Scorpio gets scary when they hide too many emotions.

The Scorpio is the Halloween Baby! Happy Birthday Scorpio! The scariest thing about Scorpio is there haunting silence and unpredictable nature. They won’t be afraid to tell you the truth in that their actions are generally genuine, but they also will withhold so much from you that you start to question their affection. Well, it's not the affection you question, but just what's behind it? Basically, you will start to wonder what they are thinking. Scorpio is not going to tell you their inner workings if they don’t want to, and they usually won’t want to unless they absolutely trust you. People always think that they should be afraid of Scorpios, they are actually very loving people --just don’t mess with them. They will likely never forget and likely never forgive, even if seemingly so.  They can get over it to a fully certain, superficial degree, but that degree won’t last very long. The Scorpio needs to keep their scales fresh in order to swim strongly and without scare. 

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius gets scary when they don't get what they want.Sagittarius gets scary when they don't get what they want.

Sagittarius is scary because you have no idea what’s really going through their head. They will give deadly looks though and can convey a lot with one simple facial gesture or snicker. Sagittarius wanders by nature, one minute they are going North and the next they are going south, and the next minute they are bossy and angry for no apparent reason. In the coyer types of this sign, the fire will come out in a sassy/“know it all attitude” that makes Sagittarius super unattractive. Sagittarius is scariest when they become "too cool" for you and cause drama just because it secretly entertains them. Regardless, the Sagittarius will protect what is theirs. If Sagittarius gets scary and divulges into the “my poo doesnt stink” syndrome they won’t make for very enjoyable mates. Sagittarius is mostly scared by your interest too easily and expects too much up front. If you don’t follow suit, Sagittarius will disown you at heart, but sweetly mess with your head. Sagittarius can also be scary in their need to name drop or brag -- nobody cares how much paper you have or how expensive your shoes are, and even if people pretend like they do, I promise you they will grow sick of it and your diluted sense of self-perception. Sagittarius will scare you the most because you will feel the need to question their identity and wonder who they really are. You might not know what face you should trust as sincere. You will often wonder what they really feel and what they do when they are not in your company.  

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn gets scary when people fall out of line.Capricorn gets scary when people fall out of line.

This sign will be scary in their natural sense to boss you around in an effective manner. A way that will make the people around them feel low about themselves. Capricorn will scare you when you prevent them from reaching the level of success they desire in their own job. Capricorn will also scare you with their poker face. Often you might wonder if they care or if they have any emotions. They do, but when it comes to work they are all about productivity.  They’ll crack a joke, this sign is certainly not without humor, but they are probably not going to let you see them cry. This will happen, but only on very, very specific days and times. The same is to be said about "sick days". Unless, Capricorn is the boss, in which case they will run their ship how they see fit. It will take a lot to break the fortress of the Milk Goat. Capricorn is sometimes emotionally introverted to a frightful degree, which makes other people question their intentions. They also judge and this can be scary in itself. If they are having a bad day – everyone and their dog will know it. You might just be too afraid to approach them in general because you don't know what kind of mood they are in. You will feel scared that perhaps you are not good enough because the Capricorn is always onto the next big goal, but try not to let this intimidate you. Often the Capricorn will want you to fall a bit short of their personal successes – it’s just how they roll. They can’t say no to dominance, and in the ugliest form, this sign is just pure asshole when they want to be. Miserable, cynical, pompous, arrogant, asshole. Capricorn will belittle the best, think they are better, and adhere to a certain “classy” standard, which disregards value for many other spectrums of life. They will also accept an equal, but certain social standards must apply. You will be most freaked out by them when they show a little too much judgment towards things that fall below the “mainstream status-quo or whatever it is this Cap has set as the proper “standard.” For young Capricorn this might just be “what’s cool” and the cynicism will spring towards whatever they consider it not to be.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius gets scary when you strike first.Aquarius gets scary when you strike first.

This sign doesn’t really want to scare anyone. Sometimes AQ can be a bit of an internet bully or just a bully in general, but at the end of the day, they often do not mean harm. They don’t really want beef with people. If you wronged them in some way or pissed them off they will have a moment of insulting your memory, but even then they will still try to be cool. They have their moments of being a shrew or making a great chirp simply because it was too witty not to, but it is usually all in good fun, at least it will likely be when you see them in person. They might even go out of their way to say hi to you on purpose, just to say HII-- SCARY!!!  Meaning you might find the freak you simply by pushing your boundary of comfort by seeming so unaffected by whatever past the two of you shared. Aquarius girl can be a total brat if she wants to be. She can be callow, but usually there is intelligence and a charm about her that will win you over in the end. AQ is the most scary in their inability to commit; they often will require a little too much space. Or they will be all over you and then gone without much warning. They often won’t be able to open their true self to just anyone and that can make them feel somewhat emotionally inept because haven't found that one true connection yet. It’s not impossible, but challenging to say the least if AQ is in a scary place, but usually they aren't and therefore live very fulfilling and adventurous lives. They are scary because they are so easily scared and will disengage with you the moment they see no more true value in you.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces gets scary when they get emotionally caught up!Pisces gets scary when they get emotionally caught up!

The emotions of Pisces can be scary. Sometimes they just act like a two-year-old. They can rip you to pieces with their words if they want to. They probably won’t mean it in the end, but they can easily rear an ugly fish head, which will have you running for the hills. Pisces is very moody and the wrath of the fish is tested by their interactions with others. The Pisces can suffer from “Scary Self Esteem Syndrome", in which case they might be prone to self-loathing behaviors that don’t always bring the fun. This being said, when they are not scary, they are often the life of the party or amongst some of the best feet on the dance floor. The Scary Fish is usually very emotionally driven. If you’re a cool Fish, perhaps you make fun of your own emo ways, but there is something about the fish that is very heart orientated, either in that they break a lot or tend to break their own, almost on purpose. Or simply in just the bloody notion that they care, and sometimes too much. Some fish scare way too easily and won’t be interested in what could be good for them. The idea of being 'caught' can be scary in itself to The Fish. Pisces is the scariest when they become a figurative junkie and this has many levels and variations, but when they cannot give up something that they should, they will start to scare both themselves and the people around them. The self-destructive tendencies of the fish are the most frightening and in some Fish cases, their ability to manipulate others through frightful charm.

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