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Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review: Can Friendship Survive?

Inside the internet, Wreck-It Ralph and BFF Vanellope’s insecurities may pull them apart.

Reviewed by on Nov 20, 2018
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the fun new animated adventure movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. An exciting quest inside the net will decide the fates of Ralph and bestie Vanellope.

By: Lynn Barker

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, it is six years after the events of the first film. Wreck-It Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) and “Sugar Rush” racer Vanellope (voice of Sarah Silverman) have remained BFFs despite the fact that arcade game play has taken a dive and Vanellope is getting bored racing the same old tracks.

The internet is overwhelming to Ralph and VanellopeThe internet is overwhelming to Ralph and VanellopeCourtesy of Disney

After a player breaks the steering wheel off of the game, it will be unplugged and sold for spare parts! Arcade owner Mr. Litwak has installed Wi-Fi and, learning that a spare wheel can be gotten from something called eBay, clueless Vanellope and Ralph enter the net via the new Wi-Fi. Can they get the wheel and return before “Sugar Rush” is gone, making Vanellope homeless? How will their relationship be affected by their quest?

Ralph Breaks the Internet Trailer #3

Besties Forever

Inside the gaming world at the Litwak Arcade, BFFs Vanellope and Ralph just hang out and play other games. The “Tron” one is fun but it’s broken. Vanellope is tired of racing in “Sugar Rush” and wonders if there is more to life. Ralph is happy with things as they are. He creates a new track for Vanellope in her game but it confuses a player who breaks off the game’s steering wheel! The game is unplugged and Vanellope and the racers are homeless. The gang is adopted by Fix-It Felix Jr. (Jack McBrayer) and wife Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) who have no idea how to care for fifteen new kids.

Felix and Sergeant Calhoun think of adopting the Sugar Rush racersFelix and Sergeant Calhoun think of adopting the Sugar Rush racersCourtesy of Disney

Into the Net

Hearing that a new wheel for “Sugar Rush” can be found on the internet at something called eBay, Ralph convinces Vanellope that they have to go get it! They pass via Wi-Fi into the net; a whole new world with buildings marked Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. Visitors in the outside world have little avatars here. It’s so overwhelming for Vanellope that she keeps shorting out, “glitching”. Search engine Mr. Knowsmore (Alan Tudyk) guides the duo to eBay where they find the wheel being sold, bid for it and win but have no money or credit cards! They are given 24 hours to pay or lose the wheel!

Mr. KnowsMore tells Vanellope how to find eBayMr. KnowsMore tells Vanellope how to find eBayCourtesy of Disney

Making Money

Pop-ups are everywhere advertising stupid ways to get rich quick. Most pay nothing but one buyer wants a car from the popular game “Slaughter Race”. If they can get the car for the buyer, money troubles are over! Vanellope and Ralph go into the race and Vanellope tries but fails to steal the car from the sexy and excellent driver Shank (voice of Gal Godot) who is impressed with Vanellope’s driving skills.

Shank grows to care about VanellopeShank grows to care about VanellopeCourtesy of Disney

Feeling sorry for these two friends, Shank tells them they can get money quickly on something called BuzzTube. Make funny or interesting videos, get tons of hits and “likes” and get money. BuzzTube boss Yesss (Taraji P. Henson) tells Ralph to make a silly video. He does but only gets $43.00. When word gets out that he is the Wreck-It Ralph from the 1980’s game, he gets tons of likes, makes more videos and Vanellope goes out as a Pop Up to gain more hits.

Yesss tells Ralph how to make money on BuzzTubeYesss tells Ralph how to make money on BuzzTubeCourtesy of Disney

Disney Princesses

At a family-friendly site, Vanellope meets just about all the animated Disney princesses there are as well as C-3PO, nasty Stormtroopers, Marvel characters and more! The princesses tell Vanellope that she is one of them. They have a friendly sleepover.

Disney princesses tell Vanellope she is one of themDisney princesses tell Vanellope she is one of themCourtesy of Disney

Meanwhile, Ralph reads negative comments about him and is really hurt but he now has enough likes to get the money for the wheel! He gets it and tells Vanellope they can go home now but she has been accepted by Shank and her racers and loves this fast-paced new game. She doesn’t want to go home!

Shank and her crew tell Ralph about BuzzTubeShank and her crew tell Ralph about BuzzTubeCourtesy of Disney

Return Home Or…

Vanellope is given a new racing car and is having a great time as part of “Slaughter Race”. Ralph is devastated and his massive insecurities make him try to sabotage the racing game to get Vanellope to return home with him. Will he be successful? Will the besties split up as friends? Will anyone survive when Ralph’s sabotaging efforts start to “break” the internet?

Ralph goes into the Dark Web to sabotage the gameRalph goes into the Dark Web to sabotage the gameCourtesy of Disney

Wrapping Up

Although Ralph Breaks the Internet is full of clever and colorful production design and action/adventure, it focuses on the relationship of the two lead characters. When friendship is tested, will mutual insecurities break besties up? Can Ralph learn to loosen his grip on Vanellope and support her dreams? The film has great heart.

Vanellope and Ralph are transported to BuzzTubeVanellope and Ralph are transported to BuzzTubeCourtesy of Disney

John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are wonderful again at voicing Ralph and Vanellope. Their expressive acting really makes the characters come alive. Also fun are Taraji P. Henson as the boss of BuzzTube and Gal Godot as Shank, although her distinctive accent kept making me “see” her face when the character is talking.

Vanellope may want to stay inside Slaughter RaceVanellope may want to stay inside Slaughter RaceCourtesy of Disney

Disney and Marvel characters pop up to delight and make us laugh and both the good and bad sides of the internet are explored in the film; Ralph is really hurt by the comments of strangers and everything is soooo commercial, sell, sell sell….but problems are solved more easily and it’s great to find and connect with those who have similar interests.

Ralph and Vanellope consult Pop-Ups to make money fastRalph and Vanellope consult Pop-Ups to make money fastCourtesy of Disney

For an animated film, the tale goes on a little too long but you should enjoy yourself and so will the rest of your family. We can award four stars.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Rating: 4

Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie PosterRalph Breaks the Internet Movie PosterCourtesy of Disney

See Ralph Breaks the internet in theaters now!

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Have comments on the net hurt your feelings? Do you think the good and bad on the internet balances out? Are you into old arcade games or do you gameplay on the net or PlayStation constantly? Are you a fan of the Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope characters? Comment below or review the movie yourself on your Kidzworld profile page!