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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Movie Review - Letting Go

Hiccup and Toothless learn that growing up means letting go and moving on.

Reviewed by on Feb 21, 2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. This last film in the series is a worthy send-off for Hiccup, Toothless and dragon rider friends. Read our movie review!

By: Lynn Barker

In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Chieftain Hiccup (voice of Jay Baruchel) still heads up the land of Berk as a human/dragon utopia and doesn’t notice that his homeland is getting way too overcrowded. He and his girl Astrid (voice of America Ferrera) lead a band of dragon rider warriors who rescue dragons captured by poacher/trappers and bring them back to Berk until it is bursting at the seams. When Hiccup’s dragon buddy Toothless comes across a beautiful white female Fury dragon, he is smitten. Will this new love and a quest for a legendary dragon homeland change everything?

Hiccup and Toothless arrive to save trapped dragonsHiccup and Toothless arrive to save trapped dragonsCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

The Hidden World Trailer

Dragon Riders to the Rescue

A year after the events in the last film, Toothless with rider Hiccup and dragon rider pals conduct night raids to free dragons captured by poacher/warlords. On one raid, Toothless senses a dragon left behind. We see that she can make herself invisible. Back on Berk, Hiccup’s mom Valka (voice of Cate Blanchett) tells him the raid was sloppy and the riders need to cooperate more. Also, Berk is getting too overcrowded with rescued dragons.

Hiccup's mom Valka advises himHiccup's mom Valka advises himCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

The Legend of the Hidden World

While dealing with a populace who think he and girlfriend Astrid should get married, Hiccup remembers a tale his deceased dad Stoick (Gerard Butler) used to tell him about a Hidden World, a dragon homeland where they thrive under a huge waterfall. If he could find this land where dragons would be safe, free and less crowded, it would solve many problems. Meanwhile we see gruff dragon hunter Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham) get the sometimes invisible, female, white Fury dragon from the trappers. He intends to use her to bait then kill the last of the Furies, Toothless!  He sees the “boy” Hiccup as no threat.

Grimmel with his drugged dragonGrimmel with his drugged dragonCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation


Following his nose into the woods, Toothless discovers the gorgeous white Fury dragon and is totally in love. Although hissy, shooting fire and disappearing now and then, she seems to like him too. Astrid and Hiccup see them. She dubs the female a “Light Fury” to Toothless’s “Night Fury”. The female sees the humans and flies away leaving Toothless heartsick. Hiccup and Tuffnut (Justin Rupple) discover Grimmel's dragon traps in the area. Grimmel visits Hiccup that night bringing a new type of dragon that basically spits acid and Hiccup can’t stop him before he burns down Hiccup’s house and announces that he will capture and kill the dragon “Alpha” Toothless.

Light Fury and Toothless are bonded for lifeLight Fury and Toothless are bonded for lifeCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation


Hiccup calls a meeting and announces that he and the entire tribe should leave Berk to find the mythical Hidden World where their dragons will be safe. Berk has been discovered by the dragon hunters. No one should stay here. Home is wherever they all are. On the journey the Berkians find an island and decide to settle there temporarily. Hiccup sees how much Toothless misses the Light Fury and builds him a tail so he can fly without Hiccup on his back. Toothless, grateful, flies off finds his “girl” and flies with her, learning that he can use lightning to disappear like she can. They fly to a mysterious land in a fog. Meanwhile, Valka, out scouting, sees Grimmel’s army coming and warns Hiccup.

Hiccup works on a new tail for ToothlessHiccup works on a new tail for ToothlessCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

A Trap

Hiccup and the dragon riders head to capture Grimmel in another night raid but it’s a trap. They barely escape and Ruffnut (Kristen Wigg) is captured. She is so talky that she drives Grimmel nuts and he lets her go but secretly follows her to the new Berkian camp. Back on the island, Hiccup and Astrid, worried about Toothless, fly off on her dragon and discover the Hidden World under a huge ocean waterfall. Toothless and the Light Fury are there together, now a couple but Toothless leaves her to rescue Hiccup and Astrid from a huge dragon.

Hiccup and Astrid in the Hidden WorldHiccup and Astrid in the Hidden WorldCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Capture and Future?

Toothless flies Astrid and Hiccup back to the Berkians but misses his Light Fury deeply. Hiccup realizes that only the dragons can be happy and safe in the Hidden World. Humans would be intruders there. Grimmel quickly arrives and captures Toothless and the Light Fury. If Toothless won’t draw all the other dragons to be also captured, Grimmel will kill the Light Fury. Toothless has to do as Grimmel says and the rest of Berk’s dragons are also captured. Hiccup can’t attack and let her be killed. Will Grimmel be defeated? Will the dragons be safe and can humans and dragons continue to live together? What does the future hold?

Toothless and love Light Fury in the hidden worldToothless and love Light Fury in the hidden worldCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Wrapping Up

In the years spanning this trilogy, young Hiccup has lost his dad, found his mom and grown to love fellow dragon-rider Astrid all while doubting his abilities as Chief of the land of Berk. With this final adventure, he will grow to be the strong leader he was always meant to be and Toothless will find love. It’s a nice wrap-up.

Hiccup and Astrid make a great coupleHiccup and Astrid make a great coupleCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

The film looks lush and often beautiful, especially on a large screen. The Hidden World is an Avatar-like haven of glow-in-the-dark foliage and stunning natural beauty. The movie’s soundtrack music is sweeping and epic. However, a lot of the dragon rider buddy banter and silly sub-plots are cute but not all that hilarious and they kind of distract from the coming-of-age and letting go tale at the film’s core.

Hiccup and riders go to confront GrimmelHiccup and riders go to confront GrimmelCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

Fans of all ages should enjoy this last of the “Train Your Dragon” tales. We know that letting go of friends of many years is heart-rending but necessary and especially to the end of this franchise focusing on human/dragon relationships. There is plenty of love and joy however to balance things out. Toothless and Light Fury’s adorable courtship will warm your heart.

Hiccup and Toothless fly to free captured dragonsHiccup and Toothless fly to free captured dragonsCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

We can’t think of a better finale for Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and the gang and award four stars.

HTTYD: The Hidden World Movie Rating: 4

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Movie PosterCourtesy of DreamWorks Animation

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