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Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Nintendo 3DS Game Review

A tougher return to a memorable classic from the Wii.

Reviewed by on Mar 15, 2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kirbys Extra Epic Yarn brings the game from the Nintendo Wii to the Nintendo 3DS with a few modern updates. Check out Kidzworlds review of the latest Nintendo port.

By: Max Cannon

It's been a good while since Kirby's Epic Yarn released on the Nintendo Wii back in 2010. Now, in 2019, we have a solid remake of the Wii classic on the Nintendo 3DS that makes a few changes to the original game but keeps things more-or-less intact. A great game for younger gamers but those more experienced players out there could be bored by this game's infamous ease, despite a few new updates that attempt to remedy those complaints.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn still radiates as much charm as ever.Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn still radiates as much charm as ever.

A Cutesy, Cozy Classic

Where has the time gone? It's been almost a full decade since this original game came out and we really had some great praise to throw on this game back in 2010. Here's an excerpt from our review:

"Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Wii is by far the most creative video game of 2010. The game reunites players with the loveable Kirby, although this time he has been transformed into a ball of yarn. The story takes place in Patch Land, a whimsical storybook place that has been separated by the evil Yin-Yarn. It is Kirby’s mission to retrieve the magic threads that hold the various patches together in order to restore peace...

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn - 3DS Trailer 

Kirby’s Epic Yarn has made it impossible to die. Players can still be injured, but instead of dying they will simply be sent back to an earlier part of the level. This is especially handy for younger players."

This 2D side-scroller doesn't have Kirby using his typical copy ability to steal moves from enemies. Kirby's new yarn-based powers have him tugging on the environment and periodically transforming himself to navigate the world. For example, in the opening level, you'll wrap things up by blasting away enemies in a giant Kirby robot made of (you guessed it) yarn. It's all pretty standard video gaming. While there are a few differences between both versions, it's understandable but unfortunate that those playing the 3DS version won't be able to enjoy the co-op of the Wii version.

Kirby will transform into different shapes thanks to his new yarn powers.Kirby will transform into different shapes thanks to his new yarn powers.

Also, It's nearly impossible to talk about Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn without calling the game "cute." The story is told with a comfy British-style atmosphere that fits snugly into this yarn-made world. It's still a 3DS game so you won't be blown away by the visuals but it definitely has a unique style that holds up by today's standards Just take a look at how adorable it is, but that cuteness isn't just for show because the game is still incredibly easy to play.

The game's Devilish Mode is more of a nuisance than a challenge.The game's Devilish Mode is more of a nuisance than a challenge.

An Easy Breeze, Even With a Few Changes

It's clear that Nintendo knew about the criticisms made in the original release because the 3DS version of the game has a new, more challenging mode included. Devilish Mode gives Kirby a new health bar and a constant threat from an enemy bombarding you with attacks. Honestly, it doesn't really change much and just sort of adds a bit of nuisance to the experience. Additionally, new powerups were added into the game but they don't really feel like they impact the experience that much. 

Dedede Gogogo is a fun but forgettable minigame.Dedede Gogogo is a fun but forgettable minigame.

Kirby games are also known for including a few mini-games in the package -- or completely consisting of them in the case of Kirby Battle RoyaleKirby's Extra Epic Yarn has two distractions that put you in control of classic Kirby-villains like Meta-Knight and King Dedede. They're both pretty mindless side-scrollers that reminded me of an endless-runner type of game you may play on a smartphone. They're fun to play once-or-twice but I doubt they'll be too memorable for most players.

Final Thoughts

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is a comfy game. Nintendo may have added a bit of challenge to please critics who took issue with the easy original, but the simple gameplay of the original is what made it so likable and luckily that's still here. The additions are nice but unnecessary and if you're looking for a game for the freshest gamers out there, you wouldn't be wrong to snag a copy of Kirby for your 3DS.


  • Cute
  • Accessible for All-Ages


  • Not Much Has Changed
  • No Co-Op

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Game Rating:4

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Box ArtKirby's Extra Epic Yarn Box Art

Available now for Nintendo 3DS

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