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Top 5 April Fool’s Pranks - That Hopefully Keep You Out of Trouble!

Mar 26, 2019

By: Katie Chilson

It’s almost that time of year again… spring has sprung and the biggest holiday for pranksters and class clowns is upon us: April Fool’s Day!

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to play some fun tricks on friends and family without landing yourself in hot water, take a look!

5 April Fool’s Pranks - That Hopefully Keep You Out of Trouble!

1. Mashed Potato Ice Cream

Whip up some mashed potatoes either the old fashioned way from scratch or the just-add-water kind from a box. Use an ice cream scoop to dish that savory mess into a sundae bowl, top with some chocolate syrup and a cherry and serve to your unsuspecting prank victim. And be sure to check out more food related pranks here!

Prank-o-meter: You might end up with some mashed potatoes flung your direction when the prankee discovers they’ve been tricked.

Beware what's under the sprinkles!Beware what's under the sprinkles!Courtesy of David Calavera

2. Text Shortcut

Have a friend who has a hard time looking up from their phone? Find a moment to “borrow” their device and have some fun switching up their text shortcuts by opening up Settings, going to General, then Keyboard, and find Text Replacement.

For the grammar stickler in your life, switching up to/two/too, their/they’re/there, or your/you’re will drive them crazy! You can also switch up a commonly used word (like “mom” or “friend”) with something silly like “burps” or “toilet paper.”

Prank-o-meter: Be sure to keep a close eye on your phone after pulling this prank. Retaliation is real!

Be sure to note how to switch texts back!Be sure to note how to switch texts back!Courtesy of Paul Hanaoka

3. Swap Lightbulbs

An oldie, but goodie! Brightly colored lightbulbs will throw your family for a loop when they sleepily turn on the light first thing in the morning. Not sure who to prank? Get some help with this quiz!

Prank-o-meter: Be on the look out for grumpy people looking for the culprit behind the weird lighting. Maybe keep the normal bulbs close by…

Swapping out lightbulbs is a BRIGHT idea!Swapping out lightbulbs is a BRIGHT idea!Courtesy of Oogalights

4. Auto-Reply

When someone texts you on April 1st have an “auto-reply” ready to go in response. You can go silly: “Thank you for subscribing to Awesome Animal Pics!” (Followed by a series of animal gifs), foodie-friendly: “Your daily pizza delivery is on its way! Please reply with which topping you want: anchovies, sardines, or tuna.” or school-focused: “You’re now subscribed to Homework Helper! Ask us any homework question and we’ll get you the answer!” (Followed by ridiculous answers to their questions).

Prank-o-meter: This one is pretty low-stakes, but people can get pretty upset when a promised pizza is never delivered.

Who could be upset at this delicious prank?Who could be upset at this delicious prank?Courtesy of Evelyn

5. Googly Eyes

Stick some crafty googly eyes on every bottle and can in your refrigerator or cupboard and watch your siblings take a jump back when they realize that all the condiments are staring back when they go for a snack.

Prank-o-meter: Who could be mad at food looking cute?!

Look who's crushing it on April Fool's!Look who's crushing it on April Fool's!Courtesy of reddit

So have some fun this April Fool’s Day! Just remember to keep it light and in good taste, pranks are only fun as long as everyone is having a good time. Happy pranking, pranksters!

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