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MLB The Show 19 PlayStation 4 Game Review

The best baseball series out there continues with another high quality release.

Reviewed by on Apr 03, 2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating

MLB The Show 19 doesnt need to change too much to keep the series as awesome as ever. Check out Kidzworlds PS4 review to stay up to speed on the latest PlayStation games.

By: Max Cannon

I'm not a well-educated sports fan but there's something comfy and cozy about playing MLB The Show. While the team over at Sony's San Diego Studio made some changes that will move the series forward in some memorable ways, the casual fans (like myself) will likely just see this game as another excuse to get sucked into another season of America's pastime. 

Iconic players make a return in the latest iteration of MLB The Show.Iconic players make a return in the latest iteration of MLB The Show.

Playing Your Way

If you know the general rules of baseball then you can easily pick up how to play MLB The Show 19, and if you don't know the rules then it's pretty likely that you'll figure things out as you move along. The game has multiple control schemes for everything you'll do and one of the first things you'll nail down is what feels best for you. Having a bit of history with baseball gaming, I took a more traditional approach to control pitching, hitting, and fielding but players that are fully new to the franchise may find themselves trying each and every option presented to them and it's hard to believe that anyone would have a tough time controlling this game. Some of the control schemes seem to give you more options but are a bit more complicated to use, however players that aren't exactly baseball experts are unlikely to even want to pull off those moves so it strikes a nice balance.

MLB The Show 19 - Gameplay Trailer | PS4


The classic character creator from past entries is still here, and honestly, it's probably not going anywhere in future games from the franchise because it's so awesome. I was excited to jump back into the series with this 2019 version specifically because of how much I loved playing as my own character in the 2018 version. The impressive commentary is as awesome as ever and hearing them say your own name will always bring a smile to my face. The career mode feels even more streamlined and it actually feels like projecting/simulating a game isn't just a waste of your time. I specifically remember winning over 15 games in a row back in 2018, including pitching a perfect game, and then immediately losing my first simulated game. MLB The Show 19 has yet to present me a problem like that, though I also haven't pitched a perfect game... yet.

The game's controls make sure there is a setup that'll feel just right for everyone.The game's controls make sure there is a setup that'll feel just right for everyone.

Loving the Look

MLB The Show 19 is obviously a great looking game, especially in the environments, but something about the animation has really impressed me this time around. Don't expect to see amazing visuals when you're at a team huddle in the locker room, and video games still cannot nail crowds quite right, but when the sun comes into the stadium in just the right way you'll really feel like you're on the pitch. The audio is unsurprisingly excellent but you may be taken out of the moment when you see that stellar sound coming from a robotic looking commentator standing amongst some very fake people.

As expected, the players look as awesome as the enviornments do.As expected, the players look as awesome as the enviornments do.

Final Thoughts

This game's ability to capture real-world baseball and cram it into one PS4 disc is what makes it so awesome. Honestly, the only thing holding this team back is the technical limitations of video games. MLB The Show 19 couldn't do much more to give you the feeling of hitting a home run or throwing a fiery-fast pitch. While the experts may notice several upgrades from last year, the average fan will probably just see another awesome game from one of PlayStation's best development teams.

The stadiums are the best looking part of the game.The stadiums are the best looking part of the game.


  • Great Visuals
  • Awesome Audio
  • Accessible Control Options


  • Crowds Still Look Off

MLB The Show 19 Game Rating:5

MLB The Show 19 Box ArtMLB The Show 19 Box Art

Available now for PlayStation 4

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