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Missing Link Movie Review – Even Legendary Monsters Need Family

Missing Link is full of love, adventure, humor and fun action!

Reviewed by on Apr 12, 2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw the funny, exciting and heart-warming stop-motion animation film Missing Link. Is it worth a journey to the Cineplex for you, your besties and family? We think so. Check out our movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

It’s the Victorian era and an 8-foot-tall, furry, Big Foot-type creature (voice of Zach Galifianakis) is living lonely in the Pacific Northwest when adventuring explorer Sir Lionel Frost (voice of Hugh Jackman) discovers that he is indeed the Missing Link. Mr. Link, as he is named by Frost, wants Frost to guide him to his possible relatives the Yeti who are rumored to inhabit the mythical city of Shangri-La. After getting a map from Frost’s ex-love Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana), the unlikely trio embarks on an adventure that will alter their lives and bond them as friends/family.

Missing Link Trailer


Hugh Jackman with Sir Lionel puppetHugh Jackman with Sir Lionel puppetCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

Monster Hunting

English adventurer/mythical creature hunter Sir Lionel Frost has found the Loch Ness Monster and takes his picture but, after a scuffle, the camera is broken so no proof! Frost is desperate to gain approval of the Optimates Club, a group of elite, bloated adventurers who had rather hunt and kill mythical creatures than take their pictures. When he gets a letter from someone in the Pacific Northwest claiming to have proof that a sasquatch or Bigfoot exists, Frost is off to find the letter-writer and hopefully, his next “monster”, sure that the discovery will finally admit him to the club.

Mr. Link says he wrote the letterMr. Link says he wrote the letterCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

Meeting the Missing Link

Deep in the woods, Frost finds a wrecked cabin and meets the Sasquatch who speaks English quite well. He is actually the letter-writer. After getting over his initial shock, Frost listens to learn that this friendly, very lonely creature is the last of his kind, at least in North America. He wants to go to the mythical Shangri-La in the Himalayas where Yeti rule. Surely these furry giants are his cousins at least. He is sure that Frost can get him there. Frost agrees if Mr. Link will go with him and prove that he exists. It’s a deal.

Lionel Frost and Missing Link meetLionel Frost and Missing Link meetCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

The Saloon and Adelina

After being informed that Frost has found the Sasquatch, club leader Lord Piggot-Dunceby (Stephen Fry), determined that Frost should fail, sends trapper/henchman Willard Stenk (Timothy Olyphant) to verify that Bigfoot does exist and to make sure he and Frost don’t get to prove it. After a comic bar brawl, Stenk has his proof and runs away, temporarily.  Frost dresses Link in a suit (as if that helps) and they are off to ask Adelina to give them her late adventurer husband’s map leading to the Yeti in Shangri-La. It doesn’t go well. Adelina refuses and kicks Frost out. After breaking back in during the night. Frost and Link get the map but Adelina follows them to a train station where there are shot at by Stenk. Adelina will join them on their quest…like it or not!

Lionel Frost, Mr. Link and AdelinaLionel Frost, Mr. Link and AdelinaCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

Steamship Trip and The Mountains

Catching a steamship to London, the trio is followed and attacked by Stenk but also bond. Adelina tells Frost to be kinder to Link. He is so lonely and hopeful. Frost tells Link he will help him and to name himself.. Link picks Susan, the name of a prospector he was fond of. Weird but…okay.  After getting to India and finally, high in the Himalayas with Stenk following, the trio visits a mountain village where a guide named Gamu (Ching-Valdez Aran) is supposed to be able to lead them to Shangri-La. She is actually an elderly woman who will send her granddaughter as a guide instead. After they leave, Stenk threatens Gamu. Where has Frost gone?

Mr. Link is fascinated with the big worldMr. Link is fascinated with the big worldCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures


The trio finds Shangri-La but the Yeti society there think of Link/Susan as a country cousin and don’t welcome him or his friends. The outside world is evil and should be kept out. The group’s Elder (Emma Thompson) has them thrown into a pit where the terribly discouraged Link just curls into a depressed ball telling the Elder “Your Utopia sucks!”  Adelina feels even more sorry for him. Finally, so does Frost. Adelina gets out of the pit and helps Frost and Link escape only to be met by the following Stenk, this time accompanied by his boss Lord Piggot-Dunceby who destroys the ice bridge to Shangri-La to make sure that nobody discovers it, Yeti or the Sasquatch.

Zach Galifianakis voices Mr. LinkZach Galifianakis voices Mr. LinkCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures


Will Frost finally realize that he doesn’t want to join a club of evil men? Will he, Adelina and Link/Susan survive? Will they team up for future adventures or go their separate ways?

Zoe Saldana voices AdelinaZoe Saldana voices AdelinaCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

Wrapping Up

Missing Link has something for all ages. The stop-motion animation is wonderful . There are finely-executed action sequences that are fun-slapstick enough to appeal to younger kids while witty, humorous dialogue will make teens and adults chuckle. The film also contains plenty of interesting character relationships explored in quiet moments.  Both the Adelina and Frost characters change rather drastically as a result of their adventure and sweet Mr. Link/Susan is so adorably literal and child-like that you can’t avoid rooting for him to find family…somewhere.

Timothy Olyphant with his Willard Stenk puppetTimothy Olyphant with his Willard Stenk puppetCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

Technically, Missing Link looks amazing and super-detailed, making us want to make sure the rare art of stop-motion animation combined with some CGI stays alive and well. Voice actors do a great job inhabiting their parts.

Laika artist works on Mr. Link sculptureLaika artist works on Mr. Link sculptureCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

We were laughing and enjoying the movie throughout as were the kids and teens at our screening.  Although the slower, personal scenes might take us away from the action, we are fine with that. We can’t find much we don’t like so we award a full five stars.

Missing Link Movie Rating: 5

Missing Link Movie PosterCourtesy of Annapurna Pictures

See Missing Link in theaters Friday, April 12th

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