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Blogging 101 - What Is A Blog?

May 14, 2019

By: Lorrie Holmes

A blog is a website that is updated regularly with new stories or posts as they are often called. You can have your own blog where you are the only writer. You can also collaborate with others. Do you know what it means to collaborate? It means to create with other people. For example, if you were writing a story that needed some photos or an illustration (also called a picture), one person could write the words and the other could take the photos or draw the illustrations. That way, you are collaborating or working together on the same story. Another way to collaborate on the same story is for two people to write the words together. You could possibly do this by each taking turns writing part of the story or choosing different characters if you are writing fiction. Do you know the differences between fiction and nonfiction? Which do you prefer to write?

Blogging 101 - What Is A Blog?

You can also write for someone else’s blog. When deciding who to write for, it’s best to research the types of blogs that you are interested in before you begin. Maybe start by looking up the types of blogs that you like to read yourself. These types of stories will probably be the most fun and exciting to work on for you. It’s super easy to research other blogs. You can start by looking them up on search engines like Google. Before you do this, there are some questions you might want to ask yourself. I’ve listed some of them below for you to consider.

Who Writes Blogs?

Lots of people write blogs. Some of your friends might even do it. Also, lots of adults write them too. Do you know anyone who writes a blog? Ask around and you might be surprised.

Why Do People Write Blogs?

People write blogs for so many different reasons. Here are a few of them.

Collaberation - Blogging 101

To Share Information

Is there a topic or subject that you know a lot about? Is there something that you are passionate about and that you would like to share with others? A perfect example is a story that was written for us recently by Shalise Leesfield on her knowledge about the ocean. Shalise is 12 years old and she is passionate about ocean conservation. Do you know what that means? If not, click here to read her story to learn all about it!

To Inspire Others

Are you involved in something that would inspire your peers? Maybe related to sports or an art form?  Something you would love to write about?

Insprire - Blogging 101

To Educate Others

Would you like to teach your peers how to do something that you might do? You can teach them step by step with your words and even make a video tutorial for them if you want.

To Entertain Others 

Do you have a POV (point of view) that others might find entertaining? Maybe you have an idea for a comic strip or a graphic novel character? Or, you write songs? 

How to start a blog

To Fundraise For A Cause  

Is there a cause or charity you would like to support?  Do you have an idea of how you would like to do that or would you like to write a story about an experience you have had raising money on your own?

To Promote Something 

Do you have your own business idea you would like to promote?  Maybe you make slime or something else that other kids would be interested in learning about. Take our quiz to find your ideal career path.

Adventure - Blogging 101

To Review Something 

Would you like to share your opinion about something?  Maybe a book or a movie. These are called reviews. Maybe you love to cook or bake or just eat out at restaurants. If so, you could review food - or clothes!  Reviews can also include experiences that you go to like a day out at an attraction.

Travel - Blogging 101

Once you decide what you want to write about, who you want to write for, and why you are wanting to write, then you can also decide if you want to add anything else to your story. Such as:

  • Illustrations
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Animation
  • A Podcast
  • A Store

Photography - Blogging 101

Now that you have the basics about what is involved in writing a blog post or story, give it a try!  Write a blog story in your own Kidzworld profile.  We can’t wait to check it out!  Happy blog writing everyone! 

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Have you ever written a blog?  After reading this, will you write a blog on your profile?  Comment below!