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The Perfect Summer Weekend - Beach and Backyard Games

May 23, 2019

Memorial Day is over which means that summer is just around the bend! Pool days, weekend getaways, and sleepovers with friends are upon us which means lots of fun, but also a little stress when it comes to planning lots of fun activities. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the best games and activities to give you and your friends the best summer ever.

Take Game Day Outside

Who wants to be cooped up indoors when the sun is out? Take your favorite games out of the basement and head to the backyard for some laid back fun.

Don’t have any games? No worries! Grab a few friends, some pens, paper, and a bowl to play Fishbowl. Each person writes three of their favorite movie characters, songs, or historical figures on a piece of paper and you throw them in the bowl. Divide into two teams and play three rounds. First Round: The person reading the piece of paper can gives clues without using any words on the paper. Second Round: The clue can only be one word! Third Round: Charades! Whichever team gets the most correct, wins!

Try a game day out in the sun!Try a game day out in the sun!Courtesy of Hannah Rodrigo

And if you’re looking for a larger than life game experience, check out these giant games. From wood-blocks to four in a row to a checkers board you can stand on, these epic backyard games are a fun twist on all your old favorites. There are even dice as big as your head!

Play giant versions of your favorite games!Play giant versions of your favorite games!Courtesy of Amazon

Pool-less Parties

No pool? No problem! You can still make a splash at home with these fun water games.

Float into summer on these pool toys!Float into summer on these pool toys!Courtesy of Toni Cuenca

Set up a sponge relay with four buckets and the biggest sponges you can find. Divide into two teams and see who can finish the fastest without getting soaked!

Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight? Fill up a pack of balloons with water and get to aiming!

Duck Duck, Splash! Grab a sponge or towel and a bucket full of water and play duck, duck, goose, but the goose gets doused with water!

Magic Water Balloons can be filled with water and tied automatically in about a minute!Magic Water Balloons can be filled with water and tied automatically in about a minute!Courtesy of Amazon

Summertime Snackness

Want all the fun of s’mores but don’t have a campfire? Grab your graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows and head to the kitchen. Use the oven and a baking sheet to heat up the marshmallows so they get that gooey texture you love. It’s almost as good as being in the woods by a tent!

You don't need a campfire for s'mores!You don't need a campfire for s'mores!Courtesy of Mel Poole

Feel the need to eat outside? Pack a picnic with all your favorite snacks and head to the backyard or a local park. Don’t forget a comfy blanket and a hat!

Courtesy of Luke Bender
Share Your Ideas

What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend? Any fun ideas for summer? Let us know in the comments!