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Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Switch Game Review

Classic Mario on a modern machine.

Reviewed by on Jul 06, 2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Super Mario Maker 2 has brought the ideas of the Wii U original to the Nintendo Switch. Check out Kidzworld for our thoughts on the latest video games.

By: Max Cannon

Super Mario Maker was arguably the best game released on Nintendo's previous console, the Wii U. Now, with the sequel bringing more refined ideas onto better hardware, it's safe to say that Super Mario Maker 2 is the must-have game for anyone lucky enough to own a Nintendo Switch.

Retro Mario games are reborn with Super Mario Maker 2.Retro Mario games are reborn with Super Mario Maker 2.

Designing Your Own Levels

The hook of Super Mario Maker 2 is right there in the title, the ability to make Mario levels. Using a robust in-game editor, players can create their own levels from some of the best Mario games ever made. The original Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 styles let you get truly retro and emulate the look and feel of the NES era, while Super Mario World returns players to the days of the Super Nintendo. However, most are probably more familiar with the New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 3D World art styles which bring 3D visuals into a 2D sidescroller. The ability to choose between these different styles doesn't just impact the visuals of your game but also key differences in running, jumping, enemies, and items. For example, if you're playing in the original Super Mario Bros style you'll be unable to slide down the newly added slopes as you can in any other style. 

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Making these levels can sometimes feel pretty overwhelming but the included tutorials, which feature returning characters from the previous entry, give players plenty of chances to learn the basics. Things are a bit easier while using the Switch in handheld mode because, unlike the Wii U, you won't have access to a touch screen while your main TV is in use which is one of the only downsides from making the jump to the new hardware. There are also a few other missing features from the first game, like the ability to play as bizarre characters like Link or the Wii Fit Trainer. This would be more of a problem if this game didn't offer so much to do and see, if you're not into making your own levels then you'll be happy to hear that there is still plenty to enjoy here.

The level editor can feel overwhelming but the tutorials help ease players in.The level editor can feel overwhelming but the tutorials help ease players in.

Endless Gaming

Super Mario Maker 2 has a short story mode centered around rebuilding Peach's castle which gets you comfortable controlling Mario regardless of which style you're playing in but the real meat of this game comes from the online mode. Players can browse through the most popular courses created by other players, or search using keywords or specific course IDs, but the best way to see what people are making is to try out Endless Mode. After selecting your difficulty which ranges from "Easy" to "Super Expert," you're presented with a random level created by someone in the community. With most creative games, you'd likely wind up playing more bad courses than good ones but Super Mario Maker 2 surprises and consistently offers up fun levels to play. 

Though you can only play multiplayer with random players right now, Nintendo is planning to update the game to allow friends to play together.Though you can only play multiplayer with random players right now, Nintendo is planning to update the game to allow friends to play together.

The community creations range from silly and short, to long and challenging gauntlets that test the best players out there. The game has barely been out for a week and there is already an overwhelming amount of levels to play. When you finish a course you're presented with the World Record time for that stage, getting your friends in the mix to compete for the best time kicks off a back-and-forth that goes on until the time can't be lowered and you've moved on to the next course.

Final Thoughts

Super Mario Maker 2 is the best game on the Nintendo Switch and the best 2D Mario game ever made by Nintendo. It's a must-own for any Mario fans and offers literally endless fun. There's not much more praise that could be showered upon such a perfect game, especially as Nintendo continues to update the game with promised features like improved multiplayer.


  • Great Variety
  • Awesome Online
  • Endless Content


  • Missing Some Features From the Original

Super Mario Maker 2 Game Rating: 5

Super Mario Maker 2 Box ArtSuper Mario Maker 2 Box ArtCourtesy of Nintendo

Available now for Nintendo Switch

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