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Summer 2019 Style Guide

Predict the unpredictable with these quirky trends!

Jul 16, 2019

As we’re now halfway into the summer, some trends have become clear. With the return of summer fun, the weather mandates shorts or breezy pants and tank tops -- and the trends of this year make this possible, and unique!

Staying Cool and Looking Hot!

Trend Spotter highlighted the top ten trends indicated by the spring and summer fashion weeks of this year. Among these were a few pieces crucial to a fun summer.

Biker shorts have made a resurgence this season, and have been seen styled in a variety of unique ways. Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing pairs of these spandex shorts with knee-high boots, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, blazers, athletic shirts, and every other article of clothing fathomable to the human imagination -- a testament to the shorts’ versatility. This summer, the bottoms have popped up on the streets in neons, patterns, nudes, reds, holographics, and even as part of bodysuits. The possibilities are endless.

Kim Kardashian rocking bikes shorts styled 3 waysKim Kardashian rocking bikes shorts styled 3 waysCourtesy of standard.co.uk

Another up-and-comer can be found in the Cinderella-esque puff shoulder trend. These ballooning sleeves can be worn under collared short-sleeves for a professional-chic look, or an off-the-shoulder rendition can be donned for nights out. These tops have been appearing in black, sheer, pink, white, red, and floral.

Festival-style bucket hats have made their name in more serious fashion this summer, being manufactured by brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Prada, and Gucci. This season, bucket hats are limitless -- they’re being sold in fuzzy pinks, red corduroys, denims, tie-dyes, and neons.

Keira Knightley in Love ActuallyKeira Knightley brought these cute caps to the forefront of style in Love Actually, but her style choice was actually a practical one: it was to hide a massive pimple on her forehead!Courtesy of Everett Collection/Universal

Accessorize Like an Influencer

The tiny oval sunglasses trend of summer 2018 is a thing of the past this year -- met by the sighs of relief of many. In 2019, according to Who What Wear, the exact opposite of last year’s phenomenon is coming to fruition. Where sunglasses were small, they are now oversized; dark tints are now light yellows, pinks, and clears; ovals are now rectangles. In homage to the ‘70s trend, the streets are filled with translucent plastic frames in bulky geometric shapes with dark lenses, as well as darker frames with light lenses.

Square silhouettes continues to trend borrowing the retro-vintage feel.Square silhouettes continues to trend borrowing the retro-vintage feel.Courtesy of WELOVEGLASSE

As for jewelry, layered chains with charms are in. Getting creative with layering can be tons of fun -- and can have a great, edgy-chic outcome. Many have been wearing summer camp-style alphabet bracelets as chokers, and making one can be a fun throwback project. You can customize the letters to spell out your name, or a favorite word or phrase.

Jewlery trends 2019

From simple (drop chain earrings with a small charm at the bottom) to statement (big chain-link hoops), chains are also an earring trend this season. Florals, too, are being repurposed as earrings -- another versatile pattern, from a simple flower-shaped stud to a floral ear cuff resembling a diamond bouquet.

Hats have been a big deal this summer -- aside from bucket hats, baker boy hats are in, reminiscent of the hat worn by Kiera Knightley in the iconic Love Actually scene back in 2003. This summer, these hats have been seen in navy, black, white, red, tan, striped, tweed, and even cheetah print. It’s safe to say these hats will continue trending into the colder months.

Kim Kardashian in biker shorts and an instagram post of layered chains for summerSummer 2019 Style trends include biker shorts and layered necklacesCourtesy of Sydn4sty and Flare

Summer Beauty Takes Us Back to the ‘90s/Early ‘00s

The makeup trends this summer have us feeling like we’re in a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The O.C. According to Bazaar, the top seven makeup looks are: bright eyeshadow, bronzer, busy brows, eye glitter, natural-glow skin, statement lipstick, and faux freckles.

According to Khloe Kardashian’s hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, the top trends are elaborate braids, sleek bobs, ‘80s blowouts and accessories, and natural waves.

Celebs are loving the summer bobCelebs are loving the summer bobCourtesy of Women's Day

Elaborate braids take a cue from festival fashion by integrating charms and rings into braids. This elegant look is perfect for a summer party.

The sleek bob trend coming back for summer could not have made better timing -- this cooling look goes with any sundress. ‘80s hairdos have shown up in fashion shows, from sleek back braids to high ponies secured by coils. On the streets, we’ve been seeing easy-to-wear hair accessories -- padded headbands, bandanas, and hair scarves. These accessories allow the wearer tons of creative freedom with the added bonus of keeping hair out of your face!

Kate Middleton is often seen wearing a padded headbandKate Middleton is often seen wearing a padded headbandCourtesy of Harpers Bazaarar

Natural waves always come back in the summer, as this high-fashion trend can be replicated by a quick dip in the ocean.

The Surprising Summer Patterns Making a Resurgence

This summer, per the ‘80s precedent, it’s all about the patterns. As per the summer camp-inspired style that comes back every summer, tie-dye is in this year, incorporating itself into every modern trend. We’ve seen it on bucket hats, oversized T-shirts, bodysuits, oversized sweatshirts, summer slip dresses, layers, etc.

floral patterns for summerFlowers are blooming everywhere this summer, where floral patterns on light, flowy fabrics are seen across beaches, festivals, parties, backyard barbecues, and runways across the world.Courtesy of Patternbank

Animal print is also back in style, and it’s shown up classier than ever. Leopard, zebra, snakeskin, and cheetah print heels, blazers, maxi skirts, trench coats, slacks, and dresses have all been in fashion. While leopard and cheetah prints have primarily been worn in their natural colors, designers tend to play with zebra and snakeskin textures, creating colorful, often neon, looks with these patterns.

While florals are typically reserved for spring, they are making a large-scale appearance in summer fashions. Often seen in clashing patterns, these tourist-dad-style florals are so much fun. Worn on sundresses, maxi dresses, long-sleeve shirts, and shorts, they play with colors and patterns.

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