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The Angry Birds Movie 2 Movie Review

Silly, makes little sense but will provide warm chuckles.

Reviewed by on Aug 13, 2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews The Angry Birds Movie 2. Does the sequel to the 2015 game adaptation film move the flightless birds and piggies into funnier territory? Does the plot make any sense or will you care?

By: Lynn Barker

In The Angry Birds Movie 2, the pigs have rebuilt Piggy Island which was destroyed by the birds in an earlier battle. The two species are still on and off at war but when a new island is discovered and a huge ice ball is launched from it and hits the ocean near Piggy lsland, King Leonard Mudbeard (Bill Hader) comes to Bird Island to ask war leader Red (Jason Sudeikis) for a truce to cooperate against common foe Zeta (Leslie Jones) who is tired of living on the icy island and wants to force the inhabitants of the other two islands to evacuate. The brains of the fight-back operation may be Silver (Rachel Bloom), smart sister of yellow bird Chuck (voice of Josh Gad).  

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Trailer


Another Day in Paradise

On Bird Island three tiny hatchlings led by curious Zoe (Brooklynn Prince) are playing with three eggs that drift out to sea. The hatchlings sail to retrieve them but it isn’t as easy as they thought. Meanwhile, Chuck and Bomb (Danny McBride) get Red to do speed-dating where he meets engineering student Silver whom he likes but she decides they are not compatible.

Red and Leonard Mudbeard with cooperateRed and Leonard Mudbeard will cooperateCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Pig King Mudbeard, afraid of the giant ice balls being launched at his island, arrives to talk Red into teaming up against a common enemy. They agree on working together and the group meets in Mighty Eagle’s (Peter Dinklage) cave. It seems that exiled bird Zeta is the enemy and Mighty Eagle behaves strangely on seeing a picture of her.

Destruction and Deception

Another ice ball hits Eagle Mountain and blows it up but the gang escapes. The team goes to Eagle Island in their little submarine where Red tells the inhabitants not to evacuate. Mighty Eagle confides that Zeta is his ex-fiancée whom he abandoned due to his own relationship issues. He ran off to Bird Island.

Zeta and her guardsZeta and her guardsCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Red is ready to fight Zeta alone but Silver follows him to the new island and they invade a facility housing the ice ball weapon but they are captured by guards.

Silver has a planSilver has a planCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Other team members climb into an eagle suit disguise and, while trying to get a key card, end up in a breakdance battle with the guards and discover that Red and Silver are now prisoners. When their eagle costume rips and reveals them, the team must escape.

Hatchling Mishap

Meanwhile, the three hatchlings locate the missing eggs on a tiny island where a python rules. They manage to get away with the eggs and plan to just float back to Bird Island but get to Piggy Island instead where they meet three feisty piglets. Birds and pigs get in a hot air balloon and launch themselves together.

Can the hatchlings get their eggs back?Can the hatchlings get their eggs back?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Destroy the Weapon?

We see that Red and Silver are imprisoned in ice and Zeta tells them her plan to fire more destructive lava balls at Bird and Piggy Islands. Now Red wishes he’d told the islanders to evacuate. Zeta is doing her countdown to a launch and Red tells Silver that he’s afraid of not being liked unless he is still a hero. He’s put his own needs first. Silver frees them cleverly and they reunite with the rest of the team.

Red's plans aren't as good as Silver'sRed's plans aren't as good as Silver's Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Red decides to make Silver team leader because she is smart enough to make a plan to destroy Zeta’s launching weapon. It falls apart when Silver and Red, inside an ice ball aimed at destroying the weapon, miss the target and the entire group get caught by Zeta and her guards.

Can the team destroy Zeta's weapon? Can the team destroy Zeta's weapon? Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Mighty Eagle Apologizes

Mighty Eagle apologizes to Zeta for abandoning her and she reveals that they have a daughter named Debbie (Tiffany Haddish) that she raised alone. They argue while Chuck uses a rope Silver invented to catch and slow down the lava balls but the rope breaks and the passing hot air balloon with piglets and hatchlings grab the rope making the lava balls slide back down inside the weapon blowing up the base.

Happy Ending?

Who will survive? Will Zeta, Mighty Eagle and Debbie become a real family? Will Red take credit for a victory or be honest and let everyone know that Silver’s invention and other team members saved the day? Will Red and Silver ever be a couple? And, what about the adventurous hatchlings and those eggs?

Can the team succeed?Can the team succeed?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Wrapping Up

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is as colorful and slapstick silly as the first film but with more at stake. A nice spirit of cooperation and self-sacrifice makes the movie warm and fuzzy as well as funny even if the crazy plot wanders.

All of the voice actors, including newcomers are just excellent. Visual jokes are plentiful (breakdancing, the team rolling around in big, yellow, puffy jackets against the cold and the adorable hatchlings saying “Oh kwap” are memorable).

The team in their puffy coatsThe team in their puffy coatsCourtesy of Sony Pictures

A fast pace, once the gang is on their mission, and some cool weaponry will hold kid and adult interest.

The movie in shown with a really sweet short film called Hair Love, about a little African-American girl who is trying to style her hair with final help from dad. Well worth seeing.

Since The Angry Birds Movie 2 is entertaining and relatively mindless enough for a fun summer escape to the Cineplex, we can award three stars.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Movie Rating: 3

The Angry Birds Movie 2 PosterCourtesy of Sony Pictures

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is in theaters now.

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