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The Stranger Things Maze at Halloween Horror Nights

Sep 10, 2019

By: Sabina Graves

Netflix’s hit "Stranger Things" Maze returns to Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2019 and this year’s maze delves into where the storyline left off from the last theme park haunt event.

Journey into Season 2 of Stranger ThingsJourney into Season 2 of Stranger ThingsCourtesy of Sabina Graves

Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana

Taking inspiration from seasons 2 and 3, Eleven and friends are back for more scares and terror as you’re taken along for the ride through the Upside Down of Hawkins, Indiana!  The maze will feature some of your favorite moments from the series, which is now streaming on Netflix, from Will confronting the Mind Flayer to coming face to face with many Demo-dogs!

See what Will sees as you make your way through the maze.See what Will sees as you make your way through the maze.Courtesy of Sabina Graves

Kidzworld got to visit the maze for a lights-on tour where we got to look around at the maze before it’s debut at the haunt. Don’t worry there weren’t any scary actors in it--just the sets and some of the puppets that will bring out the scares at night when the event opens December 13th. Be warned there is a little bit of gore in the images below from the scarier elements of the maze and some scary moments continue at your own risk.

Come face to face with the Mind FlayerCome face to face with the Mind FlayerCourtesy of Sabina Graves

Take a look at our exploration of Hawkins and the Upside Down. We made our way through the Byers home and witnessed the emergence of the  Mind Flayer, a large tentacled figure out for the mind of Will Byers. There were even cool mannequins of will as he starts to experience side-effects from having been in the Upside Down for so long.

Will Byers didn’t return from the Upside Down the same.Will Byers didn’t return from the Upside Down the same.Courtesy of Sabina Graves

Enter the Upside Down at Your Own Risk!

There’s a lot to scare you as you make your way from the Byer’s house through the Upside Down, and it’s not all jump scares. There are some really fun set pieces, especially when you get to witness  Will confront the 30’ ft. Mind Flayer. This is an impressive construct and I’m sure it’ll only be enhanced by the eerie music from the show and lighting effects at the premiere of Horror Nights.

As the tiny cowboy tells Hopper, YA DEAD!As the tiny cowboy tells Hopper, YA DEAD!Courtesy of Sabina Graves

We later walked through the pumpkin patch where Hopper finds rotting pumpkins affected by the Upside Down as it threatens to break through to Hawkins. As you continue along the maze you see more and more perforations where the Upside Down is let loose and you encounter Demo-dogs and characters from the show.

Lots of Demogorgons! Lots of Demogorgons! Courtesy of Sabina Graves

We really hope to see more of Steve Harrington and his children Dustin, Mike, Mad Max and Lucas too. We know for sure there will also be some of the human bad guys too!

The baddies can’t escape the dangers of the Demo-Dogs! Can you?The baddies can’t escape the dangers of the Demo-Dogs! Can you?Courtesy of Sabina Graves

A Glimpse Into Season 3

Near the end the maze transitions from season 2 to 3, for a quick preview of scenes from season 3.

Hopper’s Cabin in the WoodsHopper’s Cabin in the WoodsCourtesy of Sabina Graves

We go into Hopper’s cabin and see a bit of the epic events we last saw unfold. And if that taste of season 3 isn’t enough, there will be a Starcourt Mall food court that will bring fan fave foods from the show to the event AND there will be a Scoops Ahoy where you can purchase ice cream inspired by the show like Eleven’s Waffle Sundae.

Complete with Mini Waffles!Complete with Mini Waffles!Courtesy of Sabina Graves

The best tastes of Hawkins Indiana! The best tastes of Hawkins Indiana! Courtesy of Sabina Graves

Horror Nights Action

The experience of Horror Nights totally changes when the night takes over. We got to see the maze in action during opening week and got all the jump scares with the Demodog upside down tunnel. Trust us, its such a fun a frightening experience but be warned it and most other mazes do have intense moments of graphic violence. Be sure to brace yourself for that if you're not used to it but if you're a fan of the show you'll know what to expect.

This Horror Nights official Stranger Things glass is such a throwback!This Horror Nights official Stranger Things glass is such a throwback!Courtesy of Sabina Graves

It's so wild to feel like you're walking through Hawkins! The merch is so cool too! They had a student planner and cool school supplies.


It was so awesome to see a lot of 80's themed areas like "Stranger Things" and even go to go through the Ghostbusters maze! We topped the night off with a visit to Scoops Ahoy for a tasty ice cream treat. 

We loved Eleven's Waffle SundaeWe loved Eleven's Waffle SundaeCourtesy of Sabina Graves
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