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The Addams Family Movie Review – Fun Moments But Not Enough

The classic horror family is back but in a predictable story.

Reviewed by on Oct 11, 2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw The Addams Family Movie. Is bringing back this classic horror family worth it? Laughs are from goofy sight gags and adults might like more of the humor than kids. Check our movie review.

In The Addams Family animated film, Morticia (voice of Charlize Theron) and Gomez Addams (Oscar Isaac) decide to move to New Jersey in hopes of getting away from rejection by townsfolk wherever they live. They raise daughter Wednesday (Chloë Grace Moretz) and son Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard) at home with butler Lurch (Conrad Vernon) and Thing who is just an animated hand.

The family comes to townThe family comes to townCourtesy of MGM

When townsfolk in the village below get sight of the Addams bunch they are freaked and bent on destruction just when the entire Addams clan is arriving to celebrate Pugsley’s coming of age ceremony.

The Addams Family Trailer



An Average Day

At home, Pugsley loves to blow up things in creative ways but is supposed to be practicing his sabre swordplay and dance for his becoming a man ceremony to be attended by the entire Addams clan. Uncle Fester (Nick Kroll) arrives early to help coach Pugsley and Wednesday longs to see what is past the fog in the town below especially since she glimpsed a girl her age who came to the mansion gate but was frightened away. When a red balloon and confetti float overhead from a grand opening celebration in the town below, Wednesday is even more tempted to check it out.

A red balloon floats up from townA red balloon floats up from townCourtesy of MGM

In Town and Above

Fifty new homes have been built in the town and real estate TV personality Margaux Needler (Allison Janney) is preparing to sell all of them with a big televised opening ceremony until she sees the Addams’ scary house high on a hill above town.  She will just have to remodel it in time!

Morticia and Gomez refuse a house make-overMorticia and Gomez refuse a house make-overCourtesy of MGM

We see that the girl visiting the gate before is Parker (Elsie Fisher), Margaux’s daughter. She goes with her mom to visit the Addams clan but they refuse the makeover and Pugsley is only getting worse at his sword dance practice.

Gomez wants to prepare Pugsley for his sword danceGomez wants to prepare Pugsley for his sword dance

New School

While Margaux spies on families in the town and incites them against the Addams, Wednesday enrolls in middle school with Parker and gets creatively even with the head mean girl who had been picking on Parker. When Morticia doesn’t approve of her new friendships, Wednesday moves into town to stay at Parker’s and stands up her mom for a tea and séance date while Grandmama Addams (Bette Midler) arrives for Pugsley’s ceremony as does hairball Cousin It (Snoop Dogg). Pugsley is still awful at swinging a sword while dancing. In town, the girls discover Margaux’s secret spy room where she watches everyone in town on camera.

Parker and Wednesday become friendsParker and Wednesday become friendsCourtesy of MGM

The Ceremony and Angry Attackers

While angry townspeople come up the hill to get rid of the Addams Family, Pugsley tries but fails miserably at his coming-of-age saber dance ceremony. When the townspeople attack however, he is allowed by Gomez to use his real talent, explosives to get rid of them! Will Wednesday and Parker stay friends? Will the townsfolk ever accept the family and is Uncle Fester really hot for a relationship with Margaux?

Margaux is determined to sell her housesMargaux is determined to sell her housesCourtesy of MGM

Wrapping Up

Creepy kookie, mysterious and spooky. Yes, this new animated family is all that and there are a lot of funny visual moments in the movie as well as jokes adults will “get”. The Addams brood has been popular for years. First in a 1960s TV series then two animated series, two very popular 1990s feature films, a Broadway musical and some video games. So, if you are familiar with them, their portrayal in this movie won’t disappoint. Everyone you’ve seen before is there and famous voice actors do a good job of giving them some fun dialogue but not enough.

Gomez welcomes Uncle FesterGomez welcomes Uncle FesterCourtesy of MGM

The story is straight out of Frankenstein movies as an angry bunch of townsfolk try to get rid of the monsters in the spooky house above their village. The lessons driven home to be yourself and accept differences, family first etc. are as typical as the story and Uncle Fester falling for a blonde bimbo is right out of one of the old ‘90’s Addams Family films. We hear the movie was originally going to be directed by Tim Burton. Now that might have been a cooler film!

You might enjoy at least some of the movie but it is far from original and drags at times. We go three stars.

The Addams Family Movie Rating: 3

The Addams Family Movie PosterCourtesy of MGM

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By: Lynn Barker