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Halloween Monster Mixtape Playlist

Oct 16, 2019

Listen to this playlist of spooky songs for all boils and ghouls this Halloween. Perfectly thrilling for a party or to jam out to at home to get into the spirit of the season. Click here to download our Halloween playlist!

Halloween Monster Mixtape Playlist

"This is Halloween!" - Panic at the Disco!

Kick things off with Panic at the Disco!’s cover of This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas Reimagined soundtrack. That whole album has pop covers of Danny Elfman’s songs from the film but this one raises spirits for the arrival of the best Holiday! EVERYBODY SCREAM!!!!

Panic covers the best Disney songs, soon they'll be featured on Frozen 2Panic covers the best Disney songs, soon they'll be featured on Frozen 2

"Season of the Witch" - Lana Del Rey

On the soundtrack to this year’s horror film adaptation of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, artist Lana Del Rey covered the Halloween classic from 1966 by Donovan. Her soft and haunting voice distinctly embodies a spell casting vibe.

"I Put a Spell on You" - Traci Hines feat. Lauren Matesic

Watch YouTube musical sensation Traci Hines cast her magic on a Hocus Pocus inspired cover of I Put a Spell on You. It’s sung by herself as Sarah Sanderson on lead vocals, along with Lauren Matesic, who lends a fun performance as Winifred. This pop update is a blast and will have you wanting to dress up with your friends as the Sanderson Sisters and run AMUCK AMUCK AMUCK!


"all the good girls go to hell" - Billie Eilish

The digital scratch on the vocals over the creepy piano keys is both signature of Eilish but also a great needle drop among Halloween classics. Billie’s demon girl aesthetic bleeds through even outside "all good girls go to hell’s" dark music video.

"My Body is a Zombie for You" - Dead Man’s Bones

This is an indie deep cut. You may know actor Ryan Gosling from movies like La La Land but for a short while, he was in horror-inspired band Dead Man’s Bones. My Body is a Zombie for You soundtracks gothic romance and sounds like music from the ’50s meets Tim Burton.

This record is worth buying for HalloweenThis record is worth buying for Halloween

"Disturbia" - Rihanna

In the tradition of R&B/Pop Modern Halloween hits, Rihanna delivered a dance floor favorite. The synth creeps through with her possessed vocals. Reminiscent of first-person horror narratives, the music tells a story of a someone’s mind spiraling into madness and giving in to monstrosity.

"The Monster Mash" - Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers

This iconic classic can’t be replaced. It’s the spirit of Halloween! As soon as Bobby Pickett begins to do the Mash, everyone becomes Monsters and it’s hard to not dance along. Its irresistible charm is timeless and to this day we wonder whatever happened to the Transylvanian Twist.

"Baby You’re a Haunted House" - Gerard Way

Former lead singer of My Chemical Romance continues to gift us with atmosphericly spooky and romantic music. Dedicate this to your horror literary or film nerd crush. And muster up the courage to ask them out for some fall festivities.

"Ghostbusters" -  Ray Parker Jr.

Who You Gonna Call!?! Raise the volume on Ray Parker Jr.’s original holiday classic hit from the movies. And don’t forget to have a movie night and watch the haunted and hilarious adventures of the Ghostbusters.

"Nightmare" - Halsey

An anthem for vengeful spirits ready to empower you to be yourself and to fight whatever tries to silence you. "Nightmare" is a banger to rock out to and Halsey’s lyrics are a growl with a full set of teeth.

Listen to Nightmare on Halsey's album ManicListen to Nightmare on Halsey's album Manic

"Bones" - The Killers

Let the funhouse and horror movie vibe of "Bones" take you on a chilling journey. The Killers’ hit takes skeleton dances to a new level with its trumpet heavy and surf rock-tinged arrangement. Queue this up at the party to get everyone on the dance floor.


"Stranger Things Theme" - Netflix’s Stranger Things

Wrap things up with the amazing score from Netflix’s "Stranger Things", which sets the terrifying mood for a binge of the awesome show. It also works as music to play while you’re handing out candy or hosting your own Upside Down house.

We'll play the theme on loop 'till season 4 dropsWe'll play the theme on loop 'till season 4 drops
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Do you have any Halloween favorites from this list or any suggestions to add more? Let us know in the comments below!


By: Sabina Graves