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Luigi's Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch Game Review

Luigi checks in for a vacation just in time for Halloween.

Reviewed by on Oct 28, 2019
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The beloved Luigis Mansion series returns with a third entry on the Nintendo Switch. Check out Kidzworld for our review on the latest game in the franchise, Luigis Mansion 3!

Many older gamers hold a special spot in their hearts for the GameCube launch game Luigi's Mansion. Bringing a bizarre change of pace for the Mario franchise, this uniquely atmospheric Nintendo game was a short-but-sweet adventure that featured some uniquely Ghostbuster-esque gameplay. While the Nintendo 3DS sequel scratched the itch for some, it didn't reach the lofty legacy of the original. Now, in the middle of Nintendo's massive comeback, Luigi's Mansion 3 is here on the Nintendo Switch and delivers a sizable adventure with plenty of character.

Luigi's adorable cowardness makes him a great character to control.Luigi's adorable cowardness makes him a great character to control.Courtesy of Nintendo

A Haunted Hotel

Though the first game took place in Luigi's inherited mansion, and the second had him traveling between multiple mansions, this adventure takes place entirely within a mysterious hotel. After visiting the hotel with Mario, Princess Peach, and some Toads it quickly becomes clear that things are seriously wrong and Luigi quickly finds himself on the hunt to save his missing friends. If you've played either earlier entry, you'll be pretty familiar with what's going on here.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 - Nintendo Switch Trailer


This adventure obviously has plenty of charm -- my favorite element of this series -- but something looks a bit off, at least toward the beginning. In the opening cutscenes, the game reminds me a bit of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in that it looks 99.9% like a traditional Nintendo game but something is a bit off, which makes sense considering this game was made by Next Level Games not the development teams in Nintendo.  But that doesn't stop Luigi from showing off some awesome personality as one of Nintendo's most distinct characters.

Much of this game is based around exploring more-and-more of the hotel through discovering missing buttons to operate the elevator. The earlier moments show a hotel exactly as you'd expect it, there's an extravagant lobby, some nice suites, and even an upscale restaurant. But, to keep things from being spoiled, you'll wind up in some unexpected places on the hunt for your friends.

The floors of the hotel keep things surprising toward the end.The floors of the hotel keep things surprising toward the end.Courtesy of Nintendo

Sucking Up Spirits

This wouldn't be a Luigi's Mansion game if you weren't sucking up ghosts, but this time you'll be sucking up ghosts, slamming them onto the ground, teaming up with a Goo-made partner, and yanking down suction-cup'd objects. That may be an overwhelming list of tools at your disposal, and it did feel that way at first, but once I'd cleared out a couple of floors things quickly felt manageable.

There are plenty of tricky puzzles in store for players.There are plenty of tricky puzzles in store for players.Courtesy of Nintendo

There's also something oddly pleasant about sucking up everything in a room from cute little mice to a window curtain, in addition to tackling the game's puzzles. While things start out pretty small, there are definitely some tricky challenges in there (especially if you leave in the middle of completing one as I did.) The game will give you hints on where to go through the start menu but in a pair of moments where I was stuck, I didn't find those hints helpful at all.

It's also worth pointing out that there are a few multiplayer modes available in the game, but I was unable to test them myself. However, I've seen generally positive impressions from everyone else enjoying these moments.

Final Thoughts

It's pretty unlikely that any game in the series can top the complete originality and atmosphere found present in the original Luigi's Mansion but Luigi's Mansion 3 offers plenty to do and see in this fun sequel. There are plenty of satisfying surprises and adorable slapstick humor but the fun gameplay and atmosphere are what make this game a great addition to your Switch library.


  • Fun Puzzles
  • Satisfying Gameplay
  • Luigi is Lovable
  • Great Atmosphere and Visuals


  • Characters Look The Tiniest Bit Off
  • Hints Aren't Helpful

Luigi's Mansion 3 Game Rating: 5

Luigi's Mansion 3 Box ArtLuigi's Mansion 3 Box ArtCourtesy of Nintendo

Available for Nintendo Switch on October 31st

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By: Max Cannon