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Charlie's Angels Movie Review - Kristen Stewart Rocks It!

The new Angels trio breathes modern fresh air into an old franchise.

Reviewed by on Nov 15, 2019
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld took in the new Charlie’s Angels reboot movie. Is it fresh, funny and action-packed? Does the plot make any sense? Check out our movie review.

In Charlie’s Angels, the 2019 version, spy/investigator/butt-kickers Sabina (Kristen Stewart) and Jane (Ella Balinska) work for the Townsend Agency for “Charlie”, to them, just a mysterious voice on speakerphone. Direct boss is one of many “Bosleys” dubbed Boz (Elizabeth Banks).

Sabina and Jane team up with ElenaSabina and Jane team up with ElenaCourtesy of Sony Pictures

After busting crime biggie Jonny Smith (Chris Pang), the girls hear of a bright programmer Elena (Aladdin’s Naomi Scott) who developed a clean energy source and tried to warn her boss industrialist Alex Brock (Sam Claflin) that it is flawed and could be used as a weapon. Elena will aid the Angels to stop a Brock employee from selling the new energy to the highest bidder.

Charlie’s Angels Trailer


New Assignment

After getting up close and personal with criminal Jonny Smith, Angel Sabina kicks his butt and with the aid of fellow Angel Jane, turns him over to authorities then repels off a building. Meanwhile, at Brock Industries, young systems engineer/programmer Elena Houghlin tries to warn boss Fleming (Nat Faxon) that a new clean energy device called Calysto is flawed but she can fix it.

Elena knows that Calysto is dangerousElena knows that Calysto is dangerousCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Fleming tells her to shut up. Meanwhile, another Bosley (Patrick Stewart) is thrown a retirement party. When Elena is slipped a Townsend Agency business card, she meets with Bosley (Djimon Hounsou) and tries to give him a thumb drive with her research on Calysto but killer Hodak (Jonathan Tucker) tries to kill her. He does kill Bosley and the thumb drive ends up in a river.

Elena tries to gather dataElena tries to gather dataCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Infiltrate the Office

Several prototypes of the device are housed at the Brock offices and the girls, including Elena go in wearing identical wigs and outfits. After a lot of action, identity confusion and struggle, they learn that Fleming has stolen all but one of the prototypes. Elena is able to get the last one from the lab.

Sabina and Boz in the weapons roomSabina and Boz in the weapons roomCourtesy of Sony Pictures

The girls go to Berlin to Townsend H. Q. there where they regroup and realize that Fleming is headed to Istanbul with the devices to sell them. The retired Bosley feels that the Elizabeth Banks Boz is a mole and working with the baddies. In Istanbul, Jane talks Fatima, an operative and doctor from her past into finding Fleming in the city.

Boz and Bosley were once friendsBoz and Bosley were once friendsCourtesy of Sony Pictures

At the Race Track and Beyond

Fleming will sell the devices to any of several criminals at an upcoming horse race. The girls attend in disguise but the baddies get away with the device and Fleming.

Sabina (center) poses as a jockeySabina (center) poses as a jockeyCourtesy of Sony Pictures

The Angels track their car to a rock quarry where they again try to get the devices, Fleming is killed and killer Hodak gets away with the prototypes. Boz who was supposed to be waiting in a get-away car for them is just gone when they emerge.

Jane sees that Boz is missingJane sees that Boz is missing

Back at H.Q. they wonder if Boz is a traitor. The H.Q. blows up. Dazed, Elena gets away but is grabbed by retired Bosley who shoots Boz before she can help. He is the real traitor. Sabina is badly hurt but Jane carries her out of the wreckage and to Fatima who takes care of her while Jane and Sabina bond as friends.

Elena undercover at the race trackElena undercover at the race trackCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Brock’s Party

Alex Brock will soon launch Calysto and is having a big party. Learning that Elena is being held there by retired Bosley who wants her to open the device using a code and turn it over to him, the Angels and Boz go to rescue her and hopefully will still get the prototypes.

Jane and Sabina head to Brock's partyJane and Sabina head to Brock's partyCourtesy of Sony Pictures

We see that retired Bosley wants to start his own Townsend-style agency and he works for Brock! Even Jonny Smith, supposedly in jail, is involved. Is everybody a baddie? All might not be what it seems however.  Will the Angels rescue Elena? Will she become an Angel? Who is really behind stealing the prototypes?

Will this be the new Angels team?Will this be the new Angels team?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Stay in your seats for some mid-credits scenes showing Elena training to be a full-fledged Angel and a nice surprise about the Charlie character that is tied to the original Charlie’s Angels on TV.

Wrapping Up

The Charlie’s Angels 2019 girl posse is comfortable, believable and modern as written and directed by Pitch Perfect’s Elizabeth Banks who plays Boz.

Elizabeth Banks directs the filmElizabeth Banks directs the filmCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Kristen Stewart shows her witty, kick butt, funny side and brings some feisty life to what could be a tired old premise brought to screens yet again (TV series in the 1970’s, movies starting in 2000).

Kristen as Sabina kicks buttKristen as Sabina kicks buttCourtesy of Sony Pictures

There is not much time for character development but an attempt is made at some background reveals that are fun.

Ready for more adventures?Ready for more adventures?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

There may be a little too much over-the-top girl empowerment in the movie in that all the guys in the film are baddies except the briefly seen Djimon Hounsou (a Bosley) and a character called “Saint”, basically a lower level waiter/cook/masseuse and gadget provider for the Angels. 

Jane and Sabina with "assistant" SaintJane and Sabina with "assistant" SaintCourtesy of Sony Pictures

The plot is convoluted but contains a few nice twists and we have some brief photo tributes to the original Angels as well as the 2000 cast. The identity of Charlie is a cool surprise for original Angels fans.

The new Angels are a nice fit, well-acted and could easily go on to more adventures. Most of all, the movie is just superficial action fun and there is nothing wrong with that. We can award 3 stars.

Charlie’s Angels Movie Rating: 3

Charlie’s Angels Movie PosterCourtesy of Sony Pictures

See Charlie’s Angels in theaters now.

Are or were you a Charlie’s Angels fan?

Did you see the Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lu squad in their films? Are you glad Elizabeth Banks is modernizing a new gal squad of butt-kicking women or could you not care less?  Let us all know with a comment or a note on your Kidzworld profile page!


By: Lynn Barker