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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is Back! "The Bad Batch" Review

Return to the Clone Wars for one final season.

Reviewed by on Feb 25, 2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is Back! Check out Kidzworld’s review of the first episode of season 7: The Bad Batch!

From the very moment the title sequence began, things felt right. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" has been off the air since 2013, after being canceled before the series got its due. Throughout the show’s length, it took us to new places within the universe, introduced us to a ton of new characters, and expanded the ones that didn’t get nearly enough attention in the "first" three Star Wars episodes. The show filled in almost all three years of galaxy-wide conflict between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, but it was canceled before it was able to wrap it all up. Luckily, original creator Dave Filoni is getting one more chance to finish what he started all those years ago, and so far, it feels like it never left. The first episode of the season does what many of the best episodes in the series do, showing the perspective of the war from the Clones themselves. Where most Clones struggle to set themselves apart from their brothers, the stars of season 7 episode 1: “The Bad Batch” couldn’t be any more different.

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Updated Animation

The story of the first episode was one of the first new stories to premiere back when season 7 was originally going to be released but was canceled midway through production before it was finished. Now, it finally gets to see the light of day in an all-new, super-polished animation style that sets season 7 apart of the rest of the show. Even though season 7’s animation and lighting is a noticeable step up from the rest of the show, it is still 100% authentic Clone Wars and doesn’t step too far away from the original art style.

It is good to see Rex and Cody again after so long.It is good to see Rex and Cody again after so long.

The Cyber Center

The episode follows familiar faces Captain Rex and Commander Cody, as they are tasked with infiltrating a top-secret Confederate Cyber Center, where data surrounding battle plans are being transmitted. The Republic has suffered several losses trying to take control of the planet Anaxes, and the Clone Captain has a theory why. The Confederates are analyzing the Clones’ attack strategies and following up with ruthless efficiency. The Clones have to constantly shake up their strategies if they have any hope of winning, and they can only keep that up for so long. Captain Rex worries that his tactics are too specific for the droids to simply guess, and has a theory on an unlikely cause that will surprise longtime fans

The Clones work together despite their differences.The Clones work together despite their differences.

Clone Force 99

Along with Cody, Jesse, and Kix, Rex teams up with Clone Force 99, a squad of “defective” clones that go on top-secret missions and all have their special skills. Much like the Republic Commandos they get much of their equipment from, 99 is a small but highly effective team, and the only Clones different enough to adapt to the Confederacy’s ever-adapting battle plans. The team makes their way to the area surrounding the Cyber Center, only for their Gunship to be shot down. Cody is wounded in the crash, and 99 Clone Wrecker is able to lift up the Gunship to get him out. Seeing the group of Clones, all with such unique personalities and strength make them seem like the Republic’s version of Noble Team from Halo Reach, and having soldiers that are much more unique from the rest is a nice change of pace. There have been examples throughout the show of defective or outcast clones that are unfit for duty, but Clone Force 99 turns their differences into strengths and I loved that.

Clone Force 99 is an elite squad.Clone Force 99 is an elite squad.

A Return to Form

I don’t want to give too much away about this episode, and even though for the most part it is an action-romp with bits of back and forth between the Clones, it is worth experiencing for yourself. Actor Dee Bradley Baker returns to voice the Clone Troopers and immediately fits right in. For having to play so many characters that are essentially the same person, Jango Fett, Baker manages to make them all sound just unique enough that they stand out from each other. It is even more impressive when long stretches of the episode are just Baker speaking to himself as several different Clones banter back and forth. The action is exciting, the new Clone Force 99 is one of the most unique squads the series has seen, and the interplay between the characters is as sharp as it has ever been. Once the show found its footing in the second and third season, it rapidly proved itself as one of the strongest Star Wars offerings out there, and so far and even after such a long break, it hasn’t missed a beat. Between this, "The Mandalorian" and the slate of new shows on the horizon, Disney+ is Star Wars' home for a while. 

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Bad Batch" Rating: 4

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 is available on Disney+, with episodes coming out every Friday!

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