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YouTuber Joey Kidney Offers Great Advice! | Exclusive Interview

The YouTube sensation tells us how to cope during COVID-19 Crisis.

Apr 09, 2020

“Hi, my name is Joey and I have a pretty crazy life. I go through the ups and downs, just like anyone, but I share them with the world. Join me on my journey.” This is an invitation from popular 23, about to be 24-year-old (April 22nd) YouTuber Joey Kidney, an Ottawa-based YouTuber who focuses on mental-health, self-love and real life.

Joey Kidney interviewJoey Kidney

Since he was a teen, his daily battle with anxiety propelled his content forward. He not only educates himself, but also others who consume his content across the world, including his 750,000 YouTube subscribers. Joey is the owner of mental-health brand, “Stay You,” which features a clothing line, lifestyle events and a healthy way of life. Additionally, Joey has two singles out on Spotify titled “Milestone”, which has 2.5 million plays, as well as “What’s the Rush”, which has 100,000 plays itself.

Joey's very personal and helpful book titled "What's The Rush” resonates with all who are interested in mental health, dealing with anxiety themselves, or are fans of Joey's YouTube content.

Kidzworld wondered what Joey’s excellent advice would be to kids and teens trying to deal with this world-wide pandemic and the upheaval of all our lives. Check out what this bright young guy has to say about scary times, his struggle and how you can cope with the stay-at-home blues!

Joey Kidney with his book "What's The Rush”Joey with his book

Kidzworld: Your book is really laying everything bare. So many kids/teens can relate to every entry/subject. Right now, what would you tell suffering young people about “Picking Yourself Up” in these scary and challenging times? Give us some advice for young, homebound/socially distanced humans.

  • Joey: With times being so scary, I think the number one thing to recognize is that you are not alone. The entire world is suffering right now, and we are all going through it together. It is important to take baby steps, and to not just “pick yourself up” but to help yourself up first by reaching out for a helping hand.

Kidzworld: What do you think is the most challenging malady you have faced? Depression, panic attacks or what…and how did you conquer it….or is it an ongoing battle?

  • Joey: My toughest struggle is an ongoing battle with anxiety. It is something that I know won’t go away, but it is something that I can manage and cope with. There is no easy cure, but that isn’t going to stop me from living my life.

Kidzworld: Very cool! What writing exercises could kids/teens do while they are staying home that could make them more hopeful about their futures?

  • Joey: The two best forms of writing are short entries and things that you can simply cross off. With our routines being changed every single day, and we find ourselves lying in bed more than usual. I believe it is best to create To-Do Lists every day to help you keep on track and make you feel better cause you are actually doing stuff in the day. For the short entries, we are going through a time that people may never experience, it is important to document it for yourself and write down little notes of how you felt during this time.

Kidzworld: A Corona Diary…I like it! How can troubled kids/teens use this time of social distancing to make themselves stronger for when they are back in school and seeing friends, even enemies in person?

  • Joey: I am not going to lie, and be cookie cutter; times will be very tough when things go back to normal and kids go back to school. We are going to fall into the norm of socially distancing ourselves, and having less communication. What we need to understand is that is fine, that is okay and it will take time. Simply just take it slow, don’t talk to all your friends at once, don’t overdo it and you will be just fine.

Joey Kidney with his dog FrankieJoey with his dog FrankieCourtesy of Facebook

Kidzworld: Did you go on your tour in March or have to cancel due to the virus threat? If you went, what is the most valuable thing you took away from it?

  • Joey: I did end up still going on my tour, however the shows became smaller and smaller in attendance as the virus got more of a name. With that being said, we did have to cancel one show on my tour due to attendance, but other than that the remaining shows were amazing, intimate, and I think helped a lot of people especially at this time. The thing I took away from it all is that now more than ever, we need each other.

Kidzworld: What are your creative plans in future; a series on YouTube or T.V., streaming network or…?

  • Joey: I made content for myself when I was 16, sitting in my room alone, sad, and with nothing to do. I make that content now to help kids like me around the world to get up each day and live their lives. I believe that the content I create is needed now more than ever. I have started a new series on my channel called “Three Minute Thursdays”, which incorporates streaming live on Instagram and it allows people around the world to interact and write a poem with me for a video.

Kidzworld: Great! Are you most interested in doing more with music or writing, personal appearances or…?

  • Joey: I am most interested in music and writing as of right now, and the best part about them is that they both work with each other. The way I write my instalments and poetry is how I speak. With those lines, and the right musician we can make a beautiful song like my tracks “Milestone”, “This Is Love”, and my new track coming soon “Dream Chaser.”

Back when we could go out moreBack when we could go out more

Kidzworld: Sweet! Who is your fave music artist right now?

  • Joey: My favorite music artist right now has to be Jeremy Zucker. I don’t know how well known he is around the world, but he is very well known to anyone who knows me. I can’t turn off his music.

Kidzworld: Everyone should check it out. Who has been the greatest inspiration for you?

  • Joey: My greatest inspiration has actually been a YouTuber named Peter McKinnon and he makes videos about photography and videography. The reason why he inspires me is because I watched him grow from day one, and never did he compromise who he was and what he loved to do to get where he is now.

Joey Kidney at homeJoey at home

Kidzworld: What books would you recommend especially for those feeling depression, anxiety, etc.? What books just for fun?

  • Joey: For those feeling anxious, depressed or especially alone, I would really recommend my book “What’s The Rush?”. A book like I like to read from time to time is a poetry book called “Whiskey and Shovel”.

Kidzworld: Which actors do you admire most and why? Which movies really stick with you and why?

  • Joey: My favorite actor right now has to be Miles Teller, I will literally watch any type of movie with him in it. I recently watched Only the Brave because it finally came on Netflix and it made me very emotional because it is a true story and really hits home.

Joey kicks backJoey kicks back

Kidzworld: What activities would your typical “feel good” day consist of?

  • Joey: My “feel good” day consists of tasks and relaxation. I am someone who can’t go a day without working or I feel unproductive. To make my perfect day consists of a To-Do List I mentioned earlier, a nice little walk with the dog, working out, staying hydrated, and talking with friends to stay connected.

Kidzworld: What negative feelings or personal anguish do you feel that you still need to work on daily despite making progress?

  • Joey: My biggest negative feeling that I need to work on is to stop self-sabotaging. For some reason in my head I believe that I can fix everything, which then makes everything my problem. And the reality of it all is that I can’t fix everything, and the harder reality is knowing that is okay.

Joey Kidney in winterJoey Kidney in winter

Kidzworld: Great advice! What is the most touching fan encounter in person or via social media, you have had?

  • Joey: That is like when an actor wins an award and says they're speechless. There are countless times where my fans have made me feel so much love and joy. From fans videos they make, artwork they send me, showing me how much the book has helped them, to even showing up to my shows. Their support is more than enough to make my entire world spin round.

Kidzworld: Finally, what do you most hope sequestered teens/kids do to stay sane and feel safe during this viral apocalypse?

  • Joey: I just hope teens/kids stay vocal. Talk with your friends, and more importantly talk with your family. I know a lot of families are feeling quite hopeless especially if they are out of work, and it is so important to stay vocal and remind the ones you love that you love them.

You can catch up with Joey on his YouTube channel or website

How Are You Feeling?

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By: Lynn Barker