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Trolls World Tour Movie Review – Cheery but Weak

Upbeat tunes are fun but strong story premise is lacking.

Reviewed by on Apr 10, 2020
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw Trolls World Tour. Is this upbeat musical animated film what we need in a time of crisis? Are messages well-timed and does the music make you forget your troubles? Check our movie review!

In Trolls World Tour, troll Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and buddy Branch (Justin Timberlake) find out that there are six different troll tribes scattered over six different lands. Each tribe is devoted to a specific genre of music -- funk, country, techno, classical, pop, rock and a few offshoots.

Hard Rocker Barb wants to rule!Hard Rocker Barb wants to rule!Courtesy of DreamWorks

When hard rocker Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom) sets out to unify all trolls under a rock music only banner, Poppy and Branch have to hit the road to stop her and preserve other types of music. Will Poppy learn what she needs to be a better, more flexible queen? Will Branch ever manage to tell her he wants out of the friendzone and into her arms?

Trolls World Tour - "Trolls Perform Pop Medley"



Barb Invades!

After we see Rock Queen Barb invade, trash and take over a land of Techno music trolls and announce her plan to make hard rock the only music in troll world, we visit Poppy and pals in Pop Village as they sing “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun” while living their usual sugar-coated happy life. Branch tries to tell Poppy that he loves her but can’t get it out. A strange batlike critter arrives with an invitation from Barb announcing her one world under Rock tour. Poppy’s dad old King Peppy (Jeffrey Tambor) tells her an ancient truth. There are six troll lands, all united under a different kind of music!

Trolls just wanna have funTrolls just wanna have fun!Courtesy of DreamWorks

The Past

King Peppy says that trolls had six magical strings, representing different types of music. They used to listen to all genres but trolls fought over which music was best and broke up, each tribe taking one string with them to live in isolation after that. Now Barb doesn’t want one big musical party but only Rock to rule. Peppy is for running away and Branch wants to stay put to defend the land and protect the sacred Pop string. Poppy believes that all trolls are really alike and sends Barb a “can’t wait to meet you” message.

Peppy tells an old storyPeppy tells an old storyCourtesy of DreamWorks

Hit the Road…or the Skies

Barb takes off in a balloon to visit the other lands with a reluctant Branch and Biggie (James Corden) who is unwittingly onboard as a stowaway and Cooper (Ron Funches) wants to go but ends up on a quest by himself to find trolls who are like him. Meanwhile Barb has the Techno string and puts it on her guitar while dad King Thrash (Ozzy Osbourne) cheers her on.

Barb with dad ThrashBarb with dad ThrashCourtesy of DreamWorks

Barb explains that once she gets all six strings she will play a powerchord that will turn all trolls into rock zombies at her command. On the balloon Poppy discovers that Branch has brought weapons and tosses them overboard. He thinks she is too trusting of the strangers they’ll meet. After discovering the total destruction of Symphonyville, home of the Classic Music trolls, Poppy realizes that Barb wants to destroy rather than unite.

Barb has the Techno stringBarb has the Techno stringCourtesy of DreamWorks

Lonesome Flats

Poppy, Branch and Biggie arrive in a Country Music land but they can’t convince Queen Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson) that Barb will really be a problem. After finding Country Music tunes depressing, Poppy and the gang try to cheer up the locals but only impress one, a cowboy called Hickory (Sam Rockwell) who wants to tag along as the group is chased out of town.

Queen Delta DawnQueen Delta DawnCourtesy of DreamWorks

Meanwhile, Barb calls in bounty hunters smooth Jazz player Chaz (Jamie Dornan), some Reggaeton Trolls, a K-Pop girl group and a missing bunch of Yodelers to bring her Poppy at any cost. Whoever brings Poppy in will get to keep their kind of music….on a tiny island.

Smooth Jazz ChazSmooth Jazz ChazCourtesy of DreamWorks


On the road again, Branch is jealous of Hickory’s attentions to Poppy and doesn’t trust him even when he helps get rid of bounty hunter Chaz and gives Branch good romantic advice. Meanwhile, little Cooper is picked up by a flying saucer-like craft that also picks up Poppy and Branch in some bubbles. These are the Funk trolls headed by King Quincy (George Clinton) and Queen Essence (Mary J. Blige) who turn out to be Cooper’s parents….he also has a twin and learns his history. Poppy learns that Pop trolls are not blameless as they stole the Funk land string long ago. Poppy’s dad tried to steal their music. History repeats itself. Poppy and Branch argue about their differences. Branch stalks away.

Cooper and his Funk familyCooper and his Funk familyCourtesy of DreamWorks


Branch is grabbed by the bounty hunters who fight over him and Hickory finds Poppy who learns that he isn’t who he said he was and that Barb has wrecked Pop Village looking for their musical string. Poppy has it with her but Barb takes her and the string to a volcano where she will have a giant concert and play the power chord that will turn all trolls into rock zombies! Barb now has all the strings! Branch gets free and comes to the rescue in the balloon with friends.

Branch grabbed by ReggaetonsBranch grabbed by ReggaetonsCourtesy of DreamWorks

Final Outcome?

Who will be turned into rock zombies? Will all the trolls ever be reunited to play and enjoy all music? Will Branch ever tell Poppy how he feels? Will even Barb and Poppy find things in common as Queens? Will Poppy realize that she wasn’t really listening to any opinions but her own and become a better queen? What do you think?

Barb will play the power chordBarb will play the power chordCourtesy of DreamWorks

Wrapping Up

Hey, it’s nice to see tiny trolls out on an exciting adventure to different lands while the only “land” most of us can explore under stay-at-home orders is the kingdom of “Backyardia”.

Colorful Techno trollsColorful Techno trollsCourtesy of DreamWorks

This is the first major film to go directly to premiere at home rather than in a theater. We happen to love actually going to the movies and seeing a film on the ginormous screen but that isn’t possible right now so, it is great that we can watch a new film while at home staying safe! More of these would be welcomed at this time.

Biggie is on boardBiggie is on boardCourtesy of DreamWorks

Message-wise, the worthy, well-timed point is made that all trolls (people) are not the same and that diversity and cooperation is the way to go! We’re all in this together! If you are an older teen you might enjoy the music more than the eye-busting, cutesy, glitterball action and the simple story while your little bro or sis might just like the super bright colors. With a few side-story exceptions, the musical movie unfolds like a constant string of the same scene but with different locales, costumes, tunes, mild jokes, etc.

Tiny Diamond actionGlittery troll actionCourtesy of DreamWorks

The soundtrack music is jolly and diverse enough with Justin Timberlake deftly picking songs to represent each musical genre but there is no real stand-out chart topper song that you will run around the house singing. You parents may be glad that a “Let It Go” isn’t in the mix. Justin and Anna do provide great harmony and voices for the lead troll duo.

Poppy and Branch are in lovePoppy and Branch are in loveCourtesy of DreamWorks

Since a new movie we can all see at home is really a plus right now, you might give the film high marks just for getting your mind off what we face in the land of “Coronaville”. We find the sweet and harmless film worth three stars.

Trolls World Tour Movie Rating: 3

DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Movie PosterCourtesy of DreamWorks

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What is Your Troll Tolerance?

Do you think trolls are the most adorbs beings in the galaxy or do they irritate the beejeez out of you? Are you a Justin and/or Anna fan? Will you watch the film with your family or did mom or dad bail out? Do you love films that allow you to dance and sing along? We want to hear from you…. Via comment or blog on your profile page!