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New Shows and Movies Streaming Your Way!

Kidzworld lists new content premiering in May

Apr 30, 2020

With nothing new in the movie pipeline due to film set shutdowns and closed movie theaters, we are still checking out what is streaming and On Demand in May while we hang out at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With this in mind, Kidzworld compiled a list of series and movies to check out while staying safe at home.  Some are originals and some favorite films. Warning: some titles may not be appropriate for younger kids.  

"SPACE FORCE" Official Teaser Trailer




Notable New Series

Out May 29th – "Space Force" – a wacky comedy in which a four-star general begrudgingly teams up with an eccentric scientist to get the U.S. military's newest agency Space Force ready to launch. Greg Daniels and Steve Carell of TV’s "The Office" reunite for another zany workplace comedy and funny Ben Schwartz who voiced Sonic the Hedgehog joins the cast.

Space Force starring Steve CarellSpace Force starring Steve CarellCourtesy of Netflix

Also coming…

Riverdale” season 4 – May 14th, “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” season 5 – May 15, “The Flash” season 6 – May 20

Added movies

Out May 1st - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Back to the Future, Back to the Future 2,  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Arctic Dogs – May 4th, District 9 – May 15th, Soul Surfer – May 17th, Norm of the North: Family Vacation – May 25th.

Jim Carey is Ace VenturaJim Carey is Ace Ventura


Fun New Series

"Solar Opposites" – an animated, intergalactic adventure following a family of aliens who crash-land in middle America — a predicament they're not sure they like. Looks really funny. Starts streaming May 8th.

Solar Opposites familySolar Opposites familyCourtesy of Hulu

"The Great" – A funny, original series about Russia’s empress Catherine the Great… but wait! So NOT boring. It’s a comedy starring popular Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult. Trailer is hilarious!

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in the new series, The GreatElle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult star in the new series, The GreatCourtesy of Hulu

Films also coming to Hulu

Aeon Flux, Batman Begins, Friday the 13th parts 3 and 4, Megamind, Monster House, Race for your Life Charlie Brown, The Dark Knight, I Still Believe.

Amazon Prime Video

New Originals:

"Upload" - a new sci-fi comedy series set in a technologically advanced future where humans can choose to be “uploaded” into a virtual afterlife when they find themselves near death. Young app developer, Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) winds up in the hospital following a self-driving car accident, needing to quickly decide his fate. After a chat with his shallow girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), he chooses to be uploaded to her family’s luxurious virtual afterlife. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming May 1st.

Living in a virtual worldLiving in a virtual worldCourtesy of Amazon


The Goldfinch - follows Theodore Decker's (Ansel Elgort) life after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He holds on to a painting as hope from that tragic day. Streaming May 8th.

Seberg - is inspired by true events about the French New Wave star, Jean Seberg (Kristen Stewart), who in the late 1960s was targeted by the FBI because of her support of the civil rights movement. Her life and career are destroyed by (the government’s) overreaching surveillance and harassment in an effort to suppress and discredit Seberg’s activism. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming May 15th.

The Vast of Night - follows young switchboard operator Fay (Sierra McCormick) and charismatic radio DJ Everett (Jake Horowitz) as they discover a strange audio frequency that could change their small town, and the future, forever. Available in UHD and HDR. Streaming May 29th.

Sci-Fi ThrillerSci-Fi Thriller

CBS All Access

With the Coronavirus stopping production, new episodes of “Star Trek: Picard” and “Star Trek Discovery” are delayed but should still happen sometime this year.

Patrick Stewart in Star Trek PicardPatrick Stewart in Star Trek PicardCourtesy of CBS

Original Kids’ Animated Series

“Danger Mouse”, “George of the Jungle”, “Mr. Magoo”, “The Legend of Korra”, “Lassie”, “Bob the Builder”, “Danny Phantom”.


The “Clone Wars” finale, Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian eight-part documentary are coming to Disney + in May along with some other fun stuff.

“Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian” (new episodes weekly a “making of” doc- May 4th.

A Mandalorian Making-Of seriesA Mandalorian Making-Of seriesCourtesy of Disney

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" series finale – May 4th.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – May 4th.

Rise of Skywalker actionRise of Skywalker actionCourtesy of Disney

New Series

"Prop Culture" - This new anthology series takes a unique look at beloved films, including Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Mary Poppins, The Muppet Movie, Tron, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit through the props and costumes (now modern ‘artifacts’) that made them unique. We’ll hear from the craftspeople who created them, the actors who interacted with them, and the collectors/archives who own and cherish them in the show. All 8 episodes of this new show will drop on May 1st.

"Prop Culture" Official Trailer



Also in May Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the fun classic The Princess Bride.

What Will You Watch?

What are you watching? Do you have a fave show or Digital movie? What do you think we should have listed? Let everyone know with a comment or blog it up on your profile page!


By: Lynn Barker