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Endless Movie Review - Afterlife Romance

Teen love after death tale reminds us of the movie “Ghost.”

Reviewed by on Aug 11, 2020
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw Endless. The supernatural love story might be cheesy and emotional but will you root for a young couple separated by a tragic accident? We think the film isn’t perfect but worth a watch.

Endless follows love struck high school graduates Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton). When they are separated by a tragic car accident, Riley blames herself for her boyfriend's death while Chris is stranded in limbo. Miraculously, the two find a way to connect. In a love story that transcends life and death, both Riley and Chris are forced to learn the hardest lesson of all: letting go.

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The Last Summer

It’s the summer after senior year and young, crazy-in-love couple Riley and Chris spend tons of time together. She’s a smart academic and he’s a sweet slacker. Her parents think he will hold her back. She applies to Georgetown University for a law degree despite the fact that she loves art and is very good at it. She is accepted to Georgetown but doesn’t tell Chris until her bestie Julia’s (Zoe Belkin) big party. After the big announcement, Chris is a little disappointed that she will study law when her obvious passion is art. Sad that she’ll be leaving soon, he gets drunk.

Riley is head over heels for ChrisRiley is head over heels for ChrisCourtesy of Quiver Distribution

Tragic Trip Home

Because Chris is blasted, Riley borrows friend Nate’s (Eddie Ramos’) car to drive Chris home. On the way, Riley rams into a car in front with no tail lights. After spinning around they are hit by another car.  Riley wakes in the hospital. Chris is right at her bedside. She asks her parents where he is. They tell her that he is dead! He is shocked and asks Riley “Can’t you see me”? She doesn’t and becomes hysterical. Chris faces facts when he sees his grieving mom beside his body. She doesn’t see or hear him either. Frantic, Chris runs outside and through traffic.

A Ghostly Friend

Chris is confronted by Jordan (DeRon Horton) a young guy who admits he was killed in the ‘80’s. He’s been here in a kind of limbo since then. He can tell that Chris left someone behind and isn’t ready to cross over out of this limbo. He has to forget his love or he can’t move on. Chris wonders why Jordan is still there after so long. He also learns that he can, like Superman, leap tall buildings at a single bound. Cool!

Jordan explains things to ChrisJordan explains things to ChrisCourtesy of Quiver Distribution

Riley’s New World

Grieving, Riley watches videos and looks at photos of her and Chris. A policeman comes to her door. He’s from a Traffic Homicide Squad and asks if she knew the passenger airbag wasn’t working. She had no idea. Did that kill Chris? She says she wasn’t drinking and the car in front of her had no tail lights. The officer leaves but will Riley be charged with something? Was she texting in the driver’s seat? Julia and Nate visit. She admits that she has been texting Chris after his death. They try to talk about their memories but it makes her too sad. She asks her friends to leave and is crying. Chris is there and it breaks his heart.

Chris can't believe he is dead!Chris can't believe he is dead!Courtesy of Quiver Distribution

Angry Mom

Riley tries to visit Chris’s lower class mom Leigh (Famke Janssen) who is furious at her for “killing my son”. She cries after upset Riley leaves and Chris watches sadly. Jordan teaches Chris that they can teleport to any place they want. They enjoy an ice hockey game then Chris goes to the new home of his estranged dad who left his family and has a new one. Chris quickly leaves. Meanwhile, Riley is drawing pictures of him on the dock where they used to kiss. He speaks to her and she hears him but doesn’t see him yet. Jordan doesn’t believe him. The living can’t hear them but hey, maybe Chris has to do something connected to his girlfriend before he can move on.

Will Chris's mom ever accept Riley?Will Chris's mom ever accept Riley?Courtesy of Quiver Distribution

Life After Death?

Riley still can’t adjust to life without Chris. She researches life after death and limbo. She keeps drawing his face and does catch a glimpse of him through a window. Then finally does see him across from her. He holds her hands and she feels him! She thinks he is her imagination until he tells her to go dig up a watch his dad gave him years ago that he buried in his yard. How would she know that if he wasn’t right there telling her? She starts feeling sick. She finds old graphic novels she wrote and illustrated in the garage. Her mom admits that she’s a good artist but law will make her a better living.

At a hockey gameAt a hockey gameCourtesy of Quiver Distribution

The Watch

Riley goes at night and digs up the watch. Chris appears. She realizes that, somehow, he is really there. They kiss. She takes the watch and wears it. The next day Leigh comes to her home to accuse her of trespassing and stealing. Riley admits it. Leigh again accuses her of murdering Chris but also admits that just seeing her face makes her think of Chris and makes her too sad. Jordan listens to his mom play the piano, hoping to make a connection with her like Chris has with Riley but says that mom never saw him. Chris should move on. Riley tries to get Chris to appear to Julia and Nate. He comes but they don’t see him. Riley looks awful. Her grief is killing her.

Riley is feeling sicker the more she sees ChrisRiley is feeling sicker the more she sees ChrisCourtesy of Quiver Distribution

Jordan Admits the Truth

Jordan had claimed that he was killed in a robbery but admits now that he let his 5-year-old cousin disappear at an event because he wasn’t watching her as he should. Her body was found later. Jordan, feeling guilty, hung himself. He admits that he did connect with his mom but her heart couldn’t take it. She has died. The same thing will happen to Riley if Chris keeps appearing to her! He sees her one last time saying he has to leave. She is shattered and continues to draw his likeness but he doesn’t appear again. Riley is told that the driver with the bad brake or tail light will be blamed for the accident, not her.

Riley can't go on without ChrisRiley can't go on without ChrisCourtesy of Quiver Distribution


Chris visits his dad again and speaks to him. He hears and visits his son’s grave. With no hope, Riley thinks of killing herself to reunite with Chris. Will she be okay? Will she move on, go to college and study art rather than law? Will Jordan ever be able to move past limbo? Will Leigh ever be friendly with Riley?

Riley and Chris on their dockRiley and Chris on their dockCourtesy of Quiver Distribution

Wrapping Up

The romantic leads in Endless are interesting young actors. She was a modern Storm in two X-Men movies.  He was in It one and two as Henry Bowers and was in Captain Fantastic, a family drama.  Both are good actors but I didn’t really “feel” a love connection-style chemistry.

Jordan and Chris at Chris's funeralJordan and Chris at Chris's funeralCourtesy of Quiver Distribution

The basic story is predictable but can suck you in. The film is like a weaker update of Ghost, the 1990 supernatural classic love story with Demi Moore and the late Patrick Swayze as her much-loved, departed hubby but that had the benefit of some comic relief by the great Whoopie Goldberg. Secondary character drama doesn’t really hold up well here. However there is a “follow your true dream and move on when you have to” theme that works.  The film is well worth taking in, especially for those loving a good romantic drama. We can go three stars.

Endless Movie Rating: 3

Endless Movie Review - Afterlife RomanceCourtesy of Quiver Distribution

See Endless on digital and On Demand August 14th

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