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Fall Is Not Cancelled!

How to celebrate the season during COVID-19.

Sep 28, 2021

No doubt this fall looks and feels different to you—School, sports, clubs, events and other activities have turned virtual, or have been delayed or cancelled because of Covid.  If you feel a bit out of sorts these days, it’s okay.  We all are!  Doing things we love keeps us active, focused, confident, and gives us a sense of camaraderie and involvement.  If you find yourself feeling like a fish out of water at the moment, know that there are alternative ways to get through this strange time.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

There ARE safe ways to celebrate fall safely this year!There ARE safe ways to celebrate fall safely this year!Courtesy of Kanecountyconnects.com

Spend lots of time outside.

Yes, the sun is setting earlier and the weather is colder, but the temperatures are also more comfortable, and—Let’s face it—Fall is gorgeous.  Resist the urge to hole up in your room in front of your screens.  You’ll gain exercise, fresh air, and a new perspective just by stepping outside.  Grab your bestie and rake leaves, go for a walk or jog, take pictures of each other jumping in the fall leaves, find your way out of a corn maze, visit a farmer’s market, or pick pumpkins and apples.  See what outdoor events and activities your town is offering and enjoy all fall has to offer!

It's the simple things that count this fall!It's the simple things that count this fall!Courtesy of Brianna Hayine

Think outside yourself.

If you want to improve your mood, do nice things for others.  Seriously, it works!  Why is this true?  Volunteering increases social interaction (even when you’re socially-distanced), which increases happiness.  Making someone else feel happy increases our happiness.  Plus, it helps us to get of our own heads!  It interrupts stressful thoughts about our own lives.  So get involved in something larger than yourself.  It will help you put your own problems into perspective.

Volunteering does a body--and a mind--good.  Try it this fall.Volunteering does a body--and a mind--good. Try it this fall.Courtesy of AtlantaHumane.org

Stay connected to a group of friends.

While it’s extremely important to stay safe this fall, it’s just as important to keep in touch with your closest friends—safely.  This means different things for different people, depending on where you live.  Find ways to get together with your closest friends outside of school hours.  Bake some sugar cookies or an apple pie together. 

Bake some fall goodies with your bestie!Bake some fall goodies with your bestie!Courtesy of Unsplash

If you’re sticking to outdoor activities, warm up next to a bonfire together on a crisp night, camp in someone’s backyard, grab a pumpkin spice latte and head to a park, hold an outdoor movie marathon or go to a drive-in theatre.  Be sure to celebrate everyone’s birthdays, even if you need to find creative ways to do so.  Hold a faux football “tailgate” in your driveway.  The key is to keep checking in with each other, no matter what you choose to do. 

Cozy up to a bonfire with friends!Cozy up to a bonfire with friends!Courtesy of Soundsfun.com

If you feel like you don’t have a group of friends to talk to, now is the perfect time to join a club or other group of people with the same interests, even if you must do so virtually.  Check your library, church or other local organization for club, class and support-group offerings. 

Drive-in theatres are making a comeback--Join in on the fun!Drive-in theatres are making a comeback--Join in on the fun!Courtesy of wsj.com

Find new ways to move.

With some sports cancelled or postponed, athletes are finding creative ways to stay in shape.  Home workouts are a big part of this.  Scour Pinterest and YouTube for exercise routines that fit your interest.  Your coaches and teammates may also be able to help you with workouts or exercises you can do at home.  If you’ve tried this already and fell off the wagon, don’t give up.  Schedule your workouts into your weekly schedule, and make a commitment to both mentally and physically show up for them.  If you have the option, talking with a personal trainer may inspire you to try activities you may have never considered before.  Many personal trainers and fitness centers offer virtual classes and consultations—Their knowledge and insight may give you new perspective.

It's important to stay in touch with your teammates and/or coach if your sport is currently cancelled.It's important to stay in touch with your teammates and/or coach if your sport is currently cancelled.Courtesy of NewYorkFamily.com

Halloween is not cancelled!

If you think you’ve outgrown Halloween’s kiddie activities like trick-or-treating, try joining in on the fun this year.  Choose from the activities that are allowed in your town, and that you feel comfortable doing, and go all in (using social distancing measures, of course)!

Halloween isn't cancelled!  Read on for ideas to celebrate safely.Halloween isn't cancelled! Check out our ideas to celebrate safely.Courtesy of health.ClevelandClinic.org

Dream up the perfect costume, making your mask part of it (Examples: Ninja or doctor).  If you’ll be one handing out candy, construct a one-of-a-kind chute to drop candy to kids from your porch.  Carve that pumpkin.  Make a scarecrow.  Watch that scary movie.  Host a virtual costume contest.  Organize a socially-distanced trunk-or-treat at a parking lot or a drive-thru haunted house experience with classmates or teammates (with permission). 

Enjoy this Halloween!  Organize a trunk-or-treat.Enjoy this Halloween! Organize a trunk-or-treat.Courtesy of clcenfield.org

Nothing can substitute doing what you love.  While we may have to shift our expectations and not focus so much on all of the changes, sometimes a little creative thinking can help you reimagine new ways to stay active.  Try it—You may be pleasantly surprised!  Happy fall.

Get into your costume this Halloween!  Get into your costume this Halloween! Courtesy of momjunction.com