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The Mandalorian - Chapter 10: The Passenger Episode Review

Creepy crawlies, in space.

Reviewed by on Nov 08, 2020
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Chapter 10 of The Mandalorian sees the Bounty Hunter and The Child on a bit of a unique (and frightening) detour. Check out Kidzworld to find out what we thought of Chapter 10: The Passenger!



The Mandalorian thought it was just a simple drop-off job. But in space, no one can hear you scream. Check out Kidzworlds review of "The Mandalorian" Chapter 10: The Passenger! Light spoilers ahead.

Sleep while you can, little one.Sleep while you can, little one.

Back in the Saddle

Mando whizzes through the Dune Sea on his loaned Speeder Bike as he makes his way back to Mos Eisely with Boba Fett’s armor in tow. That is until a group of bandits tries to get a piece of the loot. As it goes for almost everyone who tries to take down The Mandalorian, the band was promptly taken down except for one who managed to take Baby Yoda hostage. Mando offers the alien bandit his jetpack as a trade for the Child and promptly activates it causing the alien to whizz up into the air and slam violently back down to earth. It was a tense, but funny moment that sets the stage for the story to come.

Mando after his desert trek.Mando after his desert trek.

A Simple Job

Lugging all his gear on his back, Mando treks back to Mos Eisley. The lead toward another Mandalorian ran cold since The Marshall was just wearing the armor. In a desperate plea for intel, he takes a job that has trouble written all over it. You get a great exchange between Peli Motto and a giant bug Alien named Dr. Mandible. In a series where the first movie’s background characters included a werewolf and all manner of wacky creatures, it felt right. In exchange for information on the whereabouts of some Mandalorians, Mando has to transport a Frog Lady to another planet not too far away. Except, he can’t fly at lightspeed because Frog Lady has a bunch of delicate eggs to transport. He begrudgingly agrees after expressing anything but enthusiasm for the idea.

The X-Wings return.The X-Wings return.

Lock S-Foils in Attack Position

On the way, two New Republic X-Wings track down the Razor Crest and ask Mando for some proper identification. Unable to lie his way out, a desperate chase ensues. The scene looks amazing, it is hard to believe it is from a TV series and not a feature film. All well and good until the X-Wings chase Mando down onto a frozen planet or moon. Either way, not good. What follows can only be described as full-on space horror. "The Passenger" is perhaps the most frightening display in the history of Star Wars. Stress and high stakes make it a fun watch, but also plenty of laughs and Baby Yoda being adorable. Chapter 11 might not be the best episode in the series so far, but the imagination here is yet another great look into a different side of the Star Wars universe. Also, proof that you can do any kind of story in the Galaxy Far, Far Away. 

One of the creatures comes from the work of artist Ralph McQuarrie during the making of The Empire Strikes Back.One of the creatures comes from the work of artist Ralph McQuarrie during the making of The Empire Strikes Back.

"The Mandalorian" Chapter 10: The Passenger Rating: 3

The first episode is available now on Disney Plus.The first episode is available now on Disney Plus.Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

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