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The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Movie Review - Clever Flashbacks

Rey journeys through several Star Wars eras.

Reviewed by on Nov 16, 2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Check out Kidzworld’s review of The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Rey seeks guidance through time, space and a load of Star Wars films. Is it as funny or smart as other LEGO films?



In The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, Rey leaves her friends who prepare for Life Day, a time of connection for family and friends, to set off on an adventure in order to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force to better aid her as she Jedi trains Finn. With BB-8 at her side, at a mysterious ancient temple, she is hurled through a portal into a multiple timeline journey that will take her to what we know as scenes from a wild combination of Star Wars films. Will she avoid changing established events, learn how to be a better Jedi master and make it back in time for Life Day?

Rey worries that her Jedi teachings aren't working for FinnRey worries that her Jedi teachings aren't working for FinnCourtesy of Disney

A Time of Peace

Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Rey tries to help a frustrated Finn use the Force in various training activities. It’s not working. She feels that it is her fault. What master technique is she missing? Meanwhile Poe, Rose Tico, 3P0, BB8 and other friends get ready to celebrate the Life Day holiday with Chewbacca’s family who are arriving soon. Rey was supposed to cook the meal but she is deep into Jedi texts, one of which tells her that on Life Day she must go to an isolated Jedi temple to learn why she is failing as a teacher. She has to go!

Finn, Poe, Rose, Lando and Chewbacca ready to partyFinn, Poe, Rose, Lando and Chewbacca ready to partyCourtesy of Disney

The Adventure Begins

With BB8 at her side, Rey takes an X-Wing to a distant planet where she finds the temple and a key that will open a time portal. She is whisked through to Dagobah where Yoda is teaching a young Luke Skywalker to use the Force to levitate his X-Wing. She realizes she should watch other Jedi masters to hone her teaching skills. She’s off through another portal to see young Obi-Wan trained by Qui-Gon Jinn and older Obi-Wan training young Anakin Skywalker. They see her and she quickly time bounces into Luke’s lap while he is flying his X-Wing to blow up the Death Star!

Rey finds the key to the time portal behind herRey finds the key to the time portal behind herCourtesy of Disney

At Home and Beyond

Meanwhile back at home, Rose, Poe and Finn try to get a big Life Day party together. Poe burns the equivalent of a turkey by trying to roast it using the Falcon’s thrusters! Chewbacca’s family arrives finally. They eat everything in sight and make a mess. Vader and the Emperor are celebrating their own Life Day in their timeline. Palpatine isn’t thrilled with a “Best Emperor in the Galaxy” coffee mug Vader gives him.

Vader gives the Emperor a presentVader gives the Emperor a presentCourtesy of Disney

Rey is watching quietly but the Emperor sees her, the key and her portal and throws Vader through it after her to get the key for him. Rey “lands” right in the middle of the volcanic light saber fight between Obi-Wan and the dark side Anakin. After their own saber fight, Vader grabs the key and he and Rey end up passing through various portals and past The Mandalorian and “Baby Yoda”… awwww, ain’t he cute?

Rey sees LEGO Baby YodaRey sees LEGO Baby YodaCourtesy of Disney

More Portals

Young Anakin is in the pod races when still saber-fighting Rey and Vader pass by with others from the various universes now in tow. They pass by Star Destroyers and young Luke gazing at the two Tatooine suns before all land in the open on Tatooine.

Rey, Vader and others fall through space and timeRey, Vader and others fall through space and timeCourtesy of Disney

Now we’ve got young and old Lukes, Han Solos, Obi-Wans… oh my! Finally young, clueless Luke grabs the key and he, Rey and Vader end up back at the original temple but Vader gets it and passes through the portal to give it to the Emperor as ordered. Palpatine uses it to go 30 years into the future where he is dismayed to find Kylo Ren in charge as Supreme Leader.

The Emperor wants a new apprenticeThe Emperor wants a new apprenticeCourtesy of Disney

The Rumble

Seeing that Kylo’s mask is broken, the Emperor puts it back together and they go back to the Emperor’s time where he is building the 2nd Death Star. He sends Vader to find Luke on the 2nd moon of Endor while Yoda appears to Rey back at the temple. He shows her that Finn has learned from her. She needs to make a better connection with him as a friend as well in order to succeed as his teacher.  Rey realizes she is strong enough in the Force not to need a key to open a portal so she and clueless young Luke make it through one to mix it up with Kylo Ren, older Luke, the Emperor and returned Vader. Will she get the key, return young Luke to the Tatooine farm and get home in time to make the party that Lando, Zorii Bliss, Maz Kanada and more have joined?

Characters from various timelines mix it upCharacters from various timelines mix it upCourtesy of Disney

Wrapping Up

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is fast-paced and full of attention to detail. It’s a crazy, cleverly-put-together amalgam of scenes from all your fave Star Wars films… and The Mandalorian as Rey time hops through all. The little mini-figures are just so darn cute and there are sooo many of them; young and older Lukes, Hans, Obi-Wans a Darth Maul and more! The story carries a great holiday message of friendship and tells us that teachers and students should teach and learn with a loving spirit. Awww.

Rey and older Luke must fight the EmperorRey and older Luke must fight the EmperorCourtesy of Disney

There are plenty of insider funnies for fans although this effort is not overall as humorous as some of the other LEGO films that involve say, Batman.  

Older Han Solo with ReyOlder Han Solo with ReyCourtesy of Disney

The meanwhile back home on the Millennium Falcon on Life Day scenes are not as funny or action-packed as Rey’s self-discovery journey though time but they are warm and fuzzy. You will have fun spotting things from the various films and marvel at just how much the filmmakers stuffed into a mere 47 minutes. We were entertained enough to award 4 stars.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Review: 4

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special PosterCourtesy of Disney

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special premieres November 17th streaming on Disney+!

Are You a Fan?

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