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Dec 27, 2006

What Simon Says

If I knew hanging with Sindy and her family was going to be this much fun, I would have taken them up on their invite months ago. It just keeps getting better. Like the Living Desert, I didn't know what to expect at LEGOLAND. I mean, I was a pretty huge LEGO kid, but my 'rents and I just never made it to the land where all colors connect. The thing I noticed most about LL, was how close everything was. What I mean is, as soon as you step off one ride you're on the next. There aren't the long walks between attractions that other parks have.

One bit of theme park advise.

After spending the last few weeks in every 'Land you can imagine, I now consider myself a bit of an expert. First big piece of advice is, don't line up for the first ride you see once you walk thru the gates. Everybody else is doing just that. And most parks don't put their great rides anywhere near the front gates, so head into the park and work your way out. At LEGOLAND we made the mistake of hitting the first ride thru the gates (Safari Trek,for Sin's sib' I swear!), and we ended up waiting half an hour for a two minute kids ride. Sin's mom said it didn't help that the guy working the ride moved like a snail. Second piece of advice, sit down as a group and decide who wants to see what. As we left LEGOLAND I realized I forgot to try the yummmy hot cinnamon apple fries with vanilla dipping sauce and they were at Granny's Apple Fries at the very back of the park. Next time for sure!
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