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Triple H Biography

Dec 27, 2006
Triple H is triple trouble for anyone who dares to challenge him in the ring. Find out the story behind the WWE's Heavyweight Champion.

The Beginnings of Triple H

The man who we now know as Triple H was born as Paul Levesque on July 27, 1969 in Greenwich, Connecticut. During his teenage years, he started body building with much older guys and began his dream of becoming a professional wrestler in the late 1980s. Paul trained at Killer Kowalski's wrestling school in Reading, Massachusetts and entered the Independent Wrestling Federation in 1992 using the name Terra Ryzing. After winning the IWF Title, Paul Levesque entered the world of the WCW and changed his name once again.

From French Snob to Triple H

During his career in the WCW, Paul Levesque changed his name to Jean-Paul Levesque and adopted the character of a snobby French Canadian aristocrat. He wrestled under this name for one year before heading to the WWE and renaming himself, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, or Triple H. Professional wrestling would never be the same. As a snobby, rich kid from Connecticut with an endless trail of girlfriends, Triple H is now one of the most loved and hated characters in the WWE.

Triple H Triumphs

Since entering the WWE, Hunter Hearst Helmsley has piledriven and body-slammed his way to the top of the wrestling world. Triple H's legendary finishing move, the Pedigree (a double-underhook piledriver) has made him a virtually unstoppable force in the ring. Triple H has won the WWE World Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles and teamed up with Steve Austin to win the World Tag Team title. Hunter Hearst Helmsley recently joined up with wrestling villains, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista to form an evil wrestling alliance known as Evolution. His most recent wrestling triumph was a victory over Goldberg in the Elimination Chamber at Summer Slam which allowed him to keep his World Heavyweight belt. Along the road to wrestling supremacy, Triple H has also dated several of his female wrestling counterparts including Chyna and Stephanie McMahon, to whom he was briefly married (that's the WWE story, anyway.)

Triple H - Did U Know?

  • Before entering the world of professional wrestling, Triple H considered a career as a graphic artist.
  • Triple H's theme song before every match is The Game by the metal band, Motorhead.
  • Triple H's vehicle of choice is a red Hummer.

    Triple H Says...
    "I'm glad the fans enjoy what I do and that they love hating me. The heat I generate is the ultimate compliment. That's the stuff that makes me go 'great'!"

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