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Barbie My Scene: PC Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Barbie, Chelsea and Madison need your help to shop, design clothes, meet boys and more in the Barbie My Scene video game for PC!

What is better than spending a day in Manhattan, dialing your best buds on your cell and shopping 'til you drop? Nothing! Well, the My Scene Barbie Video Game for your PC gives you the chance to do all this - and more - without spending a dime of your allowance! Check out whether it's hot or not!

My Scene Barbie PC Game: The Scene

This game is all about Barbie and her best buds Chelsea and Madison and their ability to shop and work their way through Manhattan, New York. Yep, the Big Apple. Every level has a mission for the girls to complete and there are tons of cool ways to make extra cash - so you can spend, spend, spend. Also, there are a lot of cute boys roaming around for you to crush on!

My Scene Barbie PC Game: Fashion Fabulous!

This game has a few very cool segments in it. The map of the subway and all the stores makes it easy to get around. And the cute boys wandering around are fun to crush on. Don't forget to pick a crush! There are a few ways to make extra dosh - the two best being desiging clothes at the My Scene Design Lab and dressing up the storefront window at My Scene's Glassy Fashions clothing store. At the end of each level, when you've completed your shopping list, you get to go the the event or party and find out what happened with your friends and your crush!

My Scene Barbie PC Game: Fashion Faux-Pas!

Although the game is easy to use, it's way too structured. There is absolutely no way you can lose at this game, so there's no mystery involved. Did I get Mads the gift she wants or will she be totally bummed? You won't ever have to worry here - and that can be a snorefest. Also, if ya dig one of the cool money making projects, you can't spend all your time chillin' there - which sucks. Finally, all the levels are basically the same. The event you're working towards - surprise party, art show, etc. - changes, and the your character changes, but you're always doing the same thing.

My Scene Barbie PC Game: Final Fashion Report

This game is fun and has a few very cool features, but it gets boring kinda fast so it won't be one of those games you play over and over.

How Hard is My Scene Barbie?

Easy to use. You don't even have to read the instructions.

My Scene Barbie PC Game Age Rating: Everyone.

My Scene Barbie PC Game Thumbs Up:

  • Fun mini-games like designing clothes.
  • Neat storyline with crushes and parties.

    My Scene Barbie PC Game Thumbs Down:

  • Too easy to use.
  • Not enough variety in the levels.

    My Scene Barbie PC Game Rating:4

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