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Shakespearean Glossary (pg. 2)

December 27, 2006


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    Shakespeare's Vocab A - Z

    • Hence: From this time forward. For example, two weeks hence means two weeks from now.
    • Honest: A virgin.
    • Indifferent: Ordinary, not different.
    • Jack: A mean man.
    • Jar: The ticking of a clock or to tick like a clock.
    • Knave: Either a young boy or a male servant.
    • Lozel: A cheap person.
    • Moe: More. Listen to any rap album - this one is making a comeback!
    • Ninny: A fool or a jester.
    • Ope: To open
    • Perchance: Perhaps, possibly or maybe.
    • Quat: A pimple. Also an insult (cuz no one likes to be called a pimple).
    • Rood: The crucifix, which is the cross that Jesus was nailed to.
    • Shent: Another multi-purpose word: this one means either blamed, hurt or to criticize.
    • Thee/Thou/Thy: All these are different forms of 'your'.
    • Utterance: An extremity like an arm or a leg.
    • Venge: To seek revenge.
    • Waft: To wave, summon, or to turn.
    • Yonder: An indicated place. Similar to saying 'over there'.
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